Walking in harmony and balance

doesn't mean playing the same note

over and over again.  

It means attuning all of our strings to

the music of nature and equanimity.


-  Loraine Van Tuyl


Here at the Sacred Healing Well, I'm committed to Being (a) Well and at least 1 degree more Present in Wholeness than in wounding. I regularly replenish my inner sanctuary with deep-flowing and well-rounded wisdom to fully hear, feel, enjoy, and share the music of my soul with the intention of enriching yours.


I wholeheartedly embrace and step into my role as the soul conductor of my life, cherishing each musician and instrument in my orchestra—their low notes, high notes, and everything in between. 


My orchestra and I practice everyday to finesse my self-expression and integrate my unique gifts and struggles into a harmonious whole. While responding to input from my surroundings, I aspire to simultaneously shape and synchronize my sacred healing story in alignment with yours and the Great Mystery. 


I welcome each of life's obstacles as gifts yet to be opened, and continuously clear out blockages that stand in the way of my gratitude for these blessings. In reverence and return for these blessings, I generously offer and expand all that I've learned to sustain, support, and spread timeless wisdom, abundance, and wholeness on all levels of your and my well-being.

My 1-degree shift in

Path of Purpose

It has been such an honor to work with Loraine. To experience such enriching voyages into myself and carrying it through in daily life has been one of the most unique, healing, and glorious dynamic practices that my spirit will hold onto through and through. This is just a fraction of the deep abyss filled with rich gleaming tokens that she's equipped me with that sparkle throughout the day.  So deeply thankful to have found her.


  - Jenny C., holistic educator, social 



I AM an incubator for love, 

freedom, and the mysterious.

A prism of safety for all 

of our rainbow colors and shades of gray, 

regardless of our past, mood or the day.


I AM a general contractor of 

unfinished business, 

mending short-circuited wires 

blown by fear and despair

with the infinite glue of our hearts and tears.


I AM a pot made out of clay,

earth, air, fire, and water,

filled with ancient wisdom and knowledge

ready to support and feed 

shaky and starved human portals.


I AM a sacred well 

of fierce and skilled navigators 

not daunted by annihilation terror 

or sinister threats

while crossing the dark sea of the soul. 

I AM a fiery cauldron, a crazy alchemist, 

brewing and spewing potent potions 

and soothing antidotes that salvage 

connection and hope 

out of twisted cynicism and hollow tropes.


I AM an incubator for love, 

freedom, and the mysterious,

called to re-Mind 

and reveal to you 

that you can be ONE too.

~ Loraine Van Tuyl