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About Loraine Van Tuyl

I am Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT – licensed clinical psychologist and award-winning author of Amazon Wisdom Keeper: a Psychologist’s Memoir of Spiritual Awakening.  


During the most pivotal years in my spiritual journey and career, I went rogue and returned to my rainforest roots to help me cope with feeling alone and afraid.


I felt tremendous pressure as a rookie graduate student to outsmart my natural instincts and genius with academic knowledge that pathologized my intuitive resilience and my body's healing wisdom.

As a child, the vast and mystical rainforest all around me was my go-to happy escape. Nature always provided me with wise insight into conflict and tensions at home and school. Growing older, my spirit guides helped me to deal with modern-day stress, family dysfunctions, and in my early adolescence, the extreme upheaval and trauma caused by a military coup.

In graduate school, my ancestral guides and nature spirits once again came through for me. I received a spontaneous "download" of guidance, accompanied by mysterious drumming, stuck like a song in my head during my time of need.

This is how I ended up losing my mind and finding my soul.

My spirit guides offered me the strength and conviction I needed to get off the beaten path and honor my soul callings, despite feeling tormented by self-doubt, persecution terror, and confusion. 

After a few years of rigorous initiations, life-changing transformations, and postdocs trainings offered by master teachers from various healing lineages, I founded the Sacred Healing Well, my holistic private practice in Berkeley, CA, in 2002.

I now seamlessly integrate both conventional and alternative healing modalities in my roles as psychotherapist, Depth Hypnosis | shamanic practitioner, and ordained minister.

I mostly serve highly sensitive (HS) savvy women interested in BEING (a) WELL by excavating their buried wells of wisdom, and by fertilizing their bold dreams and meaningful missions.

This is best done through my in-person and online guidance, retreats, and my signature and premium digital courses: Elemental Soul Alchemy and Own your Natural Genius Zone. 

With the support of a personal dreamteam of spirit guides, a protective inner sanctuary, and sophisticated soul alchemy skillset, I teach them how to: 

  • renature their de-natured thoughts & bodies

  • ground in their Gaia-aligned minds 

  • reboot and root their 2👁/2👁 clarity & sanity

My two-decade devotion in guiding these HS wise women in their transformational journeys from hiding & hurting to healing & leading and even thriving & trailblazing has resulted in the emergence and empowerment of hundreds of consciousness leaders in psychology, holistic health, yoga, academia, the arts, social justice, renewable energy, ecofeminism, and spiritual entrepreneurship. 

My work had been published by Thrive Global, Rebelle Society, and Medium, and I have provided trainings at the UC Berkeley Counseling Center, the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and the Native American Health Center. I’ve been an expert guest on numerous spiritual podcasts and radio shows, and enjoy providing cutting-edge guidance to women’s sacred circles nationwide.



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