Balance Within - Balance Without

How things look on the outside of us

depend on how things are on the

inside of us.


- Parks Cousins

A lack of inner balance usually manifests itself as imbalance and chaos on the outside. The outward signs are often noticed first. Some include: frequent conflicts; overwhelming feelings of anger, sadness, emptiness, or anxiety; tense muscles; deteriorating health; out-of-control kids; poor concentration; low self-esteem; performance problems; difficulty setting limits; preoccupation with outward appearances; chronic stress; restless sleep; and a bleak outlook on the future.


Especially when trauma and/or challenges were faced earlier in life and neglected, coping responses may have progressed and developed into more chronic mood, anxiety, panic, eating, psychosomatic, post-traumatic, addiction, attachment, and other disorders that are difficult to treat in later life without the guidance of a professional.


Most mild to moderate disorders and issues can be effectively treated with inner balance counseling and usually stem from an imbalance in only a few pivotal areas of our lives. I specialize in working with clients who have trouble balancing one or more of the following pivotal areas:











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