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Are you a highly sensitive wise woman? A transformation trailblazer (in the making)?


If so, this online sanctuary | study | studio is for you!

I have a fresh focus and goal for the NEW YEAR:  


I want to majorly reboot and root our 20/20 VISION. 

Why? Because I know that our 3rd eye 👁 clarity as wise women is powerful and will inevitably lead to sanity 🧘🏻‍♀️, mastery 🌟 and prosperity 💸 .


I’ve seen time and again that our health and abundance eventually ripples far beyond our personal lives and our inner circles.


Our 20/20 clarity is like rich soil. It slays our sabotaging thoughts, grounds and fertilizes self love, and sows unrealized seeds of potential that are aligned with our soul's grand design. 


When our true nature sprouts and roots into a solid foundation of total clarity, a surplus of energy, vitality, and joy frees up and snowballs into exponential, unstoppable growth.


Health and wholeness elbow their way out of the shadows. Finishing unfinished business suddenly becomes a priority.  The rusty needle on our wellness bar starts to move again and raises our default mediocre standards to exhilarating new heights. 


Self imposed upper limits and previously invisible glass ceilings and cells become visible. This means only one thing: they’re ready to be busted.


These are all exciting signs that we’re outgrowing our skin. But, much to our surprise, we don’t feel stronger and better than before after shedding it.


This is because new skin is thin and porous. We re-enter a vulnerable stage where everything once again gets under our skin. We feel raw and tender which allows us to detect old hurts that ache to be resolved – at the soul root, for good.


This can be alarming but it's ALL GOOD, even if we spiral back into crisis mode for a bit and need to fly by the seat of our pants until we get out footing back. 


What’s key is that something gets our attention. We have reason to pause and get the chance to dig a tiny bit deeper in our sacred well of self love. 

Heed the call. Take advantage of openings and invitations to grow, heal and evolve.

It requires daring to look at our reflection and earnestly asking ourselves, “Is there something else, is there something more that I can do to unravel and heal this life-long pattern (self-doubt, low self-worth, old wound, block, fill in the blank)?” 


Here are a few examples of common situations and patterns that fit this bill:


💔 “I’m at a cross-roads in my career and can’t decide which way to go. Income and job security matter but I hear a calling to be of service and do something more meaningful. I can’t seem to pull myself together to take this leap of faith.”


💔 “I hit a wall in my relationship and feel so stuck. Speaking up doesn’t work. Not speaking up also doesn’t work. I can’t walk away yet but I’m not happy with how things are going.”


💔 “I am a true spiritual warrior but often feel overwhelmed by spiritual crises, intense emotion, self-doubt and insecurities. I long for more inner peace and stability and am at the same time terrified of shutting down too much and discovering that I don’t know who I really am.”


💔 “I constantly give my power away to others — my colleagues, clients, friends, family — you name it. I’m tired of trying to please and be liked by everyone. Past trauma is still haunting and trapping me.”


💔 “I’ve been a caretaker all of my life. I realize that unless I put a stop to this pattern, it will never end. It’s time to focus on ME for a change.”


💔 “Am I highly sensitive or just crazy? I feel crazy when I compare myself to others. There are a few people out there who see me in the way my soul needs to be seen but I most of the time feel so alone in this.”


💔 “I have a dedicated spiritual practice, but I’m having a hard time learning new skills that help me to transform deeply ingrained karmic patterns. I’d love to get more insight and clarity into these and embark on a new growth spurt.”


💔 “I have moments when I’m pretty sure that a past life is influencing my thoughts and behaviors and that my ancestors are trying to come through and offer me guidance, but it freaks me out. I don’t know what to do with this and just push it back down.”


This is only short-list of a wide range of issues that can be improved and healed with soul healing and holistic techniques. Even if you didn’t exactly hear your concern, chances are that I have heard and have helped someone with it.


If curious how, take advantage of my top-of-the-line guidance and resources that I’m offering here for free. 


START HERE: For a taste of my best trade-secrets, check out my masterclass below. I promise you that you’ll walk away with something fresh and new. I truly have not encountered what I offer here anywhere else for $ ­­­­––  let alone for free, packaged in a clear, tight, and elegant 1 hr class just for you.






















My online sanctuary | study | studio here contains the many teachings and gifts that I stumbled upon along this spiritual and more aligned path. They were more holistic and in line with my soul's deep knowing compared to what I was learning in the field of mental health.

I eventually was able to salvage the baby out of the bathwater, and integrated the best of both worlds — modern psychotherapy and ancient shamanism — and develop my signature Soul Sanctuary Alchemy formula for re-naturing emotional, mental, psychological, behavioral, and spiritual imbalances at the root — for good!

I'm thrilled to now offer you this fire-tested guidance and practical know-how in my blog, through my newsletter,


my premium online courses, SOUL SANCTUARY ALCHEMY (closed)OWN YOUR GENIUS ZONE (EARLY BIRD ENROLLMENT OPEN for March - Nov 2020 until Nov 30, 2019) 


in my private fb group, Empowering Gaia's Goddesses and Global Game-Changers

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Joining our community also grants you access to my free fb group: Empowering Gaia's Goddesses & Global Gamechangers, where you will be able to join other serious students and benefit from a wealth of rich resources, original takes and teachings on modern-day challenges and issues.

Last but not least, please share my work with friends and loved ones who can help us expand this beautiful web of true soul connection. Together, we CAN shift from hurting and hiding to thriving and trail-blazing. 

Be Sacred. Be (a) Well. 


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