Re-Divine Dynamic Wholeness™



       If we replace "I" with "we", even illness becomes wellness.​ 


- Anonymous



The Sacred Healing Well™ is the natural extension of Inner Balance Counseling, an innovative, holistic, deep healing approach that I developed after years of providing conventional psychotherapy services to wisdom keepers, seekers, teachers, and healers from all walks of life.


Despite the wide range of concerns that these clients presented with, they seemed to long for similar notions of well-being: to live a life of meaning and purpose that naturally emerged from a mysterious source deep within—their authentic center of inner balance, freedom, and knowing.


I also longed for a clearer and more direct path to this authentic center within myself while working with them. Thanks to my specialization in psychospiritual and crosscultural psychology and the reawakening of my own inner drummer, I was able to draw from many healing modalities—contemporary psychotherapeutic models, indigenous earth wisdom traditions, and transpersonal studies—in following my yearnings.  

I discovered that my integrated approach made it much easier for clients to honor and trust their inner drummers and innate capacity for healing. Their great strides, in turn, made it easier for me to trust that the old psychotherapy paradigm that I had been trained in was not fully serving my soul’s purpose. 

Since I turned that corner more than a decade ago, my clients have become active participants and collaborators who honor their own intuitive visions and versions of emotional, emotional, mental and spiritual health. I similarly have developed mastery in tracking subtle energies and inner guidance that are able to sustain their wholeness and wellness at the deepest levels. As a result, many have bridged and often reversed their safe-bet careers with their callings in holistic health, education, esoteric studies, visual and performing arts, music, writing, yoga, tai chi, conscientious businesses, social justice reform, and the like. 

In recent years, I've stepped into the roles of spiritual teacher, ordained minister, author, retreat guide, community organizer, and WomanSpeak circle leader in addition to being a therapist and a healer, thanks to the discoveries we've made together at the edge of consciousness. My new functions have stretched me beyond my comfort zone, and allowed me to serve as a broader and deeper sacred healing well and leader for both my clients, colleagues, and the community-at-large (See interests and service under About for more info).  


Through this process (described here: Happy Birthday, Dynamic Wholeness, I have re-divined, redefined, refined, and realigned my unique medicine and healing touch with my soul's vision and mission. The key terms and definition below best capture the essence of my true calling: 


Dynamic Wholeness - the all-encompassing and anchoring Whole and goal


Intuitive Ingenuity and interventions - the How

Meaning-centered Creativity - the What


Spiritual Warriors & Seekers of Subtle Truths - the Who

Purpose-driven Presence - the Way


Your Peak Potential and Potent Impact - the Why


The Sacred Healing Well™ - the Where


Wise Love - the Well of equanimity and abundant flow


Gratitude - the Whopper of returns when able to cultivate a G(reatly) R(eceptive) Attitude™ and benefit from all that is.   


Definition of Dynamic Wholeness -  the catalytic and paradoxical process of:


1) aligning our heart, body, and mind with our souls' flow and Wise Love

2) embracing all that is with intuitive ingenuity and integrity

3) transforming and reintegrating disconnected pain and parts with meaning-centered creativity 

4) expanding into our peak potential with purpose-driven presence, potent impact and gratitude.

Sacred Healing Well

Image: Angela Latham


Loraine has a beautifully simple yet thorough style of counseling. She leads you to the answers you need rather than only listens to what you have to say. I very much enjoyed each session for every time I left her office, I felt like I had discovered a new piece of myself. I absolutely loved hypnotherapy and her shamanic journeys, and found them to be incredibly enlightening. After working with Loraine for a year, I felt more grounded within myself and she helped me realize that I have the tools and the capabilities to address and work through life’s curve balls. I would highly recommend Loraine to anyone who has the will to change, has an open mind, and is struggling with the mundane for she truly helped me to see life in a brand new light.


- Emily E., PhD, Biologist

Loraine Van Tuyl