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The Nature of the Inner Critic


The inner critic is like a highly invasive, aggressive, non-native weed. It's similarly deep-rooted and tenacious in holding its ground. It chokes out other plants and crops, and overpowers the land. It hurts habitats, ecosystems, and animal life.  It grows fast, multiplies easily, and causes injury upon contact or through ingestion. 


It seems impossible to get rid of and destroys everything in its path, even buildings and structures. It's a very expensive financial and energy drain that threatens to ruin parks, natural reserves, and forests all over the world if left unattended.  


Unmasking the Inner Critic


Does that sound like your inner critic? Constantly wreaking havoc in your body and messing with your inner climate, mind, and natural resources? 


If the answer is "yes," do you think of your inner critic as just another nuisance in life? An inconvenient part of human nature that you have to put up with, because you've already tried everything in the book and are convinced that it just can't be stopped?


You are right about one thing. The inner critic is a part of our modern-day, fast-paced life and shrinking world that we need to accept and that perhaps will only get more complex in the future.  


The Healing Potential of the Inner Critic


But what if the inner critic's tenacious power can also greatly benefit us, just like these very invasive and aggressive weeds? When properly contained, cultivated, extracted, and distilled, many invasive, stubborn, aggravating weeds are potent anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral agents that are able to uproot bacteria that managed to corkscrew themselves deep into our body's tissues. Their super potent medicinal tinctures are the only natural antidotes that can infuse healthy blood flow and energy in these hard-to-reach areas. Some even function like guides and facilitators to lead other herbs to infected and imbalanced areas, and help to jumpstart or boost the body's innate and amazing healing abilities.


Is it humanly possible to unmask, uproot, and similarly uncover and unleash the hidden potential of your inner critic?


The 6 key steps in Uprooting the Inner Critic 


Absolutely! My intensive, comprehensive ICU (inner critic uprooting) program can completely overhaul and heal your relationship with your inner critic(s) by:


  1. Unmasking your unique inner critic and its buried patterns and positive potential 

  2. Exposing the negative inner environment and mindset where your inner critic thrives 

  3. Developing fierce compassion to transform the conditions and contracts that feed your inner critic  

  4. Boosting your immunity to inner and outer criticism by shedding light on this shadow dance with equanimity and wise love.

  5. Learning how to rely on the wisdom and power of nature and spirit guides during periods of transitional vulnerability, total uprooting, and healing.

  6. Activating dynamic wholeness, listening with new ears, and embodying your soul's calling for creative growth, transformation, and expansion with clarity and confidence.




We will incorporate shamanic journeying and guided meditative exercises to build a sacred 7 purifying sanctuary - using above, below, and within guidance surrounded by wisdom, nourishing, grounding and protection guides - as individuals and as a group to optimally activate our powerful inner and collective resources.  I'm capping the number of participants to 7 to be able to offer each participant some individual attention and healing throughout the day and all-out shamanic healing if need be.


Your guides will:


  • get you out of your 24x7 hamsterwheel and into a 2x4x7 sanctuary


  • offer wise information about the source of the problem


  • soothe, heal, and transmute the pain-body and original wound


  • ground vital energy back in the body


  • detect and protect against the return of ingrained self-destructive criticism and old energetic patterns 


What to Bring


  • A journal


  • An item for the altar that will be empowered with your potent ICU intentions


  • Meditation experience highly recommended (contact me if uncertain about this)


  • An open mind about shamanic journeying and working with spirit guides.


Reclaiming Modern Society's Lost Rosetta Stone


When the inner critic is fully acknowledged, mashed, ground, and distilled, it's a true blessing in disguise. It can serve as a primary healing potion or as a conductor herb, which is a plant guide that leads other healing agents to the places within our bodies and psyches where harmful energy is stagnant and trapped. Once this energy is flushed out and replaced by fresh energy, consciousness, and nutrient-rich blood, we are able to tap into innate wisdom buried deep in the far reaches of our body and soul. Our transformed inner critic often holds the key to our highest potential and the greater good. It's a modern-day, lost Rosetta Stone that can significantly enhance, rather than diminish, your daily life, and has the best potential to be recovered and reclaimed through these powerful, highly refined, tried and tested, cutting-edge ICU interventions.  All it needs from you is another chance.






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CE Price: $190
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Regular Price: $175

Previous ICU participants reported that the workshop helped them to fill holes and cracks in their soul that had been overlooked. Here is some feedback to give you a well-rounded sense of a whole day retreat:


"I was able to connect with all the elements, fire, earth, water, air, and it was amazing how cleansing, transformative, and powerful each meditation was to break up past densities, thick thought patterns, and to allow fresh, new, expansive, and fun energy back into my life."


"I most appreciated being encompassed by like-minded women. I appreciated having this space to feel safe and vulnerable because I knew that the others in the group spoke "my language." They wouldn't think that I was crazy because they too have unraveled their layers. I loved the wisdom I gained from the meditations."


"I appreciated being in circle with others and hearing their process. I loved your framework for thinking about

sacred space (2x4x7 vs 24x7) and for helping to find and uproot my inner critic. Your wisdom and feedback

leading us through each journey was beautiful and deep! It helped me to gain much deeper understanding of

my inner critic and how it sabotages me."


"I liked the non-rigid, go-with-the-flow feeling, yet also structured with a clear goal. The space was amazing. Sharing/processing information in pairs, lessons and sources you shared, and visual aids were very helpful!"


"The space was safe and soothing. I loved the tea. I appreciated that the other participants were so respectful and open. I felt that this was a positive shared experience and I liked stretching and moving." 


"You were not a crumb on my path. You were a huge loaf of bread."

  - Feedback from an individual client and abuse survivor who thoroughly overhauled and transformed his relationship to his inner critic


Over the past two decades, I have spent thousands of hours uprooting contagious and parasitic inner critics to help prevent one of the worst epidemics in modern society.  Clients with a wide variety of issues and backgrounds have convinced me of the effectiveness of my comprehensive and compact ICU inner critic uprooting interventions.  By building a solid inner sanctuary, you too can liberate yourself from the grip of your inner critic for good.  




Contact me at (926) 642-1716 or send an email to if you have any questions whether or not this seminar is right for you or what to expect.


CPA Accreditation


Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, at the Sacred Healing Well, is approved by the California Psychological Association (CPA) to provide continuing professional education for psychologists.  The California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) now recognizes CPA continuing education credit for license renewal for LCSWs and MFTs. Loraine Van Tuyl maintains responsibility for this program and its contents. 


Useful Terms and Definitions


Inner Critic - we tend to internalize and adopt the punishing voice, thoughts, actions, and energetic patterns of significant people, groups, and systems that are trying to prevent their unexamined short-comings, hurtful behaviors, and stagnant complacency from being exposed. We accept blame for wanting to disturb the peace, and enlist the inner critic to keep us in line and agreeable to the status quo. In simpler terms, the inner critic is the subconscious, repressed drive that causes us to compomise our needs: we give up our authenticity to preserve a beneficial attachment to someone or something that doesn't honor our whole self.


Shamanic Spirit Guides and Power Animals -  are the living metaphors and archetypes within the subconscious mind that aid our collective prison break into expanded reality. They are the specialized tools in our intuition tool box that can unlock doors, slay demons, bathe us in golden elixir, and mysteriously concoct whatever ingenious antidote is needed to reconnect us to our true nature. Some people like to work with one main guide that serves them like a compact Swiss army knife with lots of uses. Other people enjoy cultivating relationships with a wide variety of individual guides. Either way is fine as long as you don't use a hammer to fix every problem.


Dynamic Wholeness™ - is the catalytic and paradoxical process of aligning our heart, body, and mind with Wise Love. It embraces all that is with intuitive ingenuity and integrity, it transforms and reintegrates disconnected pain and parts with meaning-centered creativity, and it expandes into all that we are with purpose-driven presence and gratitude.


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