In the Spotlight


I'm learning to love being in the spotlight by seeing it as a special gift and opportunity to connect with other passionate souls and spiritual revolutionaries like you.  We need to join hands and be brave if we are to tip the consciousness scales and create a new post-patriarchal, soul-centered status quo that includes the needs of our Earth Mother and all of her children.

I took the spotlight plunge last summer. To my surprise, I felt so empowered and in my element when I got my message out in the world, there was no space for self-conscious preoccupations. Here's a sample of my media appearances, podcasts, guest blogs, and speaking opportunities. If you would like to delight your audiences with soulful and fresh insights that will immediately get their creative and healing juices flowing, consider booking me for your podcast, radio/tv show, or event through my contact form. 


If you (or your clients/loved ones) are often spinning in circles and struggling to sustain epiphanies and transformational growth, this podcast is for you! I discuss how integrating the best of both worlds - psychology and spirituality - supports lasting change.

Jessica Valor oozes love and light and made this interview flow with so much ease and insight. I’m eternally grateful for being featured on her LOVEYOUR LIFE SHOW + PODCAST Episode 48 and for her generous introduction.

"WOW! Loraine is powerful + magical and over the moon beautiful. A show not to be missed! Loraine shares her book, Amazon Wisdom Keeper, as well as her powerful story and unique method of healing."


It was a true honor and treat to discuss how my memoir informed my signature Soul Sanctuary Alchemy holistic model with the one and only Katie Mottram from Emerging ProudCLICK HERE for the in-depth interview.

And I am super stoked about this beautiful conversation with Tia Johnson discussing how going rogue in psychology helped me to return to my roots, truth and soul. Her questions were so attuned and aligned, creating a succinct and elegant flow between all the topics and important bases we covered. So grateful.



Trusting your Heart Compass

Writer and teacher Tania Pryputniewicz asked me deliciously provocative questions that nudged me to dig deep and hold my truth with even more boldness than I did in my memoir. 

"I’m overjoyed to share an interview with Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, author of the spiritual memoir, Amazon Wisdom Keeper: A Psychologist’s Memoir of Spiritual Awakening. Loraine anchors us in the physical landscape of her native Suriname, the fertile green and heat a backdrop for her childhood experiences and family lineage of teachings (a quality of light and heat that prepares Loraine for later trials when her deepest visions are questioned). To escape the turmoil of the changing political power-scape in Suriname, Loraine’s family moves to the United States where adolescence’s lessons arrive through Western belief systems. Intuition’s early lessons came through love, and later, through college psychology classes with their fixed ways of approaching healing as well as spiritual groups with rigid understandings of the ways to access healing power.

The gift of Amazon Wisdom Keeper is the intimate look at the very push and pull of different ways of believing and healing and what it takes to undergo rejection and somehow find the strength to trust one’s internal compass to navigate life, to know when to stay, when to let go, when to change mentors or groups. Van Tuyl reminds us that in our deepest moments of personal and spiritual rejection lie the seeds for self–love. We learn that by confronting our obstacles and trusting the process, we have the potential to awaken beautiful parts of ourselves otherwise left untested and dormant." 

Newsletter Guest Posts

How Mother Earth Gave Birth to my Spiritual Awakening and Soul's Purpose

"As a post-doctoral clinical psychology fellow, I had no idea what I was in for when I agreed to partake in my very first sweat lodge ceremony seventeen years ago. Neither were the fifteen other psychologists, educators, and college counselors who were with me on this Lakota-guided retreat on the East Coast." 


Re-naturing the De-natured Spiritual Self 

It was such an honor to write this piece for the September 2017 newsletter of the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences - ACISTE. 

"Although we may fear the worst when learning to surrender to the flow of life and the heartbeat of nature, letting go of old forms of mind-control and excess mental interference allows us to flourish with greater creative abundance, strength, and clarity than ever before." 


Radio Interviews

Click on the links to listen to the recordings

Reiki master and intuitive healer, Travis Taylor, of the Divine Insight Show, and I had a delightful chat. We compared healing notes and discussed my 1 degree shift in consciousness revolution by helping people connect more strongly to their souls than their ego-mind selves. 

Lisa Tahir, host of the All Things Therapy Radio Show, is an intuitive healer and licensed social worker in two states. Her keen insights and twenty years of experience greatly enhanced our connection and conversation.

In my groovy conversation with Solarzar of the Good Vibrations Radio Show (about 8 minutes in), we discussed the gifts I was bestowed to benefit the community and the pitfalls of evidence-based interventions and clinical research.

Conscious Talk hosts Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears, lovely people who live on 5 acres of land in the Puget Sound area, and I had a much shorter conversation but I spent more airtime discussing my potent medicine - the building blocks for setting up and re-setting a soul sanctuary. I’m offering these spiritual nutrients and minerals that are often missing from our daily soul diet through the 7 Sacred Directions elemental meditation.

I enjoyed this very thorough interview by Robert Sharpe of Bringing Inspiration to Earth radio show.  We even got to talk about the ugly monsters that are lurking in the shadows and need to be factored into our understanding of this equation, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us” if we are to ever fully reclaim our light and power as human beings and as a human family.

Linda Joy Meyers, president of the National Association of Memoir Writers, and I discussed the soul yearnings and spiritual blueprints that our heroic transformation and skillfully crafted memoirs and personal stories ignite and catalyze in our readers. As a therapist and healer, I was surprised to receive feedback like this from strangers: “Who I am today doesn’t recognize the person I was back in September. I know that change, in large part, is from reading your book.” It majorly boosted my appreciation for the healing power of the written word and motivated me to distill and package my “medicine” and immediately start writing my second book, a self-help book. The hour flew by during this animated conversation (recording at the bottom)!

I still feel so humbled and simultaneously super fired up to have joined the long line of incredible guests that Dr. Jo Anne White has interviewed on her Power Your Life Radio Show. I also appreciated engaging in deep and rich conversation how to awaken inner guidance with the help of my signature Soul Sanctuary Alchemy healing model.

Cordelia Gaffar hit the nail on the head when she called my Soul Sanctuary Alchemy model a self-stabilization system on her Replenish Me show. Her powerful and radiant energy was so palpable and at the same time so soothing. I'm still blown away that this Calm the Chaos guide is a mother of six! Impressive. 

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Jessica Valor Love your Life podcast