My Healing Journey



I have a confession to make. The Sacred Healing Well emerged out of self-protection. It took many years to decipher what exactly in me felt threatened. Born and raised near the edges of the Amazon rainforest of Suriname, my deep connection to the rhythms of nature was as commonplace as the ancient mysticism and exotic wildlife around me.


In February of 1980, a military coup turned my life upside down and

three years later, at the age of 13, my family fled to the US in pursuit of a better future—free of violence, chaos, and constant turmoil. Not until my potent daily sanctuary was all of a sudden gone did I slowly begin to appreciate and water the seeds that had been sown into my fertile soul throughout my formative years.  


My attempts to replace what I had lost funneled into a passionate interest in psychology. I fell madly in love with clinical psychology in my senior year in college because it was the only course in my major that focused on helping people face-to-face. I pursued graduate training in clinical psychology, and in 1997, conducted a cross-national dissertation study entitled, All Countries but No Flag?: A Multidimensional Analysis of the Experiences of Surinamese Multiracials in the Caribbean, to examine the impact of dualistic and holistic worldviews on racial splitting within various multiracial communities in Suriname and the US.


I concluded that dualistic and individualistic thinking was not only at the root of splitting off racialized parts of one’s identity, but at the heart of most, if not all other kinds of “separations” from the true Self. These very first sprouting roots nourished my earliest conceptualizations for Soul Sanctuary Alchemy with the Sacred 7 Directions, my current self-healing holistic model, and gave me the courage to break away from the status quo.


I longed for more sacred spaces within my graduate program that truly offered our natural complexity the depth and expansiveness that it needed to blossom, re-integrate, and heal. I saw how our 21st century, high-pressure Western lifestyle collapsed many of our subtle layers of wisdom and intuitive potential into coarser, disconnected, streamlined thought patterns and treatment interventions to better manage our daily challenges, or so the experts claimed. Many of these conventional talk psychotherapy and quick fix pills seemed to reinforce rather than reverse this dilemma that was growing thorns under my skin.


In my mind, the emotional crises, physical symptoms, and “mental dis-orders” that clients presented with were natural, healthy signs of resistance to an overly narrow bandwidth of bodymind potential that wasn't able to incorporate the fullness of life. By tapping into my own inner struggles and rediscovering my own wiser and wider baseline, I was able to embrace this inner tension as yearnings for greater spiritual order, sacred integrity and wholeness rather mental dis-order: disruptive symptoms and dis-ease that sabotaged our best interests and efficiency.  


It finally occurred to me that the parts of my soul and self that I was trying to protect pertained to the same inner sense of divine order that others longed to reconnect with, protect, and empower. I felt re-energized by the revelation that pursuing what was best for me at my deepest core could also be what was best for others. 


After receiving my PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1999, I was guided to intensive spiritual retreats based on the sacred traditions and healing practices taught by the late Lakota Medicine Man, Joe Eagle Elk, author of The Price of a Gift: A Lakota Healer’s Story. During my first participation in a sweat lodge ceremony, I met my main Spirit Guide, Rainbow Crystal Woman, who according to Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing: The Spirit Song of a Rainbow Medicine Woman, is the modern incarnation of White Buffalo Calf Woman, the most revered messiah in the Lakota tradition.


For years, I felt awe-struck, confused, and reluctant to embrace my spirit guide until she directed me to a rainbow path of accomplished healers and master teachers. I have been a student of Dr. Isa Gucciardi since 2005 and have acquired more 10,000 client hours of dedicated practice (the minimum needed to claim expertise in any one area of study, according to Malcolm Gladwell) in Depth Hypnosis, which is an integration of shamanic techniques, transpersonal psychology, energy medicine, regression therapy, hypnotherapy, and Buddhist psychology taught at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream.


Continued education, comprehensive skills, and experiential training are still a very important component of my rainbow vision which has allowed me to strengthen, deepen, and expand my understanding of my Soul Sanctuary Alchemy model by examining it through the lenses of some of the most well-established spiritual healing traditions in the world.


I now gracefully hone and offer clear and receptive sacred space to clients and invite their guides to reveal the mysterious, paradoxical wisdom that is often buried within emotional imbalance and psychological "symptoms" of dis-ease. By unleashing and redirecting their intuitive knowing into purposeful living, they learn to let go of old forms of mind-control imposed by others and themselves. 

My goal is to teach clients to naturally restore integrity and health for themselves so that they are much better equipped to positively impact the many lives that they touch. Many are surprised to find out that surrendering all their excess mental interference and dis-order into the flow ironically allows them to flourish with greater spiritual order, creative abundance, and clarity than ever before.


Nature Wisdom

You get there by realizing that you are already there.  


 - Eckhart Tolle

Loraine Van Tuyl Expert Multiracial Issues
Hakka Chinese Suriname
Loraine Van Tuyl
My aunt Friede, my mother, me,
and my brother, Mark
My Hakka Chinese paternal ancestors and relatives
My West African/Ghanian, Surinamese indigenous, Portuguese Jewish/Dutch maternal ancestors