In this course, you'll learn how to: 

  • Re-guard your true nature and self, honor your distress and anger signals, and advocate for your unmet needs
  • Ground your powerful emotions and restore trust in your intuition, inner sense of balance, and True North sacred heart compass
  • Decide who or what to keep in and who or what to keep out of your life ā€“ with nuance, grace, and fierce compassion
  • Discern between co-dependency vs interdependence and why and when you're imploding or exploding your energy

Includes 3 kickstarter videos, 2 boundary setting meditations, and 1 course guide.
BONUS: Shamanic journeying guidance and a cutting cords meditation 

What students say about this course:

"I absolutely love love love this course. The timing is perfect!" 

"This course is such a gift. Iā€™m beyond grateful. I reworked the sacred grounding and cutting cords this morning and I'm looking forward to day 3. Many blessings and so much gratitude to you, the wise ancestors and divine guidance. āœØšŸ™"

"I got so much out of this mini-course even as a long-time student of your work. I'm a visual learner and your booklet was so helpful as were your videos, which I listened to like a podcast. I just finished the Fire Element video and meditation, which really clicked this time around. Loved it."



$47.00 USD