Re-Naturing our De-Natured Selves


       If we replace "I" with "we", even illness becomes wellness.​ 


- Anonymous


BIG 🌎 MISSION: Accelerate humanity’s transformation to wholeness 

WHY: to stop cycles🌪 of family and societal dysfunction, trauma, abuse, addiction, oppression, marginalization, exploitation, mental illness, violence and war perpetuated by pain, disconnection, devastation, fear, self-doubt, self-loathing, injustice, inequity and alienation.


ROOT CAUSE:​​ modern-day strife, struggle and trauma due to disconnection from (our sacred true) nature passed down through intergenerational and ancestral trauma. Key issues:




by our own powerful and mysterious



(especially anger!)


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-  I believe that the quickest & most effective way to reboot our sanity and true nature 🌿, and re-nature our de-natured, patriarchal world is by excavating women's deep wells of consciousness and by nourishing their bold dreams and soulful missions.

Embracing our natural genius and greater spiritual order often requires giving space to mental dis-order, sane symptoms, and our defiant wise self as natural byproducts and catalysts in service of greater spiritual order.

HOW: by guiding highly sensitive souls with chaotic upbringings and fears of going crazy toward big picture clarity and down-to-earth grounded calm so that their inner compasses can fully reset and reliably guide them to their soul's True North - as designed by nature. FOR GOOD.


- validating and empowering highly sensitive wise women 🙍🏻‍♀️🙍🏾‍♀️🙍‍♀️🙍🏼‍♀️🙍🏽‍♀️ and 🔥 transformation trailblazers with a protective inner sanctuary a personalized dreamteam of spirit guides, and a sophisticated soul alchemy skillset that are empowered by and harmonized by elemental earth wisdom, and that help them to shift from hiding and hurting to healing and leading.   


✨INTEGRITY: the integration of split energies & parts, mind-body-spirit connection, and a sense of dynamic wholeness and well-being

which produces . . .

☀️CORE BENEFITS: being able to surf the ups and downs of life and the sacred 7 C's: 1 - Calm, 2 - Creativity, 3 - Confidence, 4 - Compasssion, 5 - Courage, 6 - Clarity, 7 - Consciousness 


most impactful in these 4 core areas. In relationship . . .

🌿with nature - trusting mystery, earth, elemental, and animal

wisdom and spirit guides as an essential aspect of self 


🙋🏻‍♀️ with oneself - enhancing mental, emotional, physical, energetic levels of well-being, including past life selves if applicable.


👭🏽👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏼👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏾 with others - clarifying and clearing relationships with partners, children, parents, friends, colleagues, bosses, ex-es, community, ancestors, entities, problematic people and perpetrators 


🦋with soul purpose work - re-examining and redefining relationship to career, callings, $, service, purpose


⚡️Heal Love Lead with Soul Authority 

⚡️Own your Natural Genius Zone 


High frequency, high caliber, highly experiential guidance, seamlessly integrated in modern psychotherapeutic and ancient shamanic practices 


🐉 a protective inner sanctuary 

🔥 a one-stop, sophisticated soul alchemy skillset

🦉 a personalized dreamteam of elemental and spirit guides 



I’m a shamanic | Depth Hypnosis practitioner and clinical psychologist who went rogue and back to my roots in grad school when I realized that I was at risk of harming myself and my clients by trying to outsmart my own natural genius with knowledge that discredited my body’s intuitive wisdom. 


The Sacred Healing Well - website, newsletter, FB page, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, youtube, Be (a) Well blog


FB: Empowering Gaia’s Goddesses & Global Gamechangers private group, daily gratitude practice 


📚Books: Natural Genius: the Brilliant Healing Journeys of Highly Sensitive Wise Women (in progress)

Amazon Wisdom Keeper: a Psychologist’s Memoir of Spiritual Awakening (2017)


SIGNATURE SERVICES: Heal Love Lead with Soul Authority (1-1, online course, in-person retreats)


Own your Natural Genius Zone (9 month online intensive)


Highly-sensitive wise women and transformation trailblazers who're born awake and dissatisfied with the status quo. Many of them discover in childhood that they have well-developed intuitive gifts.


Their natural genius and innate healing gifts are a combo of high sensitivity and off-the-charts emotional and spiritual intelligence (EQ & SQ), causing them to challenge outdated, patriarchal, and oppressive norms with their sheer presence.


They have a deep need to be real and free, and are wedded to their True North, wholeness and ever-expanding integrity, surviving numerous trials by fire in the process.

When they boldly own their intuitive genius, healing wisdom, and gifts, they're magnetic, unapologetic, and exponentially impactful. When they dare to trust their truth and mission, they transform the circles and communities that they’re a part of with their brilliance and big hearts.


They ‘re capable of leading consciousness revolutions and institutional reform with fierce compassion and clear plans of action.

Unfortunately, highly sensitive women also face far more pushback than most for willingly and unwittingly ruffling feathers as transformation trailblazers. They need all the support they can get not to betray their souls and missions in exchange for safety and belonging. 


This is very challenging in today's world. Fortunately, I've guided many sensitive wise souls build a protective inner sanctuary with a sophisticated soul alchemy toolset and a dreamteam of spirit guides to help them do what they were born to do – trailblaze paths of light and love with soul authority.

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