Types of Services


Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose, a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.


- Mary Shelley

SOUL MISSION: I guide highly sensitive women with chaotic upbringings and fears of going crazy toward big picture clarity and down-to-earth grounded calm so that their inner compasses can fully reset and reliably direct them to their true North, as nature designed – FOR GOOD! 

ELEMENTAL SOUL ALCHEMY (online course and retreat): build a protective, elementally balanced soul sanctuary to help transform overwhelming trauma and emotions into the essential building blocks and spiritual foundation of your dream life. 








SOUL AUTHORITY: Life is a delicate balancing act and all of us could benefit from professional assistance when we are thrown off-balance. In times of crisis or transition, there is great momentum and opportunity for growth. Some people may realize that they have never achieved a healthy or stable sense of inner balance before and decide to turn their lives around. Others may realize that they are ready to attain a higher level of inner balance and outer impact, but don’t know how.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, I can help you gain deeper awareness and more effective life skills for regaining and sustainging your soul authority.  


The types of services that I offer wisdom seekers, healers, teachers, and warriors are tailored to the needs, presenting issues, and circumstances of each individual, group, or organization. I am particularly skilled in using lay-language and useful metaphors to explain technical lingo and develop purpose-aligned, tangible goals so that clients feel included and deeply involved in their healing process. 

My collaborative, versatile, and intuitive healing style also works best with clients who aspire to or are able to: take responsibility for their feelings, healing, and personal and professional growth; are or want to become their own best friends and advocates; appreciate open, respectful, and honest communication; take risks within the boundaries of a trusting relationship; and are comfortable with my holistic, nondualistic approach – honoring triggers and symptoms as sign posts for deeper self exploration


Holistic Psychotherapy & Guidance

Depth Hypnosis

Soul Authority Sessions 


Loraine helped me to learn very quickly that much of my anxiety and past feelings of victimization stemmed in large part from being a "highly sensitive person". What a tremendous relief to realize that my characteristics that I had seen as weaknesses (being heavily affected by others; taking others' feelings on as my own) could be strengths as well! I learned to see these characteristics that had hurt me in the past in a new light and positively: I can easily understand others' perspectives, I have tremendous empathy, and I can use my sensitivity to deepen and strengthen the intimacy of my relationships instead of making them more volatile.


Sally C., Public Health Educator and Conflict Resolution Facilitator

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