A Powerful Call from my Inner Drummer to Yours

by Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD

When I first opened my holistic psychotherapy practice Inner Balance Counseling more than a decade ago, I had plenty of post-doc experience under my belt but couldn't be greener behind my ears in regard to trusting my natural healing instincts when working with clients. We were taught by experts in Ethics that one of the top ten reasons why some of our well-meaning colleagues ended up in front of a scrutinizing psychology board was because of overconfident trust in their intuition instead of seeking consultation and relying on the wealth of evidence-based knowledge within the field of clinical psychology to guide their decisions.

Stifled and suffocated for years by fear, I finally decided in 2002 that it was time to spread my wings and become my own boss. I daringly honored my inner drummer's nudge to follow Lynn Grodski's "crazy New-Agy" marketing advice in her book, Building your Ideal Private Practice, which was to call out to the higher selves of my ideal clients in my meditations. I couldn't imagine causing harm to anyone by experimenting with the power of intention, and the best part - no one ever needed to find out about my nutty little experiment.

I never could have imagined the parallel worlds, dimensions, and universes that my inner drummer has led me to after these ideal clients indeed came trickling in and required that I keep up with their inner healing adventures by becoming serious about my own esoteric training. Because I dared to follow the beat of my own drum, my career has taken many wise twists and turns over the years and delivered me here by the expanded Sacred Healing Well that I can now share with you.

I honor how far I have come and respect the long road still ahead. My inner drummer, no longer in hiding, is now openly calling out to your higher selves, your wise guides, and your inner drummers to intentionally boost the World Wide Web with your divine ideals. I dream of offering easy accessibility to deep wellness and well-rounded wisdom to the far reaches across the globe - to all of you wisdom seekers, healers, teachers, and warriors throughout the US as well as those in remote and neglected locations, to my fellow native country women and men in the cities and deep rainforest of Suriname (www.Amazonteam.org) as well as the modern-day mystics in the worlds of IT, business, government, academia, and the like feeling alienated within their fields.

According to 2013 Work Smart stats, our collective World Wide Web has spontaneously climbed a few rungs on the cyberspace chakra ladder. Their article on surprising social media patterns claimed that "social media has overtaken porn as the no. 1 activity on the web." Just imagine how high we can elevate our social media (and in-person) connections if we intentionally flush our continuously evolving world wide web with light, wisdom, and tools for integral living and greater inner peace.

Do you send intentions and requests out into the universe? The World Wide Web?

I would love to hear from you and hope that you are (a) well,