Be (a) Well!

By Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD

Image by Angela Latham

I am so blessed to work with brave hearts who are offering their own special gifts of deep well-being and well-rounded wisdom to the communities that need this nourishment the most. Many of these wisdom warriors are undergraduate and graduate students from the three UC's in the greater San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley, SF, Davis), a few are professors from out-of-state and as far as Mexico, and others are pioneers from various industries responding to their soul's calling to emerge as the healers, teachers, and leaders that they are meant to be.

They have been at the front and center lines at schools in inner city Oakland, service agencies in SF Chinatown and nearby Native American communities, and community yoga centers in LA and around. Some are either fighting for basic rights (clean water) in Chicano/Latino migrant communities in Central CA, advocating for infant welfare at Oakland Children's Hospital, and working with the devastated families of terminally-ill children in the UCSF Oncology Ward. A few others are liberating imprisoned minds in San Quentin jail cells, domestic violence groups, academic ivory towers, high tech cubicles, and pharmaceutical labs by integrating their wisdom into their unique teachings and expertise. Those steeped in research are blending mindfulness with English-as-Second-Language educational programs for immigrants and traveling as far as Thailand to help bust sex trafficking and France to learn the latest in social entrepreneurship. Two professionals and one grad student are breaking new ground with their art, books, and inventions in sustainable energy.

While I am always delighted to connect with other like-minded mystics, teachers, and healers doing similar energetic and wisdom work as I do, my inner drummer is most excited to reach the young and lone brave hearts and natural leaders out there who are wisely using internet resources to guide their communities and not afraid to dig into what needs to get done.

I know first hand how big of a difference access to even just a few quality resources can make when you have none. Even though I was quite disoriented after I moved from 3rd world militarized Suriname to spiritually-void, glitzy Miami at 13, I knew to hang on to every glowing word coming out of the mouths of the few inspirational speakers who visited my high school. The most important message I took away from each talk: trust yourself and your heart's wisdom.

I hope to empower you with the same message plus my additional 4 cents. Practice the 4 sacred C's:

Clear your mind Cleanse your body

Cradle your heart Connect to your soul

regularly to maintain a Crystal Clear Compass Center.

And last but not least, as my very wise and apparently psychic friend, Paul, likes to say when parting ways - Be Well. Over the years, it must have subliminally sank in as: Be a Well.

It is my pleasure to pass it along:

Be Well. Any well will do.

I'd love to hear from you and your experiences of being a natural well,