A Heart-Centered Compass for Accessing and Creating your Dream Life

by Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD

See why (CY) these ancient alternatives to modern 24x7 demands work

Many of us in creative and healing career fields are out-of-the-box dreamers and intuitives who like to pick and choose and jump around tasks and demands on our daily lists.

I don't think it's because we can't do lists. We rely on all kinds of lists throughout the day - to-do, to-get, to-buy, and to-call lists as well as our ongoing to-practice and to-release lists that help us to carve out our best selves at home and/or work.

The truth of the matter is, there is more to lists than meets the eye.

Most of the time, we are not hopping over and around topics on lists because they are just too touchy or hot to handle. On the contrary, we and lists often don't see eye to eye because the intuitive mind receives guidance for self-correction in a non-linear and fluid way that is too round and dynamic to be itemized along a one dimensional straight line.

The seemingly haphazard list items that pop out to us are actually parts of ourselves stirring within our physical form - our three dimensional body on this earth plane - which operates in more complex, interconnected, and mysterious ways than our enlisted brain can conceive.

Our body knows the next step in our healing journey as well as our dream journey. Its central communication system is located in the heart.

Navigating life with a heart-centered compass instead of inflexible to-do and to-improve lists allows us to do what our body naturally does - fill in the gaps in our wholeness by honoring the parts in ourselves that need our attention the most at any given time. It allows us to cultivate optimal presence and receptivity for divine guidance and gifts of abundance from a spontaneous, still, and embodied place rather than a preconceived plan that limits our true potential.

My main guide, Rainbow Crystal Woman, represents the seven sacred directions, above, below, the four compass directions and the within direction, the center of Mother Earth, where crystal clear spiritual essence, resides. In my visions, these seven directions expanded into three well-known ancient wisdom models to create a 3D energetic template for navigating life's demands: the Taoist yin/yang circle (2x) in a left-right vertical plane crossing an indigenous medicine wheel (4x) that was horizontally crossing my body at the heart center of my tantric/yogic based chakra system (7x).

By cultivating a 2x4x7 Connected Chakra Channel through a Crystal Clear Compass Center, I've been able to help many other intuitives and wisdom seekers access and shape their dearest dreams into tangible form. Because it orbits around the heart center of our true essence, it is not deterred by the many different ways in which we are packaged around it.

Especially in modern day society, where connecting and aligning ourselves to the natural world is extra challenging, it is even more important to regularly reset our living and breathing energy systems with intention. Below are the 7 potent-C's, age-old mystical antidotes to offer to our energy centers along this "As above, So below" Chakra Channel to maintain clarity and balance.

Experiment with these potent-C's by sitting into a meditative pose and noticing your breath. As you settle in, let your intuitive body-mind tell you which one of these chakra centers feels off, weak, blocked, overcompensating, or numb, and let your attention drift there. See if offering that particular chakra center the corresponding antidotal potent-C through words, images, sounds, or sensations helps to shift and rebalance it.

Crown Chakra - Crowning celebration/divine rebirth

Third Eye Chakra - Clear vision of the dream

Throat Chakra - Confident and authentic self expression

Heart Chakra - Courageous compassion toward self and others

Solar Plexus Chakra - Competent empowerment for action

Sacral Chakra - Creative responsiveness to guidance

Root Chakra - Calm sense of safety in the body

Chakra centers that don't shift are often interconnected like musical chords. You are unlikely to shift one without attending to the needs of the other(s). They also don't shift when there is something unresolved that makes it difficult for you to be in the here and now, and release feelings that connect you to the work yet to do in a different realm or time/space in this life or another.

If that's the case, examine the yin and yang (left-right) equinimity cycle and medicine wheel (midsection) hoop that are holding you in a sacred bubble. I like to imagine this bubble as a greenhouse nursery that knows the ideal inner climate for our optimal growth.

If our baseline climate control gauges are off, it is very difficult to determine if we are maintaining an ideal inner climate for ourselves. It is even more difficult to grow and shift our emotions and body sensations with a list of affirmations or with steps for action when our inner climate is erratic. Even if we venture out of our comfort zone, our growth will be strained and less than optimal.

We can try to quiet our inner critic and push ourselves into new directions, but are likely to fall back to old patterns. If that happens, a part of our soul and self is still stuck in past trauma and wants to be retrieved and reintegrated the correct way before moving on.

The ideal climate for healing requires accessing a mindful state that first and foremost honors equinimity so that there is no attachment or grasping toward any one outcome. Equinimity is the cultivation of paradoxical wisdom, unconditional love, and pure presence - key qualities of the Universal Mind. Rather than splitting life into polarities, paradoxical wisdom recognizes the cyclical interrelationship between opposites.

Light emerges out of darkness, and darkness re-emerges out of light, like day and night and life, death, and rebirth cycles in nature. Openess to wise paradox and the practice of equinimity allows the heart, mind, body, and soul quadrants along the four directions of the medicine wheel to heal and attain wholeness at the deepest levels, no matter what or how long ago or chronic the disruption or trauma was.

The greatest harm to our psyche is chronic disconnection from our deepest self, dreams, and wise equinimity, not the traumatic event itself. That is long gone. However, because we may have disconnected from our holistic wisdom, we can't activate our self-healing potential and remain stuck in old and vicious trauma-ridden cycles.

When this happens, our pain-body remains overwhelmed and easily triggered and flooded: our heart keeps splitting life and relationships into all good-all bad, all pain-all pleasure, and constant approach-avoid to protect the self; our mind spins out of control, grasping for knowledge, answers, plans, reasons, lists, and stories to explain the body's imbalances and regain a sense of calm control; and our soul disconnects from higher guidance, disillusioned and mistrusting of its benevolent omnipotence.

Remedy this conundrum by aligning your inner climate and compass to holistic wisdom by practicing the following 4 potent-C's:

Cradle your heart - soothe hurt by swaying your heart

Clear your mind - release fear-based thoughts and invite dreams

Cleanse your body - honor physical needs and sensations

Connect to your soul - seek guidance from Universal Mind, not ego

The feedback loop between these different models of balance hinges right at your heart center - your Crystal Clear Compass Center. Find your own rhythm, pace, patterns, and cycles as you get reacquainted with yourself and this balanced center within your inner bubble. In time, you will navigate between different aspects of yourself with more and more ease and fluidity as you attend to your needs.

After experimenting with this 3D meditation model, you may notice that certain parts in you and your 2x4x7 Self respond differently the next time that you are confronted with 24x7 lists and demands. One the one hand, you may experience a greater sense of balance, clarity, courage, and purpose as you attend to items that clearly call out to you.

On the other hand, You may end up ditching not only list items but entire lists that no longer serve you, the better you get at honing your 2x4x7 compass. And the more open and receptive you become to guidance and abundance, the greater the likelihood that you will tune into daily miracles coming your way, and create the DreamLife that you are meant to live.

Does this model resonate with your intuitive sense of an inner compass? How would you describe your intuitive inner compass and how does it help you shape your DreamLife?

I would love to hear your comments and hope that you are (a) well,