How Precious is This? Mentoring the Next Generation

by Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD

Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life.

- Paulo Coelho

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I've been an organizer of social gatherings, cook-outs, cultural and museum exhibits, and book readings - for BRASA, the Bay Area Surinamese Association, since 1995.

BRASA - which means embrace or hug in Surinamese Creole - perfectly captures the essence of our very multicultural community of Surinamese (Caribbean) immigrants. This picture of some of our adorable BRASA children was taken in 2000.

Fast-forward to September 12, 2014.

As I'm wrecking my brain how to get better quality pictures of the unique grass skirt entry that keeps negative spirits out of a village I visited in the heart of the Amazon for the cover of my book Amazon Wisdom Keeper, I notice Nicole Van Straatum's (standing in the middle with her hands crossed) email in my inbox.

The last I'd heard and seen of her were pictures taken of her - and by her - as a visual artist based in New York.

She wrote in her email to me that she is on her own journey of self-discovery, and learning so much about her cultural heritage and the country while staying with her grandmother in Suriname.

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About my pubslush page she'd said: A true inspiration, Loraine! I love your story and want to purchase a book. What fine timing, as I am in a very life-changing, self-discovering, and emancipating journey here in Suriname. It is a blessing that you have written about your gift! Sending my love. I will be here in Suriname until October 21 : ) (my campaign launch date and birthday, which coincide as a result of trusting my intuition (check out the whole story in the Q&A section on

This is when the - ding ding ding - came on full force. Six email exchanges later and we had hashed out the details. Nicole embraced the opportunity to retrace my steps on film for a book video and cover, and as for me, no matter how often I am blessed by these magical chance "meetings" and serendipitous opportunities - they still bring me to tears.

Join us on this mystical magical journey as Nicole gets footage of my childhood home and the homes of about half a dozen relatives who still live side-by-side on my old brick-paved street, the vibrant city, Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, as well as some of the amazingly beautiful and pristine sites around the indigenous and Maroon villages on the north eastern coast of Suriname and deep in the jungle. Being on good terms with the leaders of these villages, we hope to strike a deal where greater exposure of their village and people will result in greater eco-tourism.


Amazon Wisdom Keeper is my extraordinary journey and transformation from clinical psychology graduate student to holistic psychologist and shamanic healer where honoring ancestral and mystical guidance threatens both my sanity and career.

As you dive into the reading, you'll discover that it is really a self-help book without explicitly saying so. By getting swept in my story, you'll begin to identify and carve out the steps along your story and heroic journey of self-discovery, awakening, and purpose that you perhaps also had inklings of since childhood.

You'll retrace your steps with greater awareness, revisit and reframe your experiences, clear the impact of negativity from others, and look at your supposed short-comings and weaknesses in an entirely different light.

By rediscovering your gifts and strengths, you'll feel inspired, courageous, and informed how to navigate and overcome the obstacles that have tripped you up so often along your course.

My sincere hope it that you, my readers and fans, will feel equipped to make the scary quantum leap in consciousness that mirrors the many technological developments and advancements that we have materialized in recent decades.

You'll feel ripe and ready to transition and break-away:

  • From broken records and scratchy CD's that have kept you trapped in negative, limiting repeat messages about yourself – passed down from generation to generation – to empowering, personalized Pandora radio-stations and favorite Itunes that play the inner music, inspiring messages, and guiding songs that will keep you on track.

  • From typewriter to multidimensional word-processing consciousness that gets you "online" to write your story with greater efficiency and ease thanks to fancy filling systems, magical editing tools, and amazing accessibility to a virtual network of limitless resources in the clouds. While our foremothers and forefathers have been able to birth incredible stories with typewriters and even with pen and paper, the ways in which we now can explore, capture, and share ourselves, our souls, and our stories through advanced technology is brand-new in our history as a species.

Amazon Wisdom Keeper pioneers into these new and exciting possibilities

~ on the trail of abundance ~> to sow seeds of courage and hope into your fertile soul and offer you a map and valuable insider information to "write" your own story, whatever that means to you.

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