Our Stories Written in the Stars?

By Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD


From the comfort of your bed, front porch, beach, or jungle hut, join me and powerful deep healers Denise Colby, Katy Blackman, Kara Earls, Ginny Taylor and artist Nicole Van Straatum (in the Amazon rainforest) for a collective divine feminine meditation, celebrating the blood moon lunar eclipse on October 8, 2014 (Total eclipse begins: 3:25 a.m. PDT, greatest eclipse: 3:55 a.m. PDT, total eclipse ends: 4:24 a.m. PDT. Add 3 hours for EDT eclipse times).

Generally speaking, an eclipse marks the beginning of a new cycle. Light embraces darkness, life bleeds into death, masculine and feminine merge into one, and new openings for birth and rebirth – opportunities for transformation and change – appear.

During a blood moon eclipse, the earth's shadow completely covers the moon with a coppery red hue, the result of slivers of sunset and sunrise coloring earth's shadow. Our celebration and meditation will focus on healing the meaningful symbolism that is portrayed by this rare cosmic occurrence – the life-giving powers of women and our primal connection to nature's cycles, as well as our bloody human shadow and capacity for wounding when we desecrate the sacred laws of nature and the powers of the divine feminine within ourselves and others. The stories that are written in the stars are on the one hand very universal and hold kernels of truth that everyone can relate to. On the other hand, they offer teachings and tailored information that are as unique as you and your Story are.

Trust why this particular eclipse is happening right now in your life and what this could mean for you.

What a mindwarp! – is what I said (ok maybe mind- was attached to a different four letter word) when I had my natal chart read for the first time last week by Denise Colby, after providing her nothing more than my exact date, time, and place of birth. I could have saved myself a lot of time, energy, and guesswork if I'd know that these three little facts alone could have provided me the story line, sub-themes, main character's inner conflicts, and my purpose for writing a memoir – to redeem my voice and overcome my fears of persecution for speaking and living my unconventional truth – a long, long time ago, like on the day that I was born.

But that wouldn't be fun. Uncovering the mysteries of life in our own time is part of the adventure.

I retraced my steps to my earliest recollection of feeling guided by the cosmos, needing to see how the dots connected. My very first diary - a fancy diary with a lock, key, and the whole bit – was the biggest impulse buy of my life at almost 20 for this exact reason.

On its cover was an adolescent girl staring at the stars through her window, underneath her the words: Sometimes I need to be alone, thinking, dreaming on my own. Trying to see what makes me Me finding my own special path. I had to have it. That was me on the cover, stargazing with my back and the soles of my feet on the warm concrete driveway in front of our home, discovering places of deep insight and profound revelations as the cool night air gradually drifted in.

Despite feeling inspired by the stars, I hardly ever read horoscopes. The idea of being restricted and ruled by a predetermined path laid out by the stars didn't appeal to me nor made any sense. I was in control of my destiny and the more open-ended I left the future, the more likely I'd reach my full potential.

I considered studying astrology in college for a short while because the astronomy department at my university had a giant telescope on its rooftop, but ended up majoring in something more useful – psychology. Modern dance practice and performances, studying abroad in Spain, a research thesis on cultural buffers, self-esteem, and eating disorders, work-study jobs that spanned the gamut from preschool to hospice settings, and assisting 90 year Mrs Weiss, my talk buddy, three evenings and nights a week, ate up much of my "free" time in college. My fantasies of rooftop stargazing didn't quite pan out as I'd hoped, but I continued to look deep into myself for answers regarding our human condition. I was intrigued that life was paradoxically contained and shaped by death. That the closer we came to realizing that we have just a finite time here on earth, the greater our impetus to make the most of it while still around. When we and others realize that we will once again turn to dust, we are paradoxically best able to access the greatest love in our own hearts or buried in the hearts of others.

Why is it difficult to access this paradoxical wisdom of our human condition on a regular basis? Is our human mind doomed to split reality into either-or, life-death, good-bad parts? How can we possibly feel infinitely central and meaningful, and realize that we are insignificantly small and impermanent at the same time?

This universal dilemma unfolded with the most dramatic flair, i.e. murderous rage, when Galileo declared that the sun didn't circle the earth, but that we, humans on planet earth were actually circling the sun. This is now a known fact, but many of us still react with similar insanity and desperation when we discover that our loved ones and lovers are really not orbiting us nor should they.

Who can blame us?

The moment we are born, we boldly demand center stage in everyone's universe without the slightest care in the world that they need to bring their lives to a screeching halt to take care of our unmet needs. Many other life forms are self-sufficient at birth. Why have we not evolved out of this vulnerable, miserably dependent condition unless it also benefits us in some way?

Are we perhaps to learn on some level that it is completely natural, human, and healthy to experience and feel this important, this loved, this central, this demanding, this big, just like we did when we were tiny newborns? And on the flip side, is it just as important as parents, caretakers, and human beings, to grant this grandiosity at least once in a lifetime to another, and to experience and feel that giving, that self-sacrificing, that surrendering, and that filled with love for another being as we do when meeting a newborn, not even of our own species?

But how is this useful if it can't possibly be sustained?

Many parents and caretakers happily give into these demands, at least for a while, until our needs become insatiable. Due to our equal and opposite need for unique self-expression, even a rigidly orbiting parent will fall short in our eyes, and the encouraging parent and caretaker in support of our self-discovery will also, at the most critical time in our lives, not be orbiting us enough. It's a blessing and a curse, this human condition, and even the best of us, will be busy for a lifetime or more trying to grasp its paradoxical nature, presenting itself everywhere we turn.

We may discover at some point that staying attuned to our powerful desires while simultaneously able to diffuse our will with just enough patience and perceptiveness of our caregiver's own inner dramas, places us in the best position to appeal to the part in him or her that opens up to us like a flower.

Does the universe respond in the same way?

And if so, how can we possibly accept and approach this magnificent co-creative potential and power without free-falling into deep existential terror, into the abyss and void of smallness, meaninglessness, and chaos? And without attempting, as a result, to climb out of our limited and excruciatingly painful perception of it, wounding everyone around us as we desperately and unconsciously either pull them down or crawl over them to reclaim center stage, back in charge of our lives, our world, our universe?

How can we simultaneously embrace that we are both co-Creator and microscopic speck of dust, smaller than a minuscule grain of sand compared to the many stars in our galaxy – just one of billions of other galaxies in the universe – and strike some kind of balance in the middle of these two?

No wonder our struggle.

Can we help our flailing minds to conceive that there is a divine unifying order that's harmoniously spinning millions and billions of wheels, creating interconnected planetary and cosmic orbits and trajectories, like the inner workings of a gigantic grandfather clock, throughout our galaxy? And that every single speck of us is important and still loved, non-stop, like a newborn demanding central stage, within this grand orchestra when we enter the scene (in a human body ; )?

For a drawing of the amazing cosmic dance between Earth, Venus, and other planets, click here: http://ensign.editme.com/t43dances


Rather than feeling restricted and confined by rigid and deterministic patterns, I felt validated and liberated after my natal chart reading. I was blown away by our human potential, by my human potential. Rather than my birth being a free-fall, I had been caught by an invisible web, and I had freed myself out of my karmic entanglements – healing fear, guilt, and shame brought on by reckless wounding through intentional courage, love, and self-expression – thanks to my intuitive trust in the guidance from mysterious sources, including the cosmos, along my journey.

As Nicole Van Straatum (~ On the trail of Abundance ~> Shooting the book trailer for Amazon Wisdom Keeper) travels to Awarradam, a Maroon village in the heart of Suriname's Amazon rainforest and a place of powerful first awakenings for me, I try to imagine the blood moon eclipse amidst the most spectacular and glimmering night sky I'd ever seen. Just a week ago, Nicole was gathering footage in Galibi, an indigenous village that safeguards the unobstructed nesting beaches of the critically endangered leatherback sea turtle, my most intuitive, deep-diving, ancient, persevering, difficult to keep in captivity, and multinational animal spirit guide that navigates around all continents, and mysteriously follows the stars home to the same beach where she was born to lay her eggs every two years.

On October 8, there will be exactly 13 days left before my book campaign launches on October 21. This adds more oomph to an already very special “coming around full-circle” blood moon eclipse celebration for me (full-spiral moment I should say – as there were many full circle moments before this one and there will be many more to come) as the sacred number 13, the number of complete moon cycles in a year, coincides with this meaningful Gregorian calendar date related to the launch of my life's purpose, my book campaign (Read about my relationship to the first blood moon eclipse of this year ~ On the trail of Abundance ~ > Thirteen Wise Moons).

When reading my natal chart, Denise emphasized that clearing of ancestral and past-life lines is key right now. I am beginning to taste the sweet nectar of victory as my intuitive knowing wraps herself around my rational mind and around all levels of my existence down to my ancestral roots and calling.

As you move along your spiral of healing, coming around full circle after full circle, I hope that this collective meditation and celebration of the divine feminine, boosted by the blood moon eclipse and powerful healers who are accompanying you every step of the way, will help you to receive whatever it is you most need along this juncture of your journey and deepest calling.

Please invite anyone who you think could benefit from this collective meditation, and feel free to share your experiences in the comments section of this blog post.

Blessings and love from us all.

Bios of the healers who will, in addition to me, hold sacred space from 3:25 am – 4:25 am PDT:

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Katy Blackman lives from the light of her being, working at gateways of the divine feminine as She re-enters, re-awakens and re-inspires our collective consciousness. Katy's work is dedicated to assisting you in reconnecting with your sacred soul and to your wise and loving guides so that you can live with an inner navigation system that deeply supports your co-creative life with spirit. To work with Katy, please email Katy.Live.Radiantly@gmail.com or call 510.854.6586.

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Denise Colby is a Depth Hypnosis practitioner, yoga instructor, and budding astrologer. She is a dedicated holistic healer, honoring the unique journeys and needs of her clients by addressing their challenges equally on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. Her initial career in chemistry and the biotech industry brings a unique and flexible perspective to her approach to healing, allowing her to work deeply on the energetic level while staying grounded in the here and now. She believes that we are here to be mystified and awestruck, to tinker and explore, and finds enormous fulfillment in compassionately guiding others in their own exploration of the most fascinating landscape of them all - the inner landscape of the soul. To work with Denise, please email dacolby@gmail.com or call 510.919.8157. www.DeniseColby.com

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Kara Earls CHT is a Priestess, Shamanic Life Coach, spiritual teacher, master reiki teacher, and energy healer. She is a Lightworker dedicated to the transformation of consciousness, the preservation of our mother Gaia, and our collective return to harmony and balance through her work with the Divine Feminine. Kara has a passion for her work and specializes in helping her clients to reconnect to their own feminine power through unconditional love and joy. She has spent over half of her life on her own journey of personal transformation and self-realization and utilizes that wisdom in her work with her clients. To work with Kara, please email kara.earls@yahoo.com or call 650.291.9460 www.KaraEarls.com

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Ginny Taylor is devoted to empowering women with a past of sexual abuse to move past lingering shame and onto their next great life-changing adventure. She calls this Wonder-Hearted living. 28 Days of Wonder: A Healing Gratitude Program for Sexually Traumatized Women is about living in the present, embracing gratitude, and then journaling daily gratitudes. http://womenofwondercircle.com/28-days-of-wonder-catching-gratitudes/