Proudly Presenting the Book Trailer for Amazon Wisdom Keeper

By Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD

Click HERE to view

While my book trailer is undergoing its final final make-over, I feel as if I walked the wooden steps on the cover of my book throughout its creation, and am about to emerge on the other side of the grass gate with this precious gift to deliver to the big wide world.

Even though I have only been peripherally involved in the mechanics of creating this very short book trailer, I will never look at movie and book trailers in the same way ever again (here are a few older blog posts about the twists and turns along our book trailer adventures Shooting the book trailer for Amazon Wisdom Keeper and Life is like a Kaleisdoscope).

Who knew that just a few minutes of footage could encapsulate miles of travel, dozens of different shoots to get the best angle, lighting, mood, and composition, lots of retakes of my voice-over to adjust for timing, length, story board content, inflection, and quality (recording in my smallest bathroom finally made the cut!), experimenting with font type, size, and placement of text and quotes, sifting through music selections, and on and on.

All the mesmerizing clips - the Amazon rainforest, the exquisite Galibi sunrise, the bare and contagious dancing feet, drumming, and rattling of the indigenous and Maroon dancers, the rare bird-eye views of San Francisco and me either strolling, meditating, or working in the foreground, and the many gorgeous hidden and repeating patterns in the sand, waves, clouds, and the leaves (oh, the leaves!) -- are Nicole Van Straatum's, except for the newborn leatherback sea turtles crawling out of their sandy womb (thank you, Galibi Tours), shutterfly's aerial of San Francisco's concrete jungle, and the blood moon eclipse (which I shot during a beautiful and powerful group meditation on October 8th, 13 days prior to the book launch).

When I came around to posting the trailer today, the "13 days left" (before my campaign comes to a close) jumped at me as it has on so many other occasions marking special celebratory moments along my path. The sacred number 13, the real number of full moons (months) and feminine menses cycles in a year, keeps me on track and validates on a profoundly mysterious level that it is possible to align and integrate our linear spiritual growth (walking the steps leading to the grass gate) with a cosmically-aligned and circular sense of time (the sense of coming around full-circle during this day of the full moon).

Fun side-note: A spiral once told me that its mother is a circle and its father a line, reminding me that no moment is ever the same as the moment before and the moment after, nor the moment that feels like coming around full-circle.

I began to share these special sacred 13 moments through my blog, on the trail of abundance, just this year when my most trusted guide, Rainbow Crystal Woman, apparently would not allow it any other way and only reduced my unbearable migraine symptoms when I agreed to publically "out" and write about these crazy-sounding inner conversations and meditations (see Oh Beautiful Bloody Super Moon).

To my surprise, several of my clients in my practice felt validated and gained deeper understanding how closely their most persistent and mysterious physical and psychological "symptoms" seem to be linked to their level of resistance or engagement with their calling and path.

Migraine update - for the first time in longer than a year, I experienced just the very faintest signs of a migraine during my last moon cycle without any use of (even homeopathic) meds, and have noticed the symptoms getting less and less each month, the more I put myself out in the world.

This book trailer is my gift of love and appreciation for supporting my commitment and calling to guide others across the Golden Gate Bridge and underneath the grass gate to an era of higher consciousness free of limiting negativity. Please forward and share it with friends and loved ones who may benefit from my message and feel themselves on this path of potent possibility, honoring both our personal and global evolution as a species.

Click HERE and enjoy! And feel free to replay it as many times as you like. I did in order to fully appreciate Nicole's amazing talent and special effects in portraying my story in just 3 minutes.