Explore your Soul's Deepest Yearnings

Seattle Guide Deep Dive

Many of you have noticed and have asked me what propelled all the transformational changes and my enhanced professional clarity in recent months.

Like you, I've probably sculpted and moulded this newly emerged baby since birth (and who knows how many lifetimes before that) into the shape that it has taken, kneading and feeling my way through the dark.

After it became clearer that I was meant to become a holistic, shadow healer (as a result of my graduate education in clinical psychology followed by years of additional soul searching, soul enriching and soul expanding seminars at the Sacred Stream - www.sacredstream.org), I was certain that this was it. I felt fulfilled and had my hands full. I was guiding dozens of brilliant clients in my private practice, delineating the challenges and epiphanies along my professional journey in my memoir whenever I could, and reserving space, energy, and time for my growing family.

Until I was two years ago serendipitously guided to creativity consultant, editor, and business artistry expert Jeffrey Davis from www.TrackingWonder.com, who was offering a free talk on Story structure. One thing led to another, and today, after a year of continuous, self-paced, free, online questing, guided and accompanied by best-selling authors, thought leaders, and reputable visionaries, artists, writers, healers, teachers, and CEO's from around the U.S. and world (and two rounds of deeper engagement in a three month Artmark branding program that's completely optional), I can honesty say that I now have a firm grasp on the golden thread that has always been there. The same blood has pulsed through all the disparate endeavors and passions that have been most meaningful and present throughout my life - from my earliest heart yearnings to my professional specializations, my social justice outreach commitments, my daring holistic psychotherapeutic model, and my book all the way to my current creative outlets and musings.

I now have years and years of clear vision and catalytic momentum to guide me forward. My biggest challenge is learning to be patient so that I can integrate life's challenges and obstacles into my self-discovery and professional "coming-out" process, but seeing others in the fb Quest community struggle and overcome similar sets of crosses, hoops, and hurdles has been tremendously helpful.

If you feel lost in the fog, alone, without a map, rest stops, gas stations, a toolbox, emergency road side support, and a caravan of other travelers brimming with tips, life experience, know-how, and generous ears and open hearts to help you envision the manifestation of your soul's purpose, this is the no-risk, GRATIS, generous, hands-off, try-and-see-if-you-like-it program that Jeffrey has offered us and is offering you. It is available to anyone with access to a computer and truly committed to breaking down social barriers that stand in the way of bringing out and realizing their dreams and full potential. All you need to do is DARE to EXCEL and immerse yourself in elevating, supportive, conscientious networks. Our diverse perspectives and struggles only better us, and the sky is the limit in terms of what we are able to hold and embrace within this sacred, trusted space that we have carefully honed.

Check out this link http://trackingwonder.com/quest-2016/ and the testimonial video accounts of fifteen Questers, myself included, who have embarked on this beautiful journey and have become dear friends. We are all excited to expand and diversify our community and brighten it with your presence and one of a kind perspectives and medicine. As wise woman, Sara Eisenberg of a Life of Practice said, we are a force to be reckoned with! Yes, we are, and we + you are so needed - if not now, when? - to overturn what is happening on the planet through right livelihood = the quest's primary focus.

I know that it sounds too good to be true. But a few rare things in life just are. We specialize in digging up and capturing these rare, tough gems hidden under the rubble and safekept by resilient Mother Nature. If this excites you, please join us in revealing what's special and unique to you. No one can and will be carrying an exact replica of your experience and story - that would defeat our collective purpose. But all of us can and will embrace your soul's deepest longings and the steps needed to bring them into full and prosperous fruition.