Happy Birthday, Dynamic Wholeness

Fire and Water Dynamic Wholeness

The great courageous act that we must all do is to have the courage to step out of our history and past so that we can live our dreams. Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.

- Oprah

"Wholeness is not the opposite of brokenness and wounding," is the phrase that best sums up what irked me subconsciously as a graduate student a good twenty years ago and very consciously throughout my career as a clinical psychologist.

So much so that I pursued several additional years of transpersonal and esoteric training in depth hypnosis, shamanism, energy medicine, and Buddhist Psychology through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream to supplement my doctorate degree and unmet needs.

Each of these intense courses had a predominantly experiential, intuitive, hands-on, sounds-on, blatant spiritual and metaphysical focus. They offered me everything that my rigorous, science-practitioner, academically-oriented program did not, and helped me to reinvent myself as a holistic psychologist.

I now have a tool box full of modern psychotherapeutic interventions that are congruent with time-tested, ancient wisdom, nature-centered healing approaches, and my own innate and trained third-eye gifts that meet standards of integrity and wholeness that are often more nuanced, preventative, effective, and deep healing than those commonly accepted within the mental health field.

The Birth of the Sacred Healing Well and Dynamic Wholeness

Through the help of Jeffrey Davis' Artmark and Quest online programs, I've become really clear what my medicine is about, and have evolved, renamed, and expanded my private practice, Inner Balance Counseling, into the Sacred Healing Well. I now have room to breathe, grow, and hold a much greater intention and vision beyond the four walls of my office with high hopes of providing profound support, easy answers to hard problems, and practical guidance to brave shadow busters, light seekers, and wisdom lovers around the globe.

Yes, we can make a watershed difference to our world's current state of affairs by pooling our best resources. Cynical? Check out how my dear friend, brand-new mom, and one of the co-founders of Mindful Schools, Megan Cowan, and her staff have dramatically improved the lives of 300,000 students and teachers from all 50 states and 60+ countries worldwide in just eight years here: www.mindfulschools.org. View their award-winning documentary here: Room to Breathe.

The next step for me was selecting precise lay and culturally-accessible terms that best capture what I do, and use these to anchor and inspire my articles and blog pieces. I just joined the Writing Den for that purpose, and it's already proving to be so much more than an online writing group. It's specifically geared to help you to 'own and hone' and 'shape and ship' your best medicine and brand out into the world through focused blogging, social media posts, and newsletters.

Just like fledglings and saplings need a protective wing and gentle support in a closely regulated climate before venturing into a harsher reality, so do we sensitive creatives, healers, and intuitives when just discovering what our medicine is all about and how to best develop and broadcast our own brand.

We are like children in a sandbox, ferociously creating and reveling at our own and each others' idiosyncratic masterpieces when we first discover that single word, catchy phrase, or tagline that best reflects us back to us, or that precious little nugget of truth that we want ourselves and our business to be associated with. It's the moment we hope will last forever, the well-spring of joy, and the reason why we create.

Sometimes it takes months and even years of stargazing, deep-diving, and guided mentorship to come up with something that may seem like common sense and a no-brainer to others when it's finally revealed, like my signature one-liner, asking my website visitors and potential newsletter subscribers "to join a wave of stargazers and deep-divers who are yearning and learning to Be at least 1 degree More Present in Wholeness than in Wounding".

The most challenging part is spending hours puzzling something together that is, zeitgeist-wise, so ready to be born, it seems as if it's been on the tip of your tribe's tongue forever, yet original enough, if you can help it, to claim it as uniquely yours.

What's challenging about that? I have made it a habit over the past year or so to double-check what I concoct and conjure up, and keep finding that about 80-90% of my most fun and clever little nuggets backed by broader ideas are already taken.

I know what it feels like when one of those nuggets, as rough and unpolished as it still may be, gets snatched from me the minute it sees the light of day, so I try not to do it to others. But because it's a very saturated market, this strategy leaves me and others very slim openings for success. While that is on some level frustrating, it also makes me very happy. Happy that so many others are on the same wavelength, despite the need to stake out our territories and create a false sense of scarcity and perhaps unnecessary competition - from my wholeness and abundance perspective.

My practical self and kid self get that our touch leaves an imprint and personal signature on everything that we make, and that we can and need to protect that. There may be a few broad trends in terms of our organic processes, just like in our search for enlightenment, but we each still have our own ways that work for us that are worth celebrating and that will become our bread and butter if we claim and make it to be so.

Some of us are more outward focused and unfold more gradually, others shift inwardly and seem to move in a step-wise manner, or only come out with big or huge developments and eurekas, like Eckhart Tolle. I happen to do a lot of observing, noticing, checking, testing, and integrating of external data intuitively and internally with the help of my spirit guides, and tend to wait for and create a trail of small epiphanies that occasionally culminate into a giant whopper, such as when my leatherback sea turtle revealed her daring and daunting planet-saving dreams to me about a month ago.

My process may be a byproduct of lots of lots of meditation and journeying, or it may be a bit of an innate, introspective disposition mixed with learned necessity. I often joke with my clients that meditators seem to be 'acting out' inwardly what others 'act out' outwardly, because of drama burnout. The shift inward is made for energy preservation and the need for more creative and efficient problem-solving, especially if repetitive, reactive, and draining patterns keep sabotaging intentional living and freedom, as they did in my early personal life and as you can see, in my career.

I'm grateful that I can now intentionally plow in uncharted territory and try to break new ground with the support and company of like-minded others and the expert guidance of veteran Jeffrey Davis, who all strive to do business as unusual.

Here, I get to be the archeologist whose work grows and builds on itself, and know it in my bones when I discover the next stepping stone along my path that's there to further guide my spiritual transformation and calling. It sounds like a loud 'kerplunk' and the recognition of it has become such an internal part of me, it's impossible to discard or ignore.

Not only was I captivated by lots of glimmers in the trenches today, these little nuggets panned out to have enough substance for me to own and hone for the life of my brand and business! I heard the mega "kerplunk" that I've been dreaming of.

The interlocking shiny nuggets below beautifully tie all that I do together, are not "taken" or written about by anyone in my field, and I'm ecstatic and ready to run with them.

Here are they are, strung together in the definition below:

- Dynamic Wholeness - the all-encompassing and anchoring Whole and goal

- Intuitive Ingenuity and Interventions - the How - Meaning-centered Creativity - the What

- Seekers of Subtle Truths - the Who

- Purpose-driven Presence - the Way

- Your Peak Potential and Potent Impact - the Why

- The Sacred Healing Well - the Where

- Wise Love - the Well of equanimity and abundant flow

- Gratitude - the Whopper of returns when able to cultivate a G(reatly) R(eceptive) Attitude and benefit from all that is.

Definition of Dynamic Wholeness - the catalytic and paradoxical process of aligning our hearts, bodies, and minds with Wise Love, embracing all that is with intuitive ingenuity and integrity, transforming and reintegrating disconnected pain and parts with meaning-centered creativity, and expanding into all that we are with purpose-driven presence and gratitude.

Happy birthday, Dynamic Wholeness, may all your wishes come true!