Great Mother Prayer



Oh  Great Mother

Thank you for spiraling
your sacred spirit
into every cosmic body
of our ever-expanding galaxy
and in all the precious children
of your beloved child, Mother Earth.


Thank you for breathing
your divine essence and lessons
in every cell of my being

and in every pattern and rainbow color
of your invigorating art and wonder
that enlightens, supports, and sustains
me each and every day.


Thank you for gifting and showing me
your boundless Light and Love
your Mysterious Wisdom and Wholeness
that shines on me from high above

in the feathers, flight, and joy
of my winged relatives’ songs.


And in the fur, hooves, and biodiversity
that bless the land with harmony

in the explosion of life, magic, and coral
hidden in our exquisite underwater worlds
and in the secrets of the dark immaterial
still waiting to be honored and born.


In the breathtaking beauty of your flowers
soothing our souls and lifting our mood
in the bursts of flavor, medicine, and nutrition
of your abundant plants and delectable fruit

in the purity, brilliance, and healing power
of your ancient stones, rocks, and crystals.


In the magnificence of your stunning sunsets,
radiant skies, guiding stars and constellations

I apologize for our careless ignorance,
and our many deeds of violence and disrespect
for our susceptibility to manipulation
that keeps our exploitative illusions intact.


Please shake us to awake us
so we re-member our primal nature
and the elemental forces
of your four sacred directions.


Fire up the lava running through our veins
the sun that burns in each of our hearts
the blood that boils in your volcanic wombs
so we stop tearing ourselves and all of life apart


Flood our parched spirit with life-giving water
and tears that soak, crack, sprout, and root
old shriveled up seeds of consciousness
so we once again honor the source of our food.


Blow out and block the gases, oil, and poison,
from entering our air pipes, rivers, and clouds
protect the fresh breeze of your peppermint leaves
to reset our minds and climb out of the smog.


Fold manure back into our soil and psyches
let the raw stench stir our senses out of their sleep
dig our fingers in the moist dirt of our denial
in reverence of your sun and eternal seasons, I kneel.





Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT, holistic psychologist, depth hypnosis practitioner, and shamanic healer from the Sacred Healing Well, is devoted to helping wisdom keepers, seekers, healers, and teachers dive deep into their self-healing potential and carve out their sacred dream paths in service of their dynamic whole self and the greater good. 


Her debut memoir, Amazon Wisdom Keeper: A Psychologist's Memoir of Spiritual Awakening, offers an eye-opening account of her spontaneous shamanic awakening and initiation during her graduate training in the mental health field. What gives her story an added twist is her ability to anchor into her rich cultural background and mystical upbringing near the edge of the Amazon rainforest when standing her ground, challenging indoctrinating double binds in her field, and placing all bets on her spiritual integrity, intuitive wisdom, and clarity—each one severely tested after escaping the chaotic aftermath of a military coup in her native Suriname and losing almost everything that she knew and loved at the age of 13.


Join a growing wave of deep-divers and wisdom keepers who are yearning and learning to BE at least 1 degree MORE PRESENT in WHOLENESS than in wounding by signing up for her monthly newsletter distributed every full or new moon.



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