A New Eve for Amazon Warrior Goddesses and Wisdom Keepers

All this time it was you

whispering to me

through the leaves

and the rustle of the woods.

All this time it was you

surging forward and then back

along the shoreline of my

solitary life.

All this time it was you

raining down

and rising up through me

as mountain mist.

All this time it was you,

my Natural Self.

Now that I know you

it changes the entire Earth.

~ Edveeje Fairchild

Imagine waking up one day and discovering that the person you thought you were is actually a deflated, 2-D, shadow version of the real you. You’ve been sleep walking and jumping through the hoops of life, doing what’s expected of you for as long as you can remember.

But wait. There have been times when you had inklings of your awakened self: a rounder, fuller, freer, more loving, colorful and alive version of who you currently are. Yes, that was your natural, true self tugging on your sleeve, eager to show you that there is much more to you and to the circle of life than you ever realized. You sensed her urgency when you popped up for air, your body exhausted, drained, mined beyond its limits, but your mind not wanting to take a break, and forcibly squeezing her back out.

When you finally treated yourself to some rest, you enjoyed a short-lived and joyous interlude with her, feeling relaxed, at peace, brave, connected to your heart, your sensuality, your authenticity, the natural world, mystery, and all living beings. Unfortunately, in your flatter, everyday rational state of mind, similar tugs to get you to stop and reconnect with her tend to painfully illuminate your diminished, off self. Instead of her pleading calls for more, you hear a harsh voice saying, "You're not good enough," or “There's something wrong with you."

You assume that it’s your inner critic bugging and pestering you. Why wouldn't you? Who these days doesn’t have a pet inner critic and saboteur? It never occurs to you that it might be your cornered inner mystic and wisest self, trying to disrupt your routine, and awaken and uplift, instead of undermine, you.

Of course not. How could you fathom this possibility when you’ve watched your own mother, generations of mothers and even our sacred Earth Mother being exploited, plundered, desecrated, devalued, taken from and taken for granted for centuries?

Industrialization, colonialism, capitalism, social mobility, and many other modern societal influences have contributed to the development of our ego-mind’s many deceptions and skewed justifications for this behavior, supposedly to ensure our advancement, competitive edge, and survival. The air seems more saturated with free-floating existential angst and scarcity fears than oxygen sometimes. A very plausible, but not-often-discussed, contribution to this—that might be disorienting and disempowering us more than we realize—is the covert Judeo-Christian notion that we fell from Grace and were kicked out of the Garden of Eden because of Eve’s original sin.

No way, you may say. You’re not religious and biblical Eve is the last person on earth to cross your mind and dictate your actions and life. Maybe so, but what if we’ve been spoon fed these age-old myths and were conditioned to fear Eve’s terrible sins, generation after generation?

What if we were somehow infected by the unspoken warning and inherited a soul blueprint that disobeying patriarchal authority and eating an apple from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the ultimate sin? That Eve deserved her miserable fate: being denied entry into the Garden of Eden, in need of an inner critic to tame her, and safest when eternally searching for Paradise, redemption, direction, and approval outside of herself, most often from male authority figures. She is never to land into her truth and truly own her power. Nothing would be more dangerous and threatening to her social standing than that.

Since we can relate to her unruly, emerging urgings and uncontrollable nature that are also an integral part of ourselves, we may be subconsciously accepting this sentence and this baggage—strapped to our backs since birth—as legitimate punishment. Until we dare to entertain different perspectives and regard our heartache, pain, dis-ease, and symptoms of “mental illness” as protesting messages from our soul.

Consider for a moment how this reframe makes you feel: What if Eve's desire to taste the forbidden fruit was similar to Siddhartha's soul yearnings for greater wholeness? He also disobeyed the father and escaped his sheltered prison of lies to experience life in all of its colors, intentionally seeking out experiences that would expose him to pain, suffering, and even death.

Siddhartha was heralded in the East as a hero for his discovery of the meditative science behind awakening the soul, our innate Buddha nature, and the transcendence of good and evil, which were accurately recorded and celebrated as major spiritual contributions to humanity. What if Eve was a wild woman, a consciousness pioneer with similar and perhaps even more amazing yearnings, but was unfairly shunned, stunted, and shamed for challenging dogmatic good/bad thinking? Her biggest crime? Wanting to wake up and experience life and herself more fully and on her own terms.


Wearing nothing but snakeskin

boots, I blazed a footpath, the first

radical road out of that old kingdom

toward a new unknown.

When I came to those great flaming gates

of burning gold,

I stood alone in terror at the threshold

between Paradise and Earth.

There I heard a mysterious echo:

my own voice

singing to me from across the forbidden

side. I shook awake-

at once alive in a blaze of green fire.

Let it be known: I did not fall from grace.

I leapt

to freedom.

- Ansel Elkins

In the recent blockbuster, Wonder Woman, Amazon Princes Diana defiantly left Themiscyra and the Paradise Islands, despite warnings not to. Her plight and heroic journey appealed to fans worldwide.

Might this indicate that we are ready to rewrite Eve's story and rediscover our own? The sleeping dragons in modern women, especially, are being summoned, but also the lions in modern men, as they similarly suffer when fed lies about their mothers, half of humanity, and the reasons for being denied their Gardens of Eden: not because of their own evil inclinations, but for being susceptible to seduction by the Eves of the world, rather than being given credit for exercising good judgment in following a leader they trust.

How about you? Are you itching to redeem and reclaim the wisdom behind being intrigued and "seduced" by the shadow? No longer satisfied with blending into the margins and being cast into the forgotten blind-spots of society, but determined to expose the piles of hidden and rejected gems that can be found there? Are you eager to trust your intuition, your hunger for the forbidden fruit, and your knowing that trees, apples, snakes, and women are sacred beings and aspects of nature not to be feared or regarded as evil?

What would it be like if we embarked on a collective dark night of the soul, stretched, and leapt to freedom beyond the gates of the known? No longer afraid of every little misstep and fall, but confident that we will brush ourselves off and learn from our mistakes? What will it take for us to trust that we need the night and the moon as much as the day and the sun to feel whole?

The time has come for us to stand in our knowing of paradoxical truth, the kind that runs through our bone marrow and the fibers and cells of our being. Nature's cycles and seasons of life, death and rebirth have, after all, waxed and waned in our microcosmic wombs every month in a symbiotic dance with the ocean and Mother Earth since the beginning of humanity. We are able to endure and have endured much more than we dare to believe. Continuing to shame and tame ourselves may make us feel safer but is a lie that only hurts us and the rest of humanity.

Our wild, motherly, and creative souls naturally honor exploration, risk-taking, separation and individuation as a form of self-expression and regard it no different than cutting the umbilical cord, dealing with the terrible twos, and managing adolescent phases of experimentation and rebellion. Within our own spacious, inner Garden of Eden these experiences are inevitable aspects of life and healthy growth, and don't necessarily sever our connection to the Whole and our Oneness.

We have all that it takes to fully own our untamable, inner Universe, and cherish our spiritual longings to venture beyond the invisible, locked gates of our collective fear as vital, beautiful attributes of our adventurous, curious human spirit and true nature.

If this feels more do-able now, it's because it often doesn't take much to be re-minded and to re-member who we are on a soul level. Adding a few more tools and skills to your repertoire may be all that you need now to ditch all the conditioning that keeps you shackled to your false and maimed self.

If you are eager and ready to re-divine and re-claim your Garden of Eden and re-discover that no one can kick you out of Paradise but you, I'd love for you to join me in April of 2018 in Costa Rica. An intimate group of no more than 8 brave wisdom keepers and I will be renaturing and renurturing our souls and re-tree-ting with our personal dream-team of spirit and animal guides, totems, and archetypal teachers in our personalized and rejuvenating inner sanctuaries, optimally situated to embrace the mystery, magic, and profound guidance that is bound to unfold.


Retreats for Nature Wisdom Keepers

Sweet and patient souls, it's finally here! My website pages about my beautiful offerings in Costa Rica with all the images and state-of-the-art bells and whistles needed to RESERVE your spot now! Not only am I super-thrilled to have finally articulated what it is that I have to offer, I have two left hands and left feet when it comes to technology. And I'm proud to say that I created this website completely from scratch using Wix.com.

It took some figuring out and a bit of time, but this is the exact kind of thing I hope participants will experience after attending my retreats: confidence to achieve and do whatever they set their hearts and minds out to do! And enjoy it! For me, it was creating an online representation of my real life dream offerings. For you it may be something else.

Check it out if you haven't yet. It's a work of art and I think you'll be impressed what someone like me with no technology experience can do these days with these pre-coded website tools. It may give you some ideas of your own, and who knows, maybe I'll be lucky and a retreat in Costa Rica that will be deep, challenging, and soulful, but also light, fun, and rejuvenating, may be just what your soul is yearning for . . . I'd love for you to join me!

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"I think the big lesson for me was a reminder, as a creative person, of the need to not only trust intuition and deeper feelings, but to continue to develop them until we can rely on them, until they're second nature, to trust that the intuitions and dreams aren't just a symptom or sign of a delusional psychosis."



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