Devoting 2019 to the Rise and Empowerment of Today's Hidden Figures

Especially when “states of emergency” propaganda and “crises of the heart and soul” are fabricated where there are none, it’s super important to deliberately and consciously anchor in your sanity otherwise your monkey mind will spin this energy around and not know how to ground it.

If you are experiencing perpetual anger and rage in response to the insanity that we're regularly fed from the top down, you may need to push your sanity stakes down deeper, assert your stance, and expand your reservoir to hold these feelings.

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing that regulating your feelings won’t make a difference or DO anything. Our DO-ing is very layered. It starts with practicing mental clarity and making assertions. Hopefully tip-of-the-iceberg results and huge political change are not the only measures that determine your personal success or justify the worthiness of your efforts.

What would you say to the millions of people living under decades and/or centuries of political and other oppression? Probably not - "Just give up. The situation is hopeless."

Many of our nation’s current political circumstances are dire in their own right, but where do we each have wiggle room?

I’m devoting 2019 to the Rise and Empowerment of Hidden Figures: you, me, and all of our wise sis-stars. It’s going to become more imperative than ever to own and fiercely protect our clarity, power, and intuitive resilience as transformational leaders and as sanctuaries for peace, love, harmony and wholeness.

Yes, we need to roll up our sleeves however we can, but before doing so realize that you are part of a bigger web and safety net of light and love, and know how to access this support at will.


Have big girl toys, like tarot cards. I pulled Oshun, the Goddess of harmony, from my gorgeous Mother’s Wisdom deck.

Oshun bringing Harmony appeared in the sacred center of my spread where our True North heart compass resides.

Don’t make your commitment to seeking harmony a fair weather goal. However we twist or turn it, living in a chronic state of distress and anger will hurt us and our loved ones the most. If we are using it as a catalyst to spark change and think we need it to sustain it, we're living a lie.

1. Being in constant distress is not necessary to fuel or fortify our mission.

2. Our lack of emotional harmony more often sabotages than strengthens our mission.

Dismissing and squashing our intense feelings is also not the answer. We're a closed energetic system. Whatever we repress will just surface somewhere else.

The answer is to expand our container. A drop of poison in a glass may kill you. The same drop diluted in a gallon jug or an ocean will do much less harm.

We don’t want to dilute our experience so much that we can’t discern one experience from another. We want to maintain our sensitivity and subtlety, which ironically develops the more relaxed and open, rather than defensive, we become.

The point shouldn’t be to shut down our ingenious inner guidance and wisdom, our energy-in-motion, but to understand it’s attunement to the laws of nature and harmony, and how these operate within ourselves.

With nonjudgmental awareness, we can create greater harmony by activating, energizing and actualizing all the places where we are underactualized — hiding and retreating behind the scenes.

We at the same time also create inner harmony by soothing and deenergizing all the places we tend to blow a fuse.

Most people don’t realize that very intense and uncomfortable fuse blowing feelings such as rage, disgust, loathing, despair, hopelessness, and the like can be just as effective in relaying their important messages and guidance at mild levels of 2-3 and don’t need to reach a level 10 to get through to us. . . as long as we honor their power, their alarm, their urgency, their indignity even when whispered.

So have all your feelings without holding back. Honor the shouts and whispers equally. Don’t deny any. And observe how your mind, body, heart and soul naturally seek homeostasis and regroup, often giving you insight what you are to devote and focus your light and love on to counter an imbalance or meet an unmet need in your external environment.

Even if you are not clear yet what that could be, trust the process by taking deep care of yourself. This alone makes you a much-needed safe and brave haven for harmony, wisdom and wholeness for others negatively affected and unable to sustain their peace during these chaotic and uncertain times.


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Are you a hidden figure who dreams of being a transformation trailblazer . . .

but don't like being in the center of attention . . .

and worry about coming across as a show-off when you emerge from behind the scenes and light up or imagine lighting up a stage - any stage?

Do you prefer finding solace and stillness in nature and the woods? Away from people?

Perhaps you're tired of not being fully seen and heard. Of being mocked, yelled at, shamed, slighted or silenced when you speak your mind. Misunderstood for always wanting to ruffle feathers while you're just trying to dig up profound truths that not only resonate with you, but are your "normal."

Perhaps you learned through very uncomfortable altercations and repercussions that most people don't welcome the kind of insights that delight you and keep your world intriguing and fun.

As a matter of fact, they may feel very threatened or triggered by your big and introspective energy because they prefer to be in the dark about a lot of things, even things that are hurting them.

Many of us don't remember the pacts we made to remain in compliance with the status quo and what we compromised and traded in for survival, belonging and safety: emotionally, physically, psychologically, mentally.

I get it. The Amazon rainforest was my favorite hiding spot as a child and adolescent and patches of it were right across and next to our home in the city. I dreamed of living in the jungle (across the street) where I felt safe from all the imbalanced energy around me.

When I shouted to my mother one day, "I'm going to run away and live in the jungle!" because of some fight we had she yelled back, "Why don't you??!!"

Power, control and anger are huge silencers. Especially girls, even feisty ones, are good at assessing the risks that they can take and already start strategizing what parts of themselves need to be sacrificed for survival.

Breaking the pacts that hold us back: find out how to align your ego-mind with your soul's grand design in order to gracefully transition from hidden figure to transformation trailblazer.

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ABOUT ME: Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT is a holistic psychologist, shamanic & Depth Hypnosis practitioner, dynamic speaker, WomanSpeak leader, and award-winning author of Amazon Wisdom Keeper: a Psychologist’s Memoir of Spiritual Awakening.

She believes that the most effective way to heal and renature our denatured, patriarchal world is by supporting women’s deep wells of wisdom and game-changing missions with personalized dreamteams of spirit guides. Her two-decade devotion to awakening fierce, wise women has led to the empowerment of hundreds of hidden figures in psychology, holistic health, academia, the arts, social justice, eco-science, and entrepeneurship through the cultivation of unwavering trust in their power, clarity, and natural genius.

She is a recovering hidden figure who is finally learning to enjoy and fully own her genius zone: she is now a contributing author of Thrive Global and Rebelle Society, has provided training to master- and doctorate level therapists and healers at the UC Berkeley Counseling Center, the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences, and the Native American Health Center, and has spoken as a guest expert for numerous podcasts, radio shows, and women’s groups nationwide.