Pivotal pandemic moment: ancient shamans leading the way

The grand and mysterious culmination and pivotal tipping point that we've been anticipating for so long, occurred today (Friday April 17, 2020).

This morning, I saw a huge string of falling dominoes reverse direction thanks to one epic, virtual, global sacred offering –– a weekly fire ceremony taught and led by ancient shamans from the Andes and practiced by a thousand trained shamans and their thousands of students all over the world, at the same time, with the same intention and focus.

With the help of Dr. Alberto Villoldo (through FB lives every Friday), they are gifting us a fire ceremony to assist the thousands of souls who are dying or have died, cross over during this great ascension.

These ceremonies also aim to support those experiencing the greatest heart ache, loss and challenges during this pandemic as well as help us as a global human family restore our imbalanced relationship with fire - adrenaline, yang energy - since the beginning of our time and evolution as humans.

Huge global meditations like today's are not brand-new but this one is the first of its kind offered on such a massive scale during an unprecedented moment in time where we, as one human family, are dealing with a huge crisis together, needing to honor our deep human and planetary connection (even if initially just for self preservation reasons), are more desperate than ever for answers and guidance, and have also come face to face with our limitations and our vulnerabilities.

We are more ready than ever to surrender and receive guidance from mature and qualified ancient wisdom keepers to guide us out of fear, dismantle status quo traps, and burn the thick collective fog that clouds over what really matters and fortifies our collective denial how far we have drifted from our soul authority, natural genius and true potential as a human species.

My own inner sacred fire couldn’t burn more brightly as I renew my convictions to assist in this mission. (And I have synchronistically found that having this elaborate altar and sacred fire right in the midst of my office to be the most grounding, delightful, wondrous, and sacred thing to be stuck with at home. Learn how I set it up and how you can set up yours).


My colleagues, teachers, students and I have been preparing for this paradigm shift for many years. Just yesterday, while deep in the throes of teaching my students and clients about sacred fire in all of my programs, I talked in depth about the importance to heal our imbalanced human relationship to Fire and how to relate to this element and energy, which has primarily been used throughout human history as a weapon, a display of power, and a way to dominate and exploit others and the planet in the crazy race to get ahead and outdo each other. And how this is like cutting off our nose to spite our face.

I sent my soul authority students and Gaias in Natural Genius Zone this message:

Enjoy this rare current-day footage about 3 Kenyan men stealing meat from 15 ferocious lions that dispels the myth that our imbalanced modern-day fear and anxiety stem from our primitive under-developed amygdala and reptile brain.

Article: Fleeing the Brain's Fear Center (confirming the simplification of the role of the amygdala which in truth gets stimulated by uncertainty and both positive and negative stimuli to motivate action. This is determined by each person's individual psychology).

Our reality and psychology act like a closed feedback loop (other terms: self-fulfilling prophecy or confirmation bias). Those using imbalanced power out of fear interpreted and created their life experiences and environment in a similar skewed fashion, reinforcing the need to rely on their imbalanced methods to survive.

Those with an unwavering conviction to remain in balance and tap the depths of their soul authority, also did so.

They remained in balance with nature and their surroundings and interestingly, also felt reinforced. They felt equally convicted that their experience reinforced that they made the right decision in using the methods they chose. We are always "right" and need to be able to discern what voice is aligned with our trauma mind/body or our truth mind/body.

Allow your mind to be completely blown by this "ultimate face-off" and bluff that's nothing like the testosterone-laden face-off we would imagine is needed to ward off 15 ferocious lions.

Let yourself feel pride for your human potential and ancestry - there is so much collective shame that's been stuck in our psyches and bones because of our cowardice, greed, disconnection, and so on.

These Dorobo men show that it is possible to be powerful and feel on top of the world while at the same time so grounded and walking the planet with the lightest of footprints.

Against all odds, our planet is still blessed by a handful of tribes and living traditions similar to these. These tribes and cultures have survived this long and would continue to do so if it weren't for their modern-day brothers and sisters, us, slowly killing them off by encroaching on their sacred lands and ways of life.

I feel blessed to have lived in close contact with the distant relatives and descendants of my West African - most likely Ghanian - great-grandmother, my ancestral soul authority guide, who live with similar courage, audacity and authority deep in the jungles of Suriname.

I firmly believe that if we use our wits, natural human genius, and collective strength, we can face off our modern-day lions with similar soul authority.

End message.

Magical synchronicities and opportunities have been increasing in frequency and have felt more “real”, upending the world and sense of reality as we know it. I was really overcome by this synchronistic fire ceremony dropping into my feed (don't follow Dr. Villoldo, it was the first post popping up first thing after opening FB first time ever).

And then for this ceremony to be shared on such a global and potentially viral scale in due time

. . . after sharing what I so strongly felt in my heart and soul yesterday about our potential and the importance to devote ourselves to protecting the last remaining tribes and wisdom keepers on the brink of extinction

. . . if we are to have a fighting chance of redeeming ourselves as humans.

Jaw-dropping awe.

Isn't it just mind-boggling that this same modern-technology that is flirting with our demise (and we're not even talking about the upcoming Era of Artificial Intelligence taking over) could be totally on our side as long as we get clear, get with the grand plan, and use it to get ourselves back in alignment?

This aligned coming-together and “baby step” as a human family means the world to me for all the above reasons. The tangible and concrete that we so rely on to define our reality is now at an accelerated rate materializing in physical form and is infused by the ancients and the luminous realm with an unfathomable, mysterious, delicious power and promise I feel honored to be experiencing as a human at this time.

You feel it too?

Thank you for sharing this long-awaited "I see land!!!" moment with me. May it light up your inner sacred fire and inspire you to join us and this mission however and where ever you can.

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