50th Anniversary Devotional Tribute to Mother Earth

Please join me in paying devotional tribute and express our appreciation for our Earth Mother on this day, the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

I also feel honored to have been able to translate her deep plea for clarity and help, and offer modern-day frameworks to help us dismantle our thick denial and disconnection from nature.

I covered:

- Earth Consciousness

- Unity and Diversity

- The Mother Wound

- Roots of our Denial

- Clearing Shame and Blame

- Our Sinking Mother Ship - Titanic analogy

- Existential Angst

- Need to Outsmart Mystery

- Naked Eye Cultural Dominance

- Masked Blown Up Ego

- Sacred Tree Meditation

- Soul Consciousness & Synchronicity

- Big Picture Clarity & Choices

- Flat Earth Analogy

- Most Powerful & Effective Healing is Holistic with a Focus on Self, Others, Nature ALL AT ONCE

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