Dear Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer Balance Awakening

Dear Soul Surfer,

Seeker of adventure and exhilaration,

I long to serve you . . .

as you boldly slice through life's

salty rawness with your chisel

of consciousness and light.

Dear Soul Surfer, I long to watch you . . .

dance to the rhythm of the tides,

and rise up over and over again

onto the furthest edge of your growth

before it fizzles back into foam.

Dear Soul Surfer, I long to feel you . . .

grapple with the oceanic currents

of our vast collective unconscious,

invigorated and humbled

by its power and depth.

Dear Soul Surfer, I long to celebrate . . .

your delight in intimately connecting

with nature and mystery,

enduring endless lessons in balance,

in holding on and in letting go.

Because, dear Soul Surfer,

YOU are ME

and I am YOU

Surfer and ocean, darkness and light,

crest and trough, ebb and flow.

My life, my soul, my Source.