Gifts of Renewal: Tools to Attune to Your Body, Voice and Mission

Happy Easter. Happy Passover. Happy Spring Renewal.

Our annual celebration of the miraculous cycles of life, death and rebirth has taken on a whole new meaning this year.

After our lives came to a screeching halt all across the globe a little more than a year ago, many of us took it as a sign and opportunity to change things up even more and reinvent ourselves while at it, myself included.

I’ve seen pilgrimages and spiritual passages unfold from bondage to liberation and sleepwalking to awakening at unprecedented layers of depth, gratitude and magnitude in my practice, family, community and online circles, far and wide.

In case you just joined my list or online group, my ancestors nudged and guided me to alchemize and funnel much of the energy that got dislodged and stirred up in the past year into a book. I loved that they’ve prodded me twice now and both times have been spot-on in determining when the time was right for me to sit down and write my heart out.

Real-time inspiration

While I found it much easier to write a how-to self-empowerment book than a memoir, I never expected it to go as smoothly and quickly as it did.

Inspirational and heartbreaking stories and real-time poignant events, such as the pandemic, George Floyd, BLM, blazing wildfires and arctic cold fronts, election fraud allegations, an insurrection, Amanda Gorman, Harry and Megan, and anti-Asian hate attacks as well as client experiences, reflections, research, books and my own childhood and mystical experiences — emerged at opportune times throughout my writing journey and strengthened my points.

Cosmic dance

The whole experience felt like a channeling trance and cosmic dance of magical and serendipitous guidance that helped me to drop deeper into my body than ever.

I got to excavate the backlog of the past four years as well as explore new treasure troves that helped me to give voice to my purpose, teachings and mission. It’s the reason why my original bare bones book ended up twice as long.

I interwove and fleshed out my usual Soul Authority teachings with fresh ideas and insights. The final product is a seamless integration of historical, ancient, scientific, contemplative, Earth-centered, ecofeminist, anti-racist, political, spiritual, renaissance economic, and Western psychological expertise that bring my Soul Authority model to life and provide greater clarity where humanity is headed as we transition into the Age of Aquarius.

Overhauling convention

My publisher has described my book as “groundbreaking” and “a direct track to truth.” He also said that he appreciated my political and personal voice, narratives and social justice focus, because it’s rare to encounter them in spiritual books like mine.

I was delighted to hear that and agree that this book is truly a child of these times. In the spirit of more revolutionary overhauling and attentiveness to real-time needs of transformation trailblazers like yourselves, I’ve decided to share the uncut version of my book right now.

I’ve felt the tugs from loved ones of a few of my clients, and realized that a year was too long to wait. They need my guidance now.

My book‘s release got bumped up 6 months and will be out in the Spring of 2022, which I truly appreciate, but as we all just saw, a lot can happen in a year.

Ready now

If you feel drawn to explore it now, go for it. It’s a PDF and kind of reads like a kindle book. Not my cup of tea, but it wasn't all that unpleasant either, especially on a computer.

Feel free to share!

Having published one book already, I’m well aware that this is not how book marketing and sales typically go. I really don’t care at this point about any of these norms and have total trust that this book is already magnetizing the hearts and souls it’s meant to touch and heal.

If you do love it and find it transformative, this is how you can pay this gesture back and forward:

1). Practice the teachings and allow them to become second nature

2). Share the ideas with loved ones

3). Jot down reflections spontaneously and share them with me. Many of the awesome reflections in the book emerged like this.

4). When the book is out, buy yourself or a loved on a copy.

5). Give an awesome review on Amazon or Goodreads or in your newsletter or on your social media channels.

6). Do what naturally inspires you and makes you feel in your authority and empowering of others

At the cutting edge - a quick recap

I just applied to the Summer Research Institute online event, sponsored the Mind and Life Institute. It’s focused on the urgent need to repair the human-earth-ecosystem through holistic, ethically-responsible action. I hope to discuss my book and present my Soul Authority model there to 200 like-minded activists, researchers, thought leaders and contemplation teachers.

These lines, “We will draw from contemplative wisdom and the deep knowledge of change leaders. We will explore models of radical inclusive interrelatedness, interweaving both creativity and new scientific insights. Our driving question will be how to re-awaken our relationship with the earth and all its inhabitants, while re-igniting our collective responsibility as stewards of our planetary future,” particularly spoke to me.

They are the central themes of my book (running title), Soul Authority for Transformation Trailblazers: A 7-Step Ego-Eco Healing System to Restore Trust in Ourselves, the Truth, and Social Justice (North Atlantic Books, Spring 2022).

Book summary: My Soul Authority model aligns the ego-mind with the body’s natural ecosystem using a 7-sacred-directions medicine wheel structure.

Soul Authority is a minimalist and seamless integration of modern expertise, ancient wisdom and nature-guided meditations, based on almost three decades of contemplation, rigorous study and testing.

Ego-ecosystem alignments are held within a 7-sacred-directions medicine wheel structure and are supported by the sacred 4 elements that have guided, protected and empowered ancient earth-keepers and astrologists from every continent on the planet.

The first two directions represent the As Above - So Below hermetic axiom, symbolized by the sacred tree of life. Next are the 4 sacred directions, Air North Mental – Wisdom, Fire East Energetic – Protection, Earth South Physical – Grounding, Water West Emotional – Clearing.

The 7th direction is our sacred heart compass, guiding us toward True North. Each elemental guide around the wheel offers the ego-mind personalized insight into ego-ecosystem misalignments as well as guidance how to reset and correct them.

Each chapter of my book starts with a lesson that consists of curated, fire-tested guidance sprinkled with awe-inspiring stories, scientific studies, client reflections, helpful resources, and word-for-word meditation scripts that can be recorded and played back to build a soul sanctuary from the ground up.

Each chapter also builds on soul lessons from prior chapters to guide you down a labyrinth pilgrimage toward your sacred heart center - the 7th within direction.

Here’s where the tree (the above and below directions), the four sacred elements from all six directions intersect. At this aligned heart compass, karmic gridlock and inner climate denial dissolve, personal warming signals burn mental fog and smog, and energetic boundaries and immunity strengthen.

It's for transformation trailblazers who know in their bones that they were born for these times.

We know that the recent political spectacle and dysfunctional power plays at the highest levels of government have been operating for a long time in subtler forms in every institution and social system that we’re a part of.

We feel called to restore trust in the truth, each other, and our most powerful leaders and institutions because we intuitively get how much our personal health is influenced by our collective well-being and wholeness.

We’re best suited to tackle these issues because we’re most shaken up and uprooted by neglected emotional, social and environmental wounds and imbalances that are not addressed in society and cause a lot of harm.

We are also good at surfing the waves of historical pivots, and know when the tides are turning. We’re going through one of those major transitions.

We go by many names. Call us consciousness pioneers, highly sensitive wise souls, starseeds, holistic healers, freedom fighters, thought leaders, social justice activists, renewable energy and climate warriors, nature lovers, natural-born leaders, modern-day bodhisattvas, spiritual gangsters, seekers and teachers.

The change leaders and transformation trailblazers I guide and who have indirectly shaped my Soul Authority model work in academia, social work, holistic healing, coaching, the arts, humanities, conservation, renewable energy, renegade economics, yoga and mind-body practices, spiritual entrepreneurship, non-profit services, social and earth justice, law, politics and psychology.

Here it is again: