Why truth and integrity, not just democracy, are on trial

The true focus of revolutionary change is never merely the oppressive situations that we wish to escape but that piece of the oppressor which is planted deep within each of us.

~ Audre Lorde

After months of strategic preemptive scheming, Donald Trump’s false claims of victory and voter fraud weren’t surprising –– to my logical mind. My emotional and physical body, however, responded very differently to the meaning of these blatant lies when they were announced at the White House two days post-election. The shocking reality of this irreverent act hit me so hard, it defibrillated a dead layer of my heart back to life. 

A tight knot of rage and devastation, hard as a stone, moved through my heart chakra like one of those painful knots that take a few hours to pass through your body when you have the stomach flu. I sobbed and screamed with abandon to move it along. Then I realized that I was squandering freshly dug up power and raw energy on Trump. Directing my rage at Trump and all the havoc he had caused so many made me feel better, but was not getting to the root of what had been stuck so long.

Accessing 40 year old trauma

I entered my safe sanctuary and felt supported by a massive ancestral and sacred tree that functions like a grounding rod and chaos sink. I asked for guidance and grasped that I was re-experiencing the earth-shattering blow to my body and psyche when I first heard that Desi Bouterse had taken military control over Suriname almost forty years ago, and again, when I was told that we were moving to Florida to escape the terror and political upheaval he was instigating to scare off opponents. (Ironically, Bouterse and his racially diverse, non-white coalition were revolting against white supremacy, systemic oppression and the Dutch colonial establishment. He was finally voted out of his endless, self-appointed presidential term this year and reluctantly conceded in May).

I knew in my heart that America’s democracy and election process, as flawed as it is, was much more robust than Suriname’s and that there was a very slim chance that we’d end up in a saga like this.

My next target of wrath

So I shifted my focus to Bouterse and assumed that he must be the correct target to unleash my rage on. I tried it for a few minutes, but again got the message to stop. A premature cathartic release would distract me from the root problem-solution and give me false closure. I re-tree-ted into my protective sanctuary and invoked my powerful dreamteam of soul authority guides.

I heard the words, “All in divine time,” words that I’ve heard before at significant junctures in my life. It pertained to all my efforts to resuscitate my adolescent shell-shocked and selectively-mute body and mind, efforts that had been successful over the decades, but did not get to this core layer until this happened.

Then it hit me that I was experiencing the mother of all synchronistic convergences!

Expanding to honor and savor painful yet grounding Truth

I’d grown big and wide and deep enough to embrace all the yin and the yang, the dark and the light, and the good and the bad in my life and embody my deepest truth in a dynamic, sacred regenerating ecosystem – my soul sanctuary.

I became crystal clear that my intention for sharing my trade-secrets and empowering other sensitive leaders, healers and teachers with soul authority skills is to: 1) preserve our most trusted lifeline to a Truth that’s both personal and universal, 2) to alchemize what stands in the way of our own and the greater good, and 3) to conceive and birth new solutions and possibilities that can usher us into a more peaceful and harmonious world for all sentient beings.

These insights finally relaxed the knot and opened my heart's vault. Major puzzle pieces clicked into place like a rubric cube. All of my unusual personal and professional experiences and endeavors ––  being from the most tree-covered and 2nd most diverse country in the world (2019 Global Diversity Index), nature spirits, imaginary playmates and premonitions guiding me while playing in the rainforest, my spontaneous shamanic initiation in grad school, my spiritual memoir, 30 years of anti-racist work, and my cross-national dissertation research and rigorous esoteric study inspiring my unconventional, paradox-inspired, self-empowerment models –– flashed in front of my eyes.

They each played a significant role in shaping my mission and my message for sensitive leaders, healers, and teachers: right now our truth and integrity, not democracy, are what's really on trial. The latter is holding up pretty well, considering.

Close calls are the best wake-up calls     

There are a few Republican leaders and Trump supporters who are convinced that the Democratic party and Joe Biden have stolen the election and are the ones who staged a coup. They wholeheartedly believe that because the Democrats spent so much money on flipping minds and Senate and House seats that barely paid off, something fishy must be going on.

While I doubt that most of the 70 million people –– which included a significant amount of ethnic minorities and was alarmingly the second highest number of voter turn-out for any presidential candidate over the course of US history –– who voted for Trump agree with these claims, they all seem to agree that the end justifies the means.

What is their end goal? As Donald Trump Jr spells out in his book, Triggered, sensitivity to unhealed feelings of pain and trauma makes you a victim. His dad would probably add Loser. Therefore, any attempts to set limits with our own lower self impulses or the shaming and mocking impulses of others (particularly of those who're wedded to this lie-to-yourself-to-rise-above coping mechanism) to honor our vulnerable feelings and unhealed trauma will not go over well. As his book's subtitle states, protection of our deepest truth and sacred healing potential is perceived as "how the left thrives on hate and wants to silence us."

While BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and women are less likely to ascribe to this defensive coping and "healing philosophy", anyone who masters bypassing is welcome to this club and in a perverse way may even welcome the abuse to sharpen their tools and empty invincibility.

When egalitarian and pro-social choices are shunned as elitist, communist and dangerous

When Hillary Clinton lost the election and electoral vote, we suspected foul play, and blamed propaganda and interference from the Russians supported by Facebook ads for the unexpected outcome. We anticipated lots of voter regret and assumed that 4 years of Trump would be enough for his supporters to see the light and be utterly turned off by his unscrupulous tactics. Wrong.

What if there are more of them than us who vote at the next election and legitimately win? Will we continue to fool ourselves that honoring everyone’s subjective realities and clear choice is what democracy is all about? Do truth, consciousness, and our expertise in understanding the predictable expression of complex trauma stand a chance? They won't unless we step up and each one teach one, preferably those on the fence. The next generation thankfully thinks more globally and holistically but could use guidance and support around the tricky seductiveness of divisiveness and how this ultimately energizes the ones who play dirty.

Autocrats come in all shapes and sizes 

Trump supporters are from every walk of life. They could be shy or fanatic, educated or not, nice and loving or hateful, opinionated or impressionable, white or BIPOC, white supremacists or civil rights activists, female or male, straight or LGBTQ+, lower or upper class, and everything in between these dichotomies. Although white supremacy, capitalism, privilege, patriarchy, and evangelical Christian ideologies are the backbone of the GOP, what Trump supporters have in common is unresolved trauma and existential angst about life in the modern world, and a rigid good–bad approach and devotion to staying or becoming the aspired top-dog, even though decades of election evidence and political history show that white voters as a group have for half a century, regardless of who was in the end elected as president, voted against public goods that could greatly benefit their own standards of living.

57% of white voters this year, again, are cutting off their nose –– by refusing basic public benefits, such as healthcare, education, higher wages, retirement, etc. and filling the pockets of the wealthy and powerful –– to spite their face. Even if they will never fill these fantasized shoes, the path how to get there is clear and matches their ideology -- make sure you always have a scapegoat in your back pocket to blame for your problems and the problems of the society. And think of yourself as superior, somehow immune to systemic oppression.

Ironically, they are now joined by BIPOC who likely have surpassed them in social standing.

The seductive appeal of the lower self

All of us have at some point of another engaged in this kind of self-sabotaging lower-self worship at the expense of higher-self guidance, wisdom, healing and soul integration. It’s most apparent when we have difficulty surrendering to our vulnerability and unruly feelings, which are integral to healing, connecting, loving, admitting fault, recognizing limits, apologizing, grieving, and forgiving.

It’s more comfortable to numb the pain and shame, and project our feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, self-loathing and inferiority on other marginalized people. We all understand the impulse to want to fight back and defend ourselves when hurt or undermined.

When outnumbered by a majority, we conclude that we have no choice but to succumb to survival of the fittest methods. It’s either us or them. That’s reality.

That's one reality. If we energize it over our better knowing and relinquish our super powers, we don't stand a chance in a democratic election process built on divisiveness. It provides a fertile breeding ground and the base for opponents who are much better at this to springboard from.

Expand your mind beyond lived experiences

Now that the US is becoming more diverse, don’t get locked in your first-world lived reality and experiences in America and the 400 years of white supremacy that it’s built on. Make sure to make a pit-stop there, but keep going. The root problem runs deeper. Many Mexican -, Venezuelan -, Cuban, and Vietnamese-American voters, some directly tied to my inner circle, are still haunted by communist, cartel, and civil war trauma and are convinced that only bullies get and can stop other bullies. And in a dog eat dog world –– some much more brutal and insane than what shocks us here in the US –– survival means protecting your top dog status at all cost, turning the oppressed into the oppressors.

Bouterse and his coalition wanted to liberate themselves from generations of colonization, slavery, indentured servitude, systemic oppression, and the corruption that was emerging in the newly established independent country financially aided by its previous colonizer.

My dissertation research showed that the most divisive, racist and polarizing groups within Suriname were from countries with strong hierarchical values and social structures, i.e. China and India, and still impacted by ingrained collective trauma caused by communism, the Cultural Revolution and caste system.

Some were put under a spell by religious fanatics, just as they are in the US. Fundamental, born-again Christian churches offered members from any racial and cultural group a guaranteed spot in heaven by following a clear regimen, which was the antidote to all the bad and unintegrated feelings.

It's the extreme split between good and bad that eventually leads to an oppressive environment where a certain brand of self-righteousness is imposed on others.

Genghis Khan's (and others like him) erased legacy not serving us

We also need to divorce systemic racism and racial supremacy from whiteness. Let’s not forget the heinous killing of 40 million men, women and children by ruthless Mongol conqueror and dictator, Ghengis Khan, just 800 years ago. He established the largest land empire in history –– twice the size of the British empire in the 18th century and more than half of the known world –– by forcibly taking huge chunks of central Asia and even Europe. The only reason we are unfamiliar with Mongol supremacy, systemic racism and genocide is because most Europeans, Africans, Middle-Easterners and Native Americans were protected from his massacring troops by landmass and ocean.

He had 6 wives and 500 concubines (many stolen and forced to join his harem). Geneticists estimate that 16 million today (and an unknown number of women) are his descendants because of an identifiable Y chromosome. His traumatic beginnings explain his life: his mother was kidnapped by his father, his father was killed before he was ten, the clan ousted him, his mother and his many siblings to fend for himself, he killed his step-brother while still a child, probably over food, he and his wife were at one time slaves, before he escaped and later rescued her.

Aside from the terror and atrocities he, his sons, and his troops inflicted on millions, he also banned torture, outlawed slavery and the kidnapping of women, and established freedom of religion, free trade, a postal and writing system. He believed in individual merit vs inherited privileges and shared his wealth with commanders and soldiers.

Call to all sensitive leaders, healers, and teachers

The point being: we are very complex creatures. All of us. The answers to life are not just in our personal truths and stories, in our universal soul, or in overthrowing those currently in power who are protecting their self-centered interests through mass manipulations, appeals to the lower self, demagoguery, and strategic sociopolitical methods and economic systems of oppression.

There is an interconnected, paradoxical and parallel relationship that weaves through all of these parts of ourselves. I get how difficult it is to navigate this confusing terrain. That's why I'm sharing my soul authority secrets for sensitive leaders far and wide to empower you and show you how to alchemize overwhelm, fear, and self-doubt.

This is what I've gathered through thousands of soul healing sessions, clearing trauma residual and imprints traceable to patriarchy, religious oppression, colonization, the enslavement of African and indigenous people, ethnic cleansing wars in Eastern Europe, drug cartel terrorism in Mexico, and physical, sexual and psychological abuse and oppression in Iran, Afghanistan, Thailand, China, the Caribbean, South and West Africa, Central and South America and many regions in the United States.  

Oppression operates in very unoriginal ways across the world. Our paths to freedom also have universal aspects, but are much more original and ingenious. They writhe, transform and burst into creative, inspiring and infinitely many healing patterns that resemble nature’s ways and touch the souls of many.

EGO-ECO ALIGNMENT: aligning your ego-mind with your eco-system

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May this guidance and the wisdom of so many other healers and speakers (really enjoyed learning about quantum physics and manifestation through the help of dolphins, grids and codes perceived by everyday psychics, messages from GAIA, visualizations and art, etc etc.) provide you competence, comfort, company and courage to keep on plugging. We got our work cut out for us!

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