Dear student and life-long learner,


I would like to share my fire-tested blend of ancient wisdom and modern day expertise to help spiral your energy up instead of down during these trying and uncertain times.

Many life-long learners and students, like us—from elementary school all the way to university levels—are going a bit stir-crazy. Without our usual routines, connections and creative outlets, it has become increasingly more difficult to digest new pandemic fears, isolation, sadness, frustrations and loss, piled on top of existing issues.


Old trauma getting triggered


Being cooped up is evoking old trauma for many of us. Sometimes, we're not even aware what exactly is getting triggered. It could be a traumatic time when similar feelings of being trapped or feeling scared overwhelmed us. For instance, I'm grappling with memories of the many years my family lived in fear under military rule, curfews and psychological manipulation that involved kidnapping, torturing or killing those who opposed. All this was happening when inflation skyrocketed, food was scarce and electricity and water were at times shut off.

Many relatives in my native Suriname are about to go through a bleaker Round 2 of food scarcity and economic turmoil, and it’s hard to helplessly watch all of this unfold, especially when dealing with my own issues.


I decided to do something about my worries and emotions before they snowballed. We are after-all only in week two of our shelter in place quarantine. I successfully used the many tools I’ve gathered over the years to spiral my energy back up and obtained 20/20 clarityas my spirit guides forecasted at the start of yearhow to help others do the same. This is the end result:

I’ve funneled my restless energy into a one-of-a-kind transformational program, an 8 week course called Soul Authority: Tame Overwhelm and Take Charge of your Mind and Life during Uncertain Times. It's a compact collection of interventions that I’ve tested and tried on myself and in my professional work with gifted and highly sensitive undergrad and grad students dealing with academic stress, performance anxiety, relational and family conflict, financial struggles, and personal and collective oppression and trauma.

I’m offering it specifically to you—our nation’s most promising leaders—to teach you my one-stop, comprehensive, self harmonizing and self empowerment framework and secret weapon. May it help you to tame overwhelm, establish soul authority, and advance your best work as well, trying times or not.


Bit of backstory: I spontaneously "downloaded" a crude version of this framework in a sweatlodge almost 20 years ago, before learning about the 7 sacred directions and all the ins and outs of the medicine wheel. It has evolved over the years and now consists of many layers and teachings that address the modern-day dilemmas we all deal with today. It has been a hit with students because its teachings align with and support socially-just, climate-conscious worldviews, are body intuitive, and can be instantly applied to resolve daily challenges in concrete ways.

Let's flatten the curve AND the playing field

One of the global breakthroughs that this pandemic breakout is promoting is that we are all connected, operate as one body and can make drastic changes that may be painful in the short run, but better for the group as a whole in the long run. We are fortunate to be able to virtually connect and use our online connectivity for greater good. Not only to help flatten the curve, but also to flatten the playing field by empowering as many leaders as we can on this mission.

As a UC alum, I know how rewarding it is to be an integral part of a vibrant progressive campus amidst bright students, seekers and leaders who stimulate your mind and heart on a daily basis in service of others and the planet.

It’s the reason why I did my practicum training, pre-doc internship and postdoc fellowship at UC Davis, specializing in diversity issues and violence prevention. I loved creating safe structures for heated dialogues, and designed and offered programs across campus to dorm residents, students, admin, staff, campus police and churches in the community to promote cultural competence and sensitivity, and to prevent sexual assault, hate crimes and violence. I did this work on a regular basis for years, and also served as a first responder during intense times, like right after 9/11 to support Muslim students on campus.

During the last two decades, I have primarily worked with university students and faculty from UC and CA state campuses, like Berkeley, Davis, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Jose and Sonoma. I’ve continued to provide tune-up sessions and guidance online to graduates, now faculty at universities across the country, as well as piloted online intro to advanced courses like these with highly sensitive wise women ranging from their 20’s to 70’s, who got to see why I love what I do. They enjoyed connecting on a soul level and learning about their differences as well as their many commonalities.

The million dollar question

Just last fall, I had the good fortune to be part of a community event sponsored by the Mind and Life institute, which was co-founded by his Holiness the Dalai Lama. It was called Bridging Science and Wisdom: Connecting with our Shared Humanity, and led by one of my idols, respected spiritual leader and meditation teacher, Jack Kornfield.


This brilliant question was posed to the twenty-five community leaders, scientists, social entrepreneurs, academics, influencers, and psychologists present: what would help us to realize that we don’t need to work so hard to connect, because we are already connected through our shared earth? 


So timely and on point, right?


There was an unanimous consensus that we are spiritually depleted as a society. I was delighted that nature wisdom repeatedly came up as the most recommended neutral contemplative practice to expand our minds and wellbeing, because it could serve as an adjunct to any other religious or spiritual practice.

I’ve discovered that not only does a practice informed by nature wisdom most powerfully and directly connect us to one another, it also most directly and intimately connects us to ourselves and our innate natural genius.

Mental rewiring: a top-down process

Just last year, Dr. Laurie Santos launched the online version of the most popular course in Yale's history, The Science of Well-being, to help reduce the high levels of depression and anxiety that not just Yale, but many universities experience. She emphasized, it is not enough to just know this material as intellectuals. It’s crucial to do the course exercises to successfully rewire our minds, brains and habits, and to integrate this knowledge into our everyday lives (check it out here).

While this is true, I’ve come to the realization that rewiring is a top down process and often leads to a never-ending battle, because our mind’s wiring is so weedy and entangled with dominant survival-over-surrender systems and processes. 

Disconnected from our body, our mind lost its ability to function as an entity and ecosystem of its own.

Renaturing: a bottom-up process

Renaturing ourselves is a grassroots, bottom up process that works with our true nature and vital life force within a completely self-sustained ecosystem, our body. It conveys to us that we are inherently whole and perfect, and kept alive and healthy by our body’s wisdom, sane symptoms, and self-regulating mechanisms.


Our bodies are highly invested to function both as a well-boundaried, separate unit and, paradoxically, as part of the whole. COVID-19 is making it crystal clear that our individual health and well-being are directly tied to the health of the group, and that we are capable of equally investing in both.


Every human knows from lived experience that our bodies prefer to be in this optimal state of wellbeing. This is the core premise behind building a soul sanctuary in the course that will house your dynamic wholeness, parasympathetic peace, and elemental harmony.

And all that the emotionally short-circuited parts of ourselves need once this is done is some flicks at a hidden fuse box and soul fertilizer at the root level to reboot nature’s and our deepest human programming.

Boosting our immunity 

As our soul authority and body’s energy and immunity get stronger, my decades of testing have shown that they uproot and push out weeds of invasive and toxic conditioning and mental wiring, much like a virus. We become less and less interesting as a host to negativity and dis-ease.


This process occurs naturally and with much greater ease than trying to tackle the problem from the top down. 

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it" - Albert Einstein

In conclusion, remaining in a lifelong body vs mind vs heart vs soul tug-of-war is old school and makes us vulnerable to viruses and all kinds of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dis-ease.


With the right know-how and tools, it's possible to get all of your energy and antibodies back “online” to regain and sustain your Soul Authority and a deep inner peace that’s aligned with the ways of the natural world.

I hope you are as ready as I am about embarking on this important journey together and helping ourselves, others and the world reconnect to our natural genius and highest expression of health with soul authority.


An overview of the course and all the information you need to enroll are provided right below. Hope to see you soon in Soul Authority - where leadership is organically cultivated from the inside out and the bottom up.

Testimonials from online course participants:

"Loraine is the real deal, a one-of-a-kind, true healer. She is immensely gifted and overall just radiates with caring energy. 

"Loraine's gift is to connect so deeply with the soul that language waits in reverence as the spirit mends and unfolds to create new stories filled with possibility. I thank her from the bottom of my heart and beyond for her guidance and support."

"Loraine brings an extraordinary intelligence and spirit with a mastery informed by her personal and professional experience, her vision, and her intuitive knowing."

"Each topic builds as the program progressed. I didn't feel like this was a classroom, but more of a journey. I couldn't wait until the next meeting or meditation to learn more." 

"I have never felt as settled or at peace as I have since I have experienced this course. The old story of abuse is no longer my story. I’m completely free of it.”

"I was surprised at how moving this course was. Loraine helped me to go deeper, and clear past energy and blocks that I did not realize were there. Removing these blocks allowed my creativity as an artist to naturally and effortlessly flow and unfold in a much more joyful process." 


The course starts Monday March 30 and ends May 25.

Each weekly module consists of a: 


  • pre-recorded video presentation 

  • a guided meditation

  • a set of shamanic journey instructions

  • a live zoom meeting (TBD: most likely Thursday afternoon)

  • renaturing resources


  • alchemy actions steps and assertions 



Students and life-long learners residing in CA: 


If you have Blue Shield or Anthem Blue Cross, you have a $0 co-pay.

That means you are able to take SOUL AUTHORITY FOR FREE! Yay!


The reduced cost of the program for non-insured students and life-learners, or for those of you living outside of CA, is $280.

Payment plan: it is possible to pay weekly installments of $35 or monthly installments of $140.

Enroll here:

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