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A powerful, deep healing, shamanic & nature wisdom retreat

for creative and highly sensitive women and transformation trailblazers

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Is FEAR the BOSS of you? Are old patterns holding you HOSTAGE and TRAPPING you in FEAR & TRAUMA BUBBLES, disguised as common, garden-variety self-sabotage or pitfalls such as:


  • analysis paralysis

  • procrastination

  • creative indigestion

  • anxiety

  • anger

  • despair

  • self-doubt

  • exhaustion

  • addictions

  • distractions

  • numbness

  • boundary issues

  • perfectionism

  • daily crises 

  • overwhelm

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If the answer is YES, you’re not alone. Most women are significantly held back by not ONE, but SEVERAL of these fear and trauma-related bubbles, especially if they know deep inside that they’re here to make meaningful impact and that the time to be liberated from fear and step up is NOW.


"Until we are ALL free, NONE of us are FREE." ~ Emma Lazarus

Even though none of us are born with built-in immunity to this fear epidemic, it is absolutely possible to cultivate it by healing trauma and fear at THE ROOT and embodying our fullest potential - FOR GOOD!





This is what I’ve observed in five decades of colorful living, often at the frontlines of intense and terrifying experiences. The fear epidemic that is plaguing modern society is based on patriarchal dominance, industrial-sized greed, and hierarchical inclusion and exclusion power dynamics that get off on trumping the sacred and all that’s conventionally associated with the feminine, nature, mysterious earth wisdom and wholeness.


These tactics and worldviews are fueled by the use of control as a (false) security blanket, either/or, competitive posturing, polarizing power struggles, and long-standing - isms and exclusion politics of our own rejected parts and of unacceptable others who we can’t stomach. We wall both out before fully registering and digesting what about them is overwhelming and triggering us. In the process, we cut off our nose to spite our face.

Healing fear at its root transforms unexamined, default

co-dependency into integrity and true interdependence.


True interdependence means simultaneously valuing both our whole self and the wholeness of another. For most of us, this is a new and foreign concept. Especially, we women, have for generations been conditioned to compromise our true selves for safety and survival purposes. Men have been conditioned to resolve conflict or complexity through battle, conquest and subjugation. A threat is handled through eradication rather than introspection. 


Despite these big hurdles, re-integration of our disowned parts and power is more than possible. It's our birthright. It's best done in sacred space that has an appreciation for the level of depth, diversity, and paradoxical complexity needed to liberate us from hostile and fear-based soul control. It requires examining our relationship to ourselves as both a mirror and a source for understanding our relationships to others.



IMAGINE meeting in a soothing, inspiring setting with an intimate group of like-hearted, fierce, wise women, and in just one weekend, gathering a DREAMTEAM of SPIRIT GUIDES and a signature set of tools, teachings, and practices that will:


  • GET to the ROOT of your FEAR PATTERNS & UNPACK what the heck is going on


  • RELEASE & TRANSFORM the grip of your worst fears and trauma patterns





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These same holistic methods transformed me and my fearful crawling-with-my-nose-to-the-grindstone into joyful soaring to greater and greater heights. It inspired me to package all that I’ve learned in the most elegant, effective, and compact ways possible to share with you.

Loraine Van Tuyl is a drummer

on a dense trail clearing the way

for others to safely follow

with courage and relief.


~ Kate Vogt, Yogic philosophy teacher and author of 

Mala of the Heart - 108 Sacred Poems.



Twenty five years ago, alternative, holistic healing was considered to be far more “risky” than it is now, especially in my clinical psychology training program. While a student, I was scared to honor my strong intuitive impulses and move in the direction that felt so right and aligned with my soul.


At first, I interpreted my anxiety and second-guessing through a purely rational and analytical lens: There was a lack of evidence-based data that supported my unconventional approaches. I figured that the ethical dilemma this posed could be resolved by conducting my own scientific study and collecting the crucial information that was missing myself.


Fifteen months later, I’d published a 360-page cross-national dissertation that filled this research hole. I provided strong arguments that waiting another 10-20 years for a green light of robust research data would do more harm than good to clients who needed and were benefiting from these services now.


You would think that this bold stance backed up by hard facts alleviated my fears. It didn’t. They just morphed into something different and equally disruptive.



By single-mindedly powering through the muck in search of a solution, I’d missed that fear was presenting an INVITATION and OPPORTUNITY to enter my SOUL’S SACRED LABYRINTH. At its center awaited a SAFE SANCTUARY, free of fear and full of sageful self-love.


I also didn’t realize that my professional fears had so many personal and soul purpose origins. My professional fears of irresponsibly hurting my clients had activated layers upon layers of persecution-related trauma, starting at age 10 with the powerful thuds of bombs that made me and the glass window shutters of my house shake to the core. The bombs marked the start of a military coup, years of political censorship, terror-inducing strategies, and prolonged fear of accidentally saying something that could result in the death of my parents.


After fleeing to the US, I got picked on, struggled with selective mutism, second-language anxiety, and panic attacks, and shed uncontrollable tears of overwhelm, frustration, relief, or gratitude when asked questions about myself and my life.

Rock Maze
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It was surprising to discover that what seemed like obvious professional fears were all rooted in unresolved pain – from this life, past lives, and ancestral, colonial, and collective oppression and trauma, including being persecuted and killed as a witch for owning my genius and power, which crushed my children. Even though I’d successfully moved on in many ways, my bodysoul had kept scores of all of my lives and was simply pointing to hurt parts and selves who needed more refined healing and soul alchemy.


Just acknowledging my fear as a sign post toward wholeness and trusting the truths it led me to shifted so much in place for me and eventually guided me to my soul’s sanctuary. From this solid and sage place, I was able to fold in layer upon layer, and integrate lost part upon lost part into a robust foundational base and safe center that continues to grow with my expansion (which includes a ceremonially-induced, ecstatic near-death experience COMPLETELY VOID OF FEAR. It's hard to maintain but humanly possible!).


In my two decades plus of guiding other highly sensitive women, I’ve witnessed, time and again, their healing journeys unfold in similar ways. Persistent messages from neglected parts and younger selves are delivered through fear and trauma bubbles, at first appearing as self-sabotage or a superficial problem, but in reality, trying hard to get their attention to attend to deeper, unfinished business.

Loraine Van Tuyl makes you believe that anything and everything is possible. She is a force of nature, blowing minds as she moves forward on all fronts with beauty, grace, and fearlessness.


Mindy Ohringer, writer, poet, activist at Union & Utopia, an Enchanted Refuge for Radicals

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If yes, your hurt selves are thanking you. Explore the calls further by asking yourself these questions: Are your professional hang-ups and power struggles with your partner, boss, colleagues, or children, and your intense responses to today’s crazy-making politics and the daily news purely the product of our current political climate, your profession’s peculiarities, or your unique personality and “needs”, or is a deeper pattern emerging that is related to unresolved trauma?


If your heart is nodding, “Yes, there’s more healing to do,” accept this as an invitation to step up, go in, and take a deep and much-needed look at how fear is limiting your life . . .


It will require a meaningful investment of your time, energy, and resources but the ROI and REWARDS for doing so will be HUGE.


Committing to what your soul needs is a revolutionary act. Modern life can feel like a never-ending whirlwind. We barely have enough energy each day for surviving, let alone thriving – which is the premise and promise of spiritual healing. It takes a lot of courage to stand still in the midst of our lives and take a hard look at all the loops and vicious circles that our fear-conditioned, monkey mind may get caught in, and decide to do something about it.


I honor your efforts and agree that enough is enough. Think of the price that you’d pay in a year, or in 5 years, if you let fear continue to have its way.


Think of all the ways in which you will continue to shrink in co-dependent relationships, afraid to be your true self, and the amount of energy, resources, and lost opportunities that will go down the drain if unable to stand in your integrity and truth.


What about the additional self-blame, doubt, and feelings of discouragement that would get piled up on the existing heap, strengthening the self-sabotaging prophecy that threatens to hex you and your future?

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Loraine is the real deal, a one-of-a-kind, true healer. She is immensely gifted and overall just radiates

with caring energy. To say that she has saved my life in many ways is an understatement. 

As she would say, she helped me tap into my own abilities to not only save myself but move in

energetic upward shifts toward positivity, power, peace and happiness, fulfillment in life, work and all

relationships in ways that I could never have imagined. 

~ Xiao Lin, MS, Writer, Editor, Publicist

It’s never too late to break free from limiting beliefs and even LIFE-LONG coping patterns that no longer serve you. No matter the number of fear and trauma bubbles that are holding you captive, you can learn to pop them all, completely reset yourself and reclaim your full potential, pure innocence, and joy for life.


Willing to give it a shot?

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You will first learn to build and maintain a safe, inner soul sanctuary of self-love with the help of a dreamteam of nature, elemental, and spirit guides uniquely drawn to help you.


They function like a swiss-army knife, providing you with the ideal tools to open and heal any and every kind of emotional lock-down and frozen inner state particular to you. They also offer warm and fuzzy support and fierce, no nonsense protection to your vulnerable underbelly and every emotion and aspect of yourself you’ve been afraid to accept.

We will work with these sacred 7 directions and foundational guides in the following order:

1). AS ABOVE : SO BELOW - TREE GUIDE: A robust tree will reconnect you with your meaning-making and healing superpowers and the paradoxical nature of reality. It integrates polarizing views about success & failure, good & bad, pain & pleasure, and reconnects all parts split by trauma.

2). AIR – WISDOM: The air element will connect you to the big picture, long view, and your highest truth. It provides us fresh insights into old problems & stories.

3). FIRE – PROTECTION: Connecting with the element of fire protects us from overstimulation by helping us to establish a clearer visceral sense of where we begin and end. It will help you to innerstand that heat is what transforms, not light.

4). EARTH – GROUNDING: Connecting with earth helps you to keep track of your spiritual growth in tangible ways. Earth functions like a grounding rod by neutralizing overwhelm and reducing power surges. Earth also has your back when you stand your vulnerable ground, take alchemy actions steps, and speak your truth.

5). WATER – CLEANSING: This sensual, soothing guide offers comfort and clarity by translating your e-motion – your energy in motion – into understandable messages. Trusting our e-motions will help you to enter your soul’s magical and creative flow.

6). SACRED HEART – TRUE NORTH COMPASS: Our sacred center lies at the nexus where the 7 sacred directions and nature wisdom guides intersect. This compass will guide you to answers that will unlock each of your trauma bubbles and provide you with tools, alchemy assertions and action steps to immediately apply to each area of your life that has challenged you.

All levels of shamanic and meditation

experience are welcome.

Since your dreamteam of spirit guides and your soul sanctuary expand and grow with you, they’ll offer guidance and take you to your edge, no matter if a beginner or an advanced practitioner. This staggered level of learning and cross-learning helps to activate everyone’s beginner’s mind and also allows everyone to benefit from the most refined and sophisticated soul surgeries and healing work that I'll do with advanced practitioners.


Ready to embark on your healing journey?

Don’t remain trapped a minute longer.

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$ 100 deposit


Prices (includes soul strategy pre-session):

Early Bird  $ 850  (until Jul 7)

Cool Bird   $ 950  (between Jul 8 – Aug 30)

Late Bird $ 1050  (from Sept 1 – Sept 6)

Early & Cool Birds full payment due Sept 1.

Payment plans available upon request.


Thanks! I'll be in touch soon. 

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Dates: Sat – Sun Sept 7-8, 2019

Time: 10 am – 6 pm

Location: The Specific Chiropractic Office

6690 Amador Plaza Rd Suite 125

Dublin, CA



10 am – 11 am   Agenda, intros, ice-breakers, intentions, safety guidelines, setting goals

11 am – 12 pm  Your Top Three Fear or Trauma Bubbles: backstory, current story and impact

12 pm – 1 pm   Lunch (included)

1 pm – 3 pm    Building or retrofitting your Soul Sanctuary: Calling in the 7 directions, the elements, your dreamteam of spirit guides

3 pm - 6 pm   Movement, shamanic journeying, journaling, art, tarot card readings


“Loraine has given me the tools and vision that I need to make my life happy and balanced – which is the greatest gift one could ask for.”

— Denise Colby, PhD, Founder, Integrated Wellness

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10 am – 11 am  Check-ins & Group Soul Retrieval

11 am – 12 pm  Steps of a Safe Soul Retrieval

12 pm –  1 pm   Lunch (included)

 1 pm  –  3 pm   Flying Solo: Soul Retrieval Practice through Shamanic Journeying (private break-out rooms

& gravity chairs for turning our lives around!)

  3 pm – 4 pm   Movement, circle sharing, integration and discussion

  4 pm –  5 pm  More Soul Retrieval Practice through Shamanic Journeying    

  5 pm –  6 pm   Q & A’s and Love Seat opportunities

WHAT’S A TRANSFORMATION TRAILBLAZER (in case you were wondering)?


Transformation trailblazers are born awake and dissatisfied with the status quo. Many of them discover in childhood that they have spiritual superpowers. Their natural genius and innate gifts are a combo of high sensitivity and off-the-charts emotional and spiritual intelligence (EQ & SQ), causing them to challenge outdated and oppressive norms with their sheer presence.


They have a deep need to be real and free, and are wedded to their True North, wholeness and ever-expanding integrity, surviving numerous trials by fire in the process.


When they boldly own their creative genius, wisdom and worth, they are magnetic, unapologetic, and exponentially impactful. When they dare to trust their truth and mission, they transform the circles and communities that they’re a part of with their brilliance and big hearts, and are capable of leading consciousness revolutions and institutional reform with fierce compassion and plans of action.


Unfortunately, transformation trailblazers also face far more pushback than most for willingly and unwittingly ruffling feathers. They need all the support they can get not to betray their souls and missions in exchange for safety and belonging.  Since this is nearly impossible in today's world, they also need all the tools and support they can get to disintegrate self-sabotaging fear and get back to doing what they're born to do: trailblazing paths of light, healing, and love.


ABOUT YOUR GUIDE: Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT is a licensed, holistic psychologist, shamanic & Depth Hypnosis practitioner, WomanSpeak circle leader, and award-winning author of Amazon Wisdom Keeper: a Psychologist’s Memoir of Spiritual Awakening


She believes that the most effective way to re-nature our spiritually-arid, de-natured, patriarchal world is by supporting women’s deep wells of wisdom and sacred missions with personalized dreamteams of spirit guides.  Her two decade devotion to empowering highly sensitive women has led to the transformation of hundreds of fierce and wise trailblazers in psychology, holistic health, academia, the arts, social justice, environmental sciences, and entrepeneurship through her Soul Sanctuary Alchemy and Own your Genius Zone signature programs and her private facebook group, Empowering Gaia’s Goddesses & Global Gamechangers.


She is a contributing author of Thrive Global, Rebelle Society, and Medium. She has presented and provided trainings to master- and doctorate level therapists and healers at the UC Berkeley Counseling Center, the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology 50th Anniversary Conference, and the Native American Health Center, and has provided expert guidance on numerous spiritual podcasts and radio shows, and to women’s groups nationwide.