Nature's Beauty

Testimonials and Thank You's


There is an inner wholeness that

presses its still unfulfilled claims upon us.


- Emma Jung



Loraine has a wonderful sense of warmth to her demeanor, which makes you feel comfortable and ready to disclose personal information. She has helped me tremendously in my personal growth. This was not just through supportive listening or empathy, but also through challenges and interventions. Many times, the challenges were presented in a way that provoked thought and introspection rather than feelings of strong confrontation that might make one feel threatened. She has a wonderful ability to provide feedback in a non-judgmental way. I felt she truly understood where I came from and gave me a safe place to delve deeper into my own feelings. She was very open to feedback along the way and throughout my year, I experienced tremendous self-awareness, greater confidence to tackle new obstacles, and a stronger sense of self. Now, I feel more at ease and balanced.

-Vanessa C., PhD, Psychotherapist


I feel stronger, more grounded, more compassionate, more in touch with my passion, and more gentle with myself. You have been a very powerful mentor and guide in this process, and have really guided me in a way that has kept me true to myself and my higher self as well as my place in the spirit of the world. I didn't know before what it was like to have someone mirror me and also hold me to the spirit of my higher self, but as I got to know you, I realized that I had been searching for such a reflection. It was so challenging to face that reflection, but so nourishing and balancing over time. I feel as though I have struggled so much with emotion, spirituality, and "my path" for so long, but after starting to meet with you, the struggle turned into amazing movement and growth.

And just as I would hope to be able to accomplish this in future therapeutic relationships with my clients, I feel that I can now "stand" mostly on my own with regular practices and techniques you have taught me and supported me in. I love that your sessions are about strengthening me so that I can continue to strengthen, develop, integrate, fall gracefully, and be compassionate to myself on my own.  That is the most POWERFUL gift and I cannot thank you enough for your role in that.  I look forward to our "tune-ups".  With much gratitude -

-Amanda L., MSW, Social Worker


I was an avid collector of disorders and insecurities for nearly 20 years. As I hoarded my eating disorder against my own will, I began to suffocate underneath the suppressed anger and insecurities. The barricaded memories of my emotionally and physically abused past began to leak at the seams and I hid the evidence throughout my own body; not even I knew where to find them. Uncovering the hidden, shattered remains of my memories and split selves proved to be a difficult task even with professional assistance.


Loraine knew that she, herself, could not find the secret locations of the pain that had become disunited within me – a different temper than I had previously experienced. Though I had considered myself somewhat of a skeptic of hypnotism and holistic healing, I felt it was easy to trust Loraine and open myself to opportunities and ideas; perhaps it was the overwhelming sense of calmness and peace that both Loraine and the room possessed. It was through many sessions of guided hypnotherapy and aided self-discovery that I began to harness the tools in order to piece my shattered selves together again. I had not simply found an ailment then had Loraine heal it, but instead, Loraine had given me my own tools to fix any issue I might potentially confront. She wasn’t just helping me throughout each day, but rather she was providing the instructions for an aligned, balanced future for everyday to come. With Loraine’s help, I was able to unite a majority of my fractured selves. It is amazing how complete and balanced I feel today and I, still, continue to grow and use the tools she provided. And though there are hundreds of differences I can discuss between myself a couple years ago and today, the result of Loraine’s guidance is as follows: I am happy – finally.

- Vivian V., M.Ed., Special Ed teacher, Artist



My experience with Loraine was therapeutic, wonderful, and life transforming. She taught me that I am capable of leading my own life and opened up avenues of exploration within and external to myself that has enriched my life tremendously. Needless to say, the therapeutic skills Loraine has in her tool belt were of great importance to my healing, especially the sense of safety she created and the combination of eastern and western healing methods she employed on our journey together.

Before I met Loraine, I had never truly bared my soul to anyone. That was because as a child, I learned that sharing my feelings was physically and emotionally unsafe, and therefore I closed off a part of me that had a voice and feelings. Suffice to say, it took a long time for me to reveal myself to Loraine. But I did so eventually as a result of her ability to consistently hold a sacred space. Giving me the validation and mirroring that I needed, and being open to my good and bad allowed for an environment spared of the judgment. Likewise, in our work together, Loraine spoke to me as a human being and not as a therapist talking to a client. Her warm, vast, and genuine presence was welcoming and comforting, and she was consistently in sync with what I needed in the moment.

Loraine’s unique therapeutic methods were also integral to my healing. They were of a remarkable mixture that was greatly innovative in its combination of both eastern and western philosophies. The methods I enjoyed and felt most supported by were depth hypnosis and shamanic journeying. Through these visceral experiences, I was able to reconnect with my body, feel sensations that were long repressed, and heighten the awareness of my senses. I was also able to truly feel for the first time in my adult life rather than grasp at feelings with abstract intellectualizations. What I uncovered gave me profound insights about my perception of self, interactions with others, and generally how I functioned in the world. I learned that I am no longer just a victim of others and of life, and that I am capable of shaping my own path and taking responsibility for each of my decisions.

- Dana L., MS, School Psychologist, Doula



Initially, I was anxious about disclosing personal problems I had faced but the atmosphere created by Loraine was very warm and supportive. I felt like I was talking to a good friend as I progressed in my therapy. She challenged some of my flawed assumptions and thinking, and instilled in me ideas which I applied to my daily life and which made me more peaceful and content. One thing I got from her was learning how to stay emotionally stable through techniques such as meditation and just learning to be aware of what I was feeling at certain periods of time. I am still working on this, but I have noticed a greater openness and sense of calm, similar to what I have experienced before my depression, arising since treatment. She was very committed to serving my needs and encouraged me to tell her things that I had felt I was struggling with but lacked the courage to address on my own. I have dealt with a past history of abuse in a dysfunctional family and have struggled with my self-image and self-esteem. After completing therapy, I have become more resilient and less anxious around novel situations by realizing that I am and can only be myself and that what people feel is not what I should be required to feel. I made a healthy separation of my emotional world from that of others.


- Melanie A., undergraduate student in Psychology



Loraine has given me the tools and vision that I need to make my life happy and balanced – which is the greatest gift one could ask for.


- Denise Colby, PhD, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Yoga instructor, Founder - Integrated Wellness


The use of hypnotherapy with Loraine immediately departed from any therapy experience up to that point. I was certainly resistant at first, but gradually understood how it helped me to access emotions that I was silencing for years – consciously or not. My discomfort at the idea was revealing of an inability to address concerns on any level other than intellectual, speech-based dialogue. Hypnotherapy ultimately provided me with a deep understanding of how one’s concerns and emotions may be easily understood intellectually but that this insight may not be adequate in changing behavioral patterns. The hypnotherapy sessions often left me feeling infused with strength – that my core elements were in equilibrium – something which I never achieved easily with talk therapy alone, which seems to rely more heavily upon conscious recognition and effort to change one’s behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions. Through hypnotherapy, I was able to come to terms with some behavioral patterns in a more productive way. Most rewarding, however, was an acute feeling of emotional and physical wholeness which I began to experience after sessions involving hypnotherapy.

- Tabbi A., PhD, Ancient History Professor


Therapy, in my mind right now, helped me at 22 years of age in ways that were special and enduring. I am used to being labeled as "overly sensitive," and tend to criticize myself for others so it won't hurt when they criticize or label me. I think therapy was a safe-space for me to begin to learn to care for my soul so I wouldn't have to feel indebted to others, nor would I tyrannize others to feel like I was "somebody." This has materialized the security of having reiterative moments of balance in my everyday life. In other words, therapy was an important part of how I have learned to reflect on the challenges in relating with friends and loved ones, and to carefully evaluate my response. By giving me a safe space to explore alternative forms of relating to others, I am better able to negotiate tensions between individualism and community in everyday life in the United States.


- Vicky R., MA, Women's Studies and Cultural Studies Instructor


Loraine has a beautifully simple yet thorough style of counseling. She leads you to the answers you need rather than only listens to what you have to say. I very much enjoyed each session for every time I left her office, I felt like I had discovered a new piece of myself. I absolutely loved hypnotherapy and her shamanic journeys, and found them to be incredibly enlightening. After working with Loraine for a year, I felt more grounded within myself and she helped me realize that I have the tools and the capabilities to address and work through life’s curve balls. I would highly recommend Loraine to anyone who has the will to change, has an open mind, and is struggling with the mundane for she truly helped me to see life in a brand new light.


- Emily E., PhD, Biologist


Loraine is an absolutely amazing individual and healer.  I have been taking workshops and classes with her for the last few years, and from the moment I met her have been deeply impressed by her wisdom and brilliance.  She is plugged into the world of spirit and energy in a way that very few people are, and has a deep understanding of the nature of reality and how to utilize that understanding and knowledge in her work with others.  She is a true wise woman and anyone working with her will certainly be transformed by her presence alone.  She brings to the table a deep knowledge of what is called for in the moment and will be indispensable help to anyone working with her.

- Kara Earls, Reiki Master teacher, Shamanic Energy Healer, Priestess


As the leader of a YMCA Adventure Guide Circle, "The Glowing Cougars", I can say our group has been truly blessed to have crossed paths with Loraine. We are a group of 10 dads & 13 daughters focused on spending time together, building memories and friendships, and fostering a happy, healthy relationship between Daddy and Daughter -- a bond we feel is vital to raising balanced children. Essentially, we want to ensure that our girls know that Daddy cares and loves them. Loraine volunteered her services to our group three years ago and this meeting has become an annual event that the entire tribe looks forward to. The energy Loraine and her co-leader both bring is so warm, comforting, and engaging -- the feedback from the group is always overwhelmingly positive.


Loraine is masterful. She captivates the girls with her storytelling and brings a wisdom and warmth to our circle that is genuine and special. The girls (ages 5-11) all look forward to our annual healing circle and what Loraine Rainbow Crystal Woman has in store for us. When both dads and daughters have done journeys, the stories that come out are always surprising and profound. Loraine takes time to dissect the meaning, describing the symbolism behind certain animal guides and leaves the girls feeling captivated, validated, and special. What we thought was a thing "for the kids" turned into a meaningful activity for the dads as well. The men shared their respective journeys and with Loraine's leadership, showed their daughters that it's okay to open up, share your experience, and learn. A truly unique and special bonding experience between Father & Daughter!

Loraine is a fantastic leader -- we feel very fortunate to have her as an honorary "Glowing Cougar." Meetings like the annual drumming circle will NEVER be forgotten . . . by any of us. They are truly something special, different, and enriching.


Aldo (Chief Raging Bull)

Glowing Cougar Tribe

Mt. Diablo Region YMCA Adventure Guide Program