Loraine Van Tuyl

My Passions and Interests

When I am not working, I am a laid-back nomad at heart and have traveled to more than thirty countries. Australia and Africa are still unchecked on my travel bucket list. I speak Dutch, Surinamese Creole, English, and pretty decent conversational Spanish. My rich multiracial Caribbean heritage includes Chinese, Jewish Portuguese/Dutch, and Creole (West African/indigenous Surinamese) ancestry. I am committed to soulful living, and retain my inner balance through a variety of practices that honor the mind–body–spirit union and cherish my body as a cauldron for deep healing and transmutation. My favorite practices include writing, shamanic journeying, bikram yoga, tai chi, reading, traveling to places where sea, sand, and ancient culture meet, making a lasting difference in the lives of others, and connecting with loved ones and nature.

The Places and People I Serve


My dedicated service to the community has been long-standing. I have offered Father-Daughter Drum Healing Circles to YMCA families for their end of the year celebration (see last entry in testimonials section) from 2006 to 2012 and have facilitated trainings and ceremonies for UC Berkeley counseling staff, the Native American Health Center, and holistic healing and educational

gatherings and circles. Between 2012-2016, I served as the coordinator of the Sacred Stream's Space Clearing Society, a group of talented shamanic and energy practitioners who offer monthly space clearings to healers, community leaders, and public servants in the broader San Francisco Bay Area to help them maintain an optimal space for transformation. These days, I offer mental health resources to the Healing the Waters Within online community which serves Standing Rock Water Protectors. 


I've been one of the main coordinators of the Bay Area Surinamese Association (BRASA) for the past twenty plus years. In this role, I have been very active in organizing annual picnics, cultural events, such as the Maroon museum exhibit of descendents of West-African slaves who escaped and established villages in the Surinamese jungle, and book talks and presentations by or about famous Surinamese authors, such as Cynthia McLeod and Edgar Cairo, to nourish, fertilize, honor, and support the needs of the Surinamese community in the US. BRASA members and I also raise funds every year for socially-conscious projects in Suriname, such as the ethnographing and preservation of sacred indigenous land throughout the Amazon, the Shaman’s Apprentice Program sponsored by the Amazon Conservation Team, daily operations at het Parelhuis (Pearlhouse), home for HIV-infected kids, renovation efforts for poverty-stricken elementary schools, and the purchase of school supplies and clothing for indigenous children in the rainforest through Stichting Kinderhulp Suriname.







Loraine Van Tuyl