What Does Inner Balance Mean?

When I am trusting and being myself as fully as possible,

everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily,

often miraculously.


- Shakti Gawain


Although we may each define and achieve inner balance differently, we seem to experience similar benefits whenever we are in this “space”. A sense of well-being, joy, and self-acceptance permeates us. We feel “centered”, empowered, and deeply connected to our authentic Self -- the core of our very being and our unique center of balance.


Many other aspects of our lives seem to flow smoothly when we operate from a natural state of inner balance. We are “in the zone” and perform optimally. There is clarity in our lives and we make decisions with ease and confidence. We trust our intuition to guide us and help us see each new day and challenge through fresh eyes.


Our health improves and we feel alive and energetic. We take risks, love, and share deeply. As a result, our relationships with others and our planet are strong, fulfilling, and meaningful.


We seek out challenges to grow and are not afraid to make mistakes. There are no aspects of our self or our lives that are mistreated, neglected, or out of alignment. We spontaneously and regularly utilize and honor the creative life source within and around us. Life is good, and we savor each moment.


We are able to fully immerse ourselves in the abundant river of life, and feel loving universal energy moving towards us in each and every circumstance and situation. The separation and chasm between all dualities evaporate and we are able to receive and appreciate a continuous and synchronistic stream of gifts destined to enrich our lives, clarify our true purpose, and fulfill us at the highest level.


Unfortunately, it is not always easy to remain in our optimal state of inner balance. We continuously face changes and challenges throughout our life span. Our bodies change, we change, significant people in our life change, our circumstances change.


Some of these changes and challenges may be unique to us; others are normal stages in everyone’s life. Some are big; others are hardly noticeable. Some are occurring right now and others are remnants or patterns from our past that we are still struggling with. Some are expected and positive while others can be quite unexpected, traumatic, and disruptive.


There are times when we are able to adapt to change and overcome challenges easily, and other times when our unique formula for reestablishing inner balance no longer works. There may be too many changes in our lives, the challenges may be too difficult, or we may have mindlessly drifted too far from our center of balance to find our way back. When we are thrown off-balance, we often feel overwhelmed, stuck, and alone.