DAY 3 of your CARE don't CARRY COURSE

Your course guide, which you should have received in your email inbox on day 1, has a fuse box that will support today's teachings on fire and renaturing our ego-minds. All videos and meditations are now accessible below. Don't skip over any. It's best to watch and practice them in order to get the most out of them.


Click here to practice setting up
your own soul sanctuary

Soul Sanctuary Meditation

If you haven't watched video 1 yet do that first.

Topics: overview of the learning objectives, intro to being an empath, anatomy of leaky and permeable boundaries, ways to strengthen porous energetic boundaries, the 9 key benefits of an inner soul sanctuary, and how to discern between aligned vs blind action using holistic healing tools. Click here for the guided meditation to set up your soul sanctuary. Do this meditation first before going to video 2.


Click here for the
Cutting Cords Meditation

Cutting Cords Meditation

It's best to watch video 2 before watching video 3.

Topics: the difference between co-dependent vs interdependent relationships, my green light, orange light, red light practice tool, layers and circles of influence that can trap us, how to safely cut cords with people (Artist: ANGELIKA). If you haven't done this BONUS meditation yet, do that first before moving on to video 3:


Click here for the
Fire Clearing Meditation

Fire Clearing Meditation

Find a quiet place to watch video 3.

Topics: How to work with the Fire element, lower vs higher self, implosion vs explosion patterns, why anger is different than the other emotions, why it's heat, not light, that transforms, how to tap into courage to transform fear into aligned vs blind action. The links to this video and meditation are available now. Enjoy!

BONUS: How to do a shamanic journey - available now

The solo drumming on this sound track is an outstanding example of impeccable, uninterrupted shamanic journey drumming in the classic mode by Michael Harner, internationally recognized teacher and practitioner of shamanism. Please watch my soul sanctuary video and listen to the meditation (from day 1) first. If totally new to shamanic journeying, review the instructions in the workbook as well. Click here to access:

Shamanic Journeying Guidance 15 Minute Drumming Tract

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