I am Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT, licensed clinical psychologist, shamanic 

ecopsychologist, Depth Hypnosis practitioner, author, and founder of the Sacred Healing Well.


I empower and guide other sensitive old souls, intuitive change catalysts, and leaders 

by excavating their deep wells of wisdombold dreams, and purpose-driven missions.

My two-decade devotion in supporting their journeys from hiding and hurting to healing and leading has resulted in the empowerment of hundreds of fierce trailblazers in psychology, holistic health, academia, the arts, social justice, renewable

energy and spiritual entrepreneurship using my

Renewable Energy Power Grid and ego-ecosystem healing model. Get your copy here.


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Calling all sensitive souls & transformation trailblazers,

It's easy to lose trust in our sacred inner wisdom as a creative "lefty" in a dominant, "right-handed," patriarchal world. We often feel alone, crazy, and like freaks of nature because of all the magic and mystery we cherish, but that no one else seems to get. There is a lot that we secretly or subconsciously hide and squash to get through our day – and know that we're paying a price for it.

Despite knowing better, we succumb to prioritizing everyday demands, worry, self-sabotage, career pressure, and the many masks and hats we wear over our soul's callings.

We end up taking care of issues related to business, clients, family, and loved ones that seem more pressing and before we know it, the day is over, and we feel once again burned, burned out, and overlooked on the backburner of life.

We sooner or later discover that when we put our soul's needs last, protesting symptoms of dis-ease — emotional, psychological, or physical — will eventually re-MIND us of the reality that we can't outsmart mystery . . . that our true selves will always have the last word. 



They just get louder or manifest in some other form. As messengers of our of TRUTH-BODY which houses a bottomless SACRED HEALING WELL that's mysteriously connected to Source — they know best what we need to thrive. Our crystal clear heart compass keeps track of how we twist away from our center, and what we need to do to find our way back to wholeness. It deciphers all the complexities of our pain and uses it as a treasure map. 

When we honor the wisdom of our inner healing well, we start to trust and get that the unfathomable intelligence that created the seasons, photosynthesis, canyons, the Milky Way, and the billions of life forms on earth is an integral part of who we are. Desecrating our worth means desecrating the divine. This new understanding inspires us to shatter our inner glass ceilings and cages, and no longer treat our bodies as pesky nuisances and pain bodies that are in need of silencing, but regard ourselves as holy treasure troves that we need to reclaim and excavate. 

I know what it feels like to make this shift, and when I see others like you also make this shift, I light up like a Christmas tree. Nothing delights me more than to empower you with the most effective tools I know of to unearth these buried gifts that are most often revealed in our daily challenges. Most people also don't realize that these daily challenges stem from old, unresolved trauma that can and need to be healed at the soul root level.



Every cell and bone in my body knows that WE'RE THE ONES we've been waiting for. That the MOST EFFECTIVE way to heal our spiritually-arid, patriarchal world is to excavate and support women's deep wells of wisdom, bold dreams, and game-changing soul callings. Many of us are getting jarred into action and called to serve in mass numbers without much guidance and realization that we're being tested and prepared for bigger and better things: greater responsibility, conscious leadership, exponential impact, and ongoing expansion. Our pain is trying to wake us up.

I hope to spare you years of initiation frustration: confusion, misguidance, "who do you think you are?" second-guessing, the self-diagnosing, the alienation, the fear of retaliation, and the terror of going crazy. I experienced all this and more while going through the trials and tribulations of a dark night of the ego (this is a phase in our spiritual development often referred to as a dark night of the soul. I switched soul with ego, because it's not the soul that's in the dark. It's our ego. All becomes clear when we promote our souls to 'captain' and demote our ego-mind to 'side-kick').


When I experienced this phase, which felt like a scary free-fall, I didn't know who to turn to. I didn't trust anyone, which confirmed even more that I was paranoid and the one with the problem. Most importantly, I didn't realize that my frustration with leaders and broken systems was allowing me to access my own buried wisdom to trailblaze a better path.



I needed to sort through the inner chaos of unregulated emotions and intense energy and trust my intuition more than my logical mind and advanced, specialized education to retrieve the hidden jewel provided by my central spirit guide and inner Gaia, Rainbow Crystal Woman, a shapeshifter who takes on many forms. This is how I eventually not only found my footing, but found a path of service and accumulated a wealth of wisdom and resources that I love to now share with others like you.


Don't blame yourself a minute longer if you're not satisfied with mainstream resources. 



My online sanctuary | study | studio here contains the many teachings and gifts that I stumbled upon along this spiritual and more aligned path. They were more holistic and in line with my soul's deep knowing compared to what I was learning in the field of mental health.

I eventually was able to salvage the baby out of the bathwater, and integrated the best of both worlds — modern psychotherapy and ancient shamanism — and develop my signature Soul Sanctuary Alchemy formula for re-naturing emotional, mental, psychological, behavioral, and spiritual imbalances at the root — for good!

I'm thrilled to now offer you this fire-tested guidance and practical know-how in my blog, through my newsletter, my premium online courses, HEAL LOVE LEAD with SOUL AUTHORITY (waitlist open)OWN YOUR NATURAL  GENIUS ZONE™ (closed) and through cutting-edge fb live trainings and curated articles available in my free fb group, Empowering Gaia's Goddesses and Global Game-Changers, so that you can explore your POTENT PURPOSE and DAZZLING POTENTIAL to birth what you're born to create during this catalytic and challenging time here on earth.


I firmly believe that cultivating unwavering trust in your POWER, CLARITY, and NATURAL GENIUS will make it so much easier to be PRESENT in your body so that you can navigate the world from your CENTER of integrity, sanity, mystery, and fierceness—the secret to successful soul soaring, no matter your history, undertaking, or goal.

If all this strikes a deep chord, I'd love for you to join our growing community of like-minded wisdom seekers, keepers, teachers, and leaders! I provide guidance through my juicy, deep, and transformative newsletters (emailed 1-2 per month).

My main focus is to offer soulful and organic solutions to HS wise souls who are yearning to BE at least 1-degree MORE PRESENT IN WHOLENESS, SELF-WORTH, and WELL-BEING than in WOUNDING.


STEP 1: click here to JOIN our 1-degree shift in CONSCIOUSNESS REVOLUTION. The first thing you'll receive is my RENEWABLE ENERGY POWER GRID, bonus barrier-busting meditations, the first chapter of my memoir, AMAZON WISDOM KEEPER, and original, cutting-edge spiritual teachings and stories that will support your practice and growth.

Joining our community also grants you access to my free fb group: Empowering Gaia's Goddesses & Global Gamechangers, where you will be able to join other serious students and benefit from a wealth of soulful resources, fresh perspectives and teachings on modern-day challenges and issues.

Last but not least, please share my work with friends and loved ones who can help us expand this beautiful web of true soul connection. Together, we CAN shift from hurting and hiding to thriving and trail-blazing for the well-being of our individual eco-systems, the planet, and the future of our children. 

Be Sacred. Be (a) Well.


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