Hello, I'm Loraine Van Tuyl 

I empower struggling, spiritual, and super empaths with unique, personalized self-empowerment tools, energetic boundaries, and shamanic journeying practices. These include learning to Re-TREE-t© in a protective soul sanctuary, manage conflict and emotional overwhelm, and use their empathic abilities and powers to become the soul authority of their lives and service-centered missions.


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Hello. I'm Loraine Van Tuyl.

I empower struggling, spiritual, and super empaths with unique, personalized self-empowerment tools, energetic boundaries, and shamanic journeying practices. These include learning to Re-TREE-t© in a protective soul sanctuary, manage conflict and emotional overwhelm, and use their empathic abilities and powers to become the soul authority of their lives and service-centered missions.


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I have three decades of professional expertise in helping struggling and spiritual empaths become super empaths by learning to HEAL LOVE LEAD with SOUL AUTHORITY. This requires transforming these 3 core challenges:


HEAL - Emotional overwhelm –> psychological resilience

LOVE - Conflict avoidance –> authentic relationships

LEAD - Risk aversion –> lasting, positive impact


A super empath is a well-adjusted, self-actualized empath who's exceptionally skilled at transforming trauma and suffering into fertile soil and creative inspiration for personal and collective healing.

Super empaths are a lot like Mother Trees and Redwoods. They're spiritually mature, very giving and interconnected, rare, endangered, and in need of protection, support, and empowerment.

They're whole-heartedly and optimally wired to serve the greater good, but are very susceptible to picking up and absorbing energy that isn't their own due to their sensitivity and big hearts. They have trouble advocating for themselves because of their avoidance of conflict and risk.

They thrive when able to set fierce, protective boundaries and when supporting others who're creating transformational impact through their life missions.

Some of their empathic abilities and superpowers include emotional mastery, intuitive brilliance, spiritual clarity, and being mindfully grounded in the present moment.


If you're a struggling, spiritual, or budding super empath, the first and most important step is learning to RE-TREE-T© in a safe soul sanctuary so that you are able to CARE MORE and CARRY LESS.


There is a fine line between caring for others vs carrying
their pain and problems



You and I know this well. We've struggled with drawing
and holding this line our entire lives.


Because of our big ♥️'s, we excel in caretaking, healing, and transformational roles BUT in regard to our OWN HEALING AND LOVING, WE SUCK! We overgive and overextend ourselves, and over-invest our time and energy. We assume too much responsibility for other people's problems and take (carry) them home.




Many of the struggling, spiritual, and budding super empaths
I work with have trouble: 


- saying NO to awful and demanding supervisors, co-workers, work loads, or jobs

- letting down, disappointing, or not being there for clients who need us . . .  24/7

- challenging the insensitive and hurtful things random strangers or loved ones say

- declining unhelpful or judgmental feedback from friends, family, or "experts"

- confronting others about their slack at home or work (instead of picking it up) 

- feeling guilty and selfish for "dropping" others to "indulge" in what energizes us



Energetic boundaries are the

Mother of all boundaries. They

tell us why all others are off.


For example, if you're a  people pleaser, you're probably worried about hurting or triggering others ESPECIALLY when these people may actually be the ones mistreating or taking advantage of you!  You may be carrying THEIR pain in YOUR body because you're intuitive or psychic and have no clue how to organize, let alone separate and contain domineering, exploitative, or needy energy that belongs to strong and challenging personalities.  

You lose your clarity when people say hurtful things that logically "make sense" or "aren't that bad." You don't trust your own feelings to help you set limits because they're intense, overwhelming, and scramble everything up in your head, heart, and body when triggered. 

You try to talk yourself out of your "overreactive" feelings and beat yourself up (gaslight yourself) when this only makes matters worse (and makes you prone to getting gaslit by others, especially those with narcissistic inclinations)!

BEEN THERE AND DONE ALL OF THAT! 🤦🏻‍♀️ THERE IS A BETTER WAY, I PROMISE, AND IT HAS IMPROVED EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE. I now re-guard my emotional sensitivity as my greatest gift and most reliable inner compass, and I can't wait to tell you how I did it.


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I cried at the drop of a hat because I carried a lot. Spent hours fretting about a harsh reprimand or mean look or tone. Preferred to be alone and play in the magical Amazon rainforest that covers 95% of my native Suriname, imagining that I was Mowgli. 

After a military coup uprooted my family, we moved to the concrete jungles of Miami. I coped with the loss of my safe sanctuary and my lifeline to my true self during the awkward middle school years by becoming selectively mute, pretending not to speak English. I didn't know how else to hide.

Decades later, my rigorous doctoral studies in clinical psychology, and certifications in shamanic, energy medicine, Buddhist psychology, ecopsychology, and Depth Hypnosis training catalyzed my healing. Despite these shifts, I continued to struggle with public speaking terror and resisted stepping into my calling as a spiritual leader and teacher.

I was most comfortable behind the scenes. Not heard, not seen,
happy as a clam in my small holistic practice . . . playing small & hiding  


Supported by soul authority tools, I wrote and shared my awakening story in a memoir in 2017, and since then have talked to audiences, big and small, online and in person, on podcasts and radio shows, at conferences, retreats, and book stores.  

I've offered these tools to hundreds of spiritual and super empaths, sensitive experts, online soulpreneurs, transformation agents, thought leaders, psychotherapists, coaches, and academics in mental health, social sciences, renewable energy, the arts, and holistic healing practices

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I have developed offers and programs for my Super Empath Academy and am currently accepting students for my best online healing course, SOUL AUTHORITY. Click here for more info and to register: HEAL LOVE LEAD with SOUL AUTHORITY  (next session: Aug 7 - Oct 14, 2022).

I designed his transformational system to boost the natural strengths and intuitive gifts of highly sensitive and overwhelmed empaths to quantum leap their journey from struggling to super empath.

The icing on the cake was being discovered by the publisher of North Atlantic Books and now able to offer top-notch soul authority guidance through a compact self-empowerment book. I could not wish for a greater nod of honor ♥️. By the way, the audio book (read by yours truly!) is FREE with a 3-month Audible trial!

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Anne Lowe, MSW, Social Work Instructor, Psychotherapist
"As a Program Manager of our Tribal Home Visiting Program at the Native American Health Center, I searched hard to find different trainings and workshops to help my staff sustain themselves in the very complex and difficult work that supported some of our most vulnerable community members. Loraine facilitated a way for participants to connect to the deeper reason and purpose for their work. The kind of insight she helped participants engage in went far beyond ‘washing off’ after a tough day at work—participants began to fill their inner well of resources and maintain its on-going use in their work and lives."


What my students say:

"This is a totally unique set of practices, yet also universal. I really love the framework that Loraine has created. I’ve never seen anyone teach it in this way, but it’s drawing on things anyone can tap into: nature, the elements, trees, animals. And each person brings their own understanding and wisdom to the practice, which is all celebrated and incorporated. In fact, each student is their own foundation for the practice, so it’s a very creative process that comes from within, though guided by Loraine!"


Dana Stewart, MSW, Social Worker 


"Loraine is the real deal, a one-of-a-kind, true healer. She is immensely gifted and overall just radiates with caring energy. To say that she has saved my life in many ways is an understatement. As she would say, she helped me tap into my own abilities to not only save myself but move in energetic upward shifts toward positivity, power, peace and happiness, fulfillment in life, work and all relationships in ways that I could never have imagined."


 Xiao Lin, MS, Writer, Editor, Publicist

It took daily practice to trust myself again.

starting with the most basic, low-stakes YES-NO decisions

that you alone can make.


Like asking yourself:


Am I ready to explore and embark on the journey

to become a super empath?

If your answer is YES, welcome to the super empath tribe!  I'm so honored to guide you along this beautiful journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment for lasting, positive impact.



  • You want to restore trust in your intuition, emotions, and inner sense of divine alignment
  • You want to get clear on who or what to keep in and who or what to keep out of your life–without added outside pressure
  • You're tired of feeling emotionally overwhelmed, overstimulated, and depleted
  • You want to reserve your precious energy, empathic superpowers, and natural genius for people and projects related to your soul purpose
  • You want to unlearn conflict avoidance and become less risk aversive so you can learn crucial people management, problem-solving, and leadership skills needed to fulfill your soul mission

Start your CARE don't CARRY journey


A free course for unfulfilled and underrepresented professional empaths and sensitive experts in mental health, coaching, the arts, thought and transformational leadership, meditation practices, and social and Earth justice activism 

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Step 1: master emotional overwhelm and learn to feel, think, and act in alignment with your true nature.

"I was able to connect with each of the elements, and it was amazing how cleansing, transformative, and powerful each meditation was to break up past densities, thick thought patterns, and to allow fresh, new, expansive, and fun energy back into my life."
​Teresa Shen, LAC, Master of Chinese Medicine, CEO/Lead Physician, Eastern Medical Center


"I have never felt as settled or at peace as I have since I have experienced this course. Right after it ended, guilt and fury related to an abusive marriage that ended 17 years ago were for the first time not there and I could support my adult son who’s still struggling with what happened. Now four months later, I still enter my sanctuary and learn from my guides each time I meditate and the old story of abuse is no longer my story. I’m completely free of it (never meditated or worked with guides before taking this 10-week Soul Authority course). Update: This is still true 4 years later. I'll be forever grateful." 
Margaret Delph, Warehouse General Manager
Sasha Blum, PhD, Psychologist, UC Berkeley Counseling and Psychological Services
"Every week, a psychotherapist who works with our students in the community visits with our postdoctoral training group and shares their techniques and trade secrets. The postdoc were blown away by Loraine Van Tuyl’s presentation because she offered them such a new and refreshing perspective. They were particularly impressed by her integration of spiritual practices and wisdom into her therapeutic work with clients, and it has vastly expanded their perspective on the potential of their future work as clinicians." 


Karallyn Earls Streit, Shamanic Energy Medicine Woman, Spiritual Catalyst, Shadow Worker
"Loraine is an absolutely amazing individual and healer. I have been taking workshops and classes with her for the last few years, and from the moment I met her have been deeply impressed by her wisdom and brilliance. She is plugged into the world of spirit and energy in a way that very few people are, and has a deep understanding of the nature of reality and how to utilize that understanding and knowledge in her work with others. She is a true wise woman and anyone working with her will certainly be transformed by her presence alone. She brings to the table a deep knowledge of what is called for in the moment and will be indispensable help to anyone working with her."
"As I reflected on the jobs I've had, I realized that I have gotten every job I wanted since completing my social work degree; and these have been very competitive jobs. Loraine has been the thread across time, helping me weave my dreams into reality. Words feel inadequate in moments like this, where my gratitude is deep, abundant and transcendent. Because that is a reflection of how she works: her gift is to connect so deeply with the soul that language waits in reverence as the spirit mends and unfolds to create new stories filled with possibility."
Veronica Garcia, LCSW, Social Worker
"Loraine brings an extraordinary intelligence and spirit with a mastery informed by her personal and professional experience, her vision, and her intuitive knowing. I felt the deep love, understanding, and generosity of spirit that motivates everything she brings. Having a teaching background myself, I can say that the course was designed and structured masterfully. A good balance of live, solo, and group."
Julie Suzanne Brokken, artist, poeta, photographer