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I love reaching the hearts and minds of readers all over the world through the written word. For that reason, I'm beyond grateful when given the opportunity to feature my innovative and unconventional ideas about mental health as a contributing or an expert guest author in top-notch online publications such as these. Here's a diverse sample of a few of my favorite articles on a wide variety of topics. Click on the READ MORE button for additional articles with a particular online publication.




A Ritual To Come Back To Yourself When You Feel Pulled In A Million Directions 


If you were lost in the woods, would you follow a compass that was leading you in circles? Would you stay quiet if the guide you were with insisted that their compass was more accurate than the navigational clues you were picking up from the sun, the mountains, and the current of the river?

Of course not. 

And yet, so many of us don't trust our sense of inner knowing on the journey through life.




An Ecopsychologist On How To Connect To Nature from Anywhere (Even Indoors) 


I was born and raised in Suriname, the most forest-covered nation in the world, with 98% tree cover. "Nature Deficit Disorder"—a term that author Richard Louv coined to describe how being disconnected from nature can harm health—was not something I needed to worry about growing up. However, it plagued me nonstop after moving to the concrete jungles of Miami during my adolescence and attending a middle school that had no windows, looked like a warehouse, and felt like a giant freezer. 



Thrive Global  



How To Kill Your Inner Demons Without Harming Yourself

Suicide Prevention Month: The kind of personal demons that defeated Kate Spade in her long-time battle with depression and anxiety are the driving force behind a worldwide epidemic, but they are NOT invincible. 

These inner demons are much more commonplace than we realize.

We may not call them by their true names, but they are the same type of demons I’ve encountered when treating suicidal children as young as elementary school-age, and that everyone who’s battling depression and anxiety is, in some shape or form, struggling with.



If High IQ Doesn't Necessarily Make Effective Leaders, What Does?


The Glitch that High IQ Can’t Fix

Arianna Huffington’s signature “tough-love” intervention in her recent Open Letter to Elon Musk brings an important point to light. Lack of genius is not the reason why Elon’s leadership abilities are currently under fire. 

Arianna is well-known for leading Thrive Global’s wellness revolution by challenging negative cultural trends, such as "the 24/7 work ethic mass delusion and lack of sleep."






5 Soul Authority Secrets for Unfulfilled Empaths and Sensitive Experts


Many highly sensitive people (HSPs) realize as early as in kindergarten (me!) that something is not quite right. I shed more tears than my siblings, friends, and cousins combined, and was flat-out told that these tears were ‘crocodile tears’ and not real. Why? Because they lacked "good reason" — as if feelings ran on logic. In grade school, HSPs like me often get teased for being cry babies. We get in trouble for being too much or too little in comparison to the norm: in first grade, I needed to go the principal’s office for being too soft spoken, too timid and too easily shaken up by my teacher’s loud reprimands, when I wasn’t even the one in trouble.




How To Spiritually Compost Loss, Death, and Endings For Healthy 2022 Growth


As I shared in my last story, My Lucky Star: Final Tributes to my Mother, my 88-year old mother died two days before this year’s Thanksgiving. She was a pioneering spirit who boldly followed her dreams and didn’t take No for an answer. Decades ahead of her time, she, a brown woman from Suriname — a South-American country that most people haven’t heard of — traveled alone with me around the world for 8 months in 1975 when I was just 5 years old. I have no doubt that she will continue to be a mover and shaker on the other side now that she’s crossed over. I’m already getting the sense that she has positioned herself at the frontlines of my dream team of spirit and ancestral guides even though it’s only been a month since she’s passed.






Learning To Be Well: Detecting And Dismantling Fear-based Manipulation 

“Life is a long pilgrimage from fear to love.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Fear is not our true nature. Love is. I learned that as a child while playing along the edges of the Amazon rainforest, my heart filled with awe and wonder, and my soul as immense and clear and sparkly as the stars that densely packed the night sky on a moonless night.

My young bones probably would not have soaked up this rich wisdom if my upbringing had been different — less wildlife-saturated, less nature-centered, and less influenced by Anansi, the trickster and storytelling spider, since I was a teeny tiny tot.




Are You Thriving Or Thrashing At Your Furthest Edge Of Growth?

When I first heard of Sigmund Freud’s claims that every human thought, emotion, and behavior was motivated by one of two basic drives — sex or aggression, Eros or Thanatos, life or death — I declared the man insane.

But now, at least 20 years later, I clearly see the silhouette of the baby that I too eagerly tossed out with the bathwater, especially when I approach-avoid the furthest edge of my growth in search of my soul’s deepest longing and highest integrity.

The best way to trigger and fully expose my private push-pull battle between epic forces of good and evil, light and dark?

Just say the wicked words: Bikram Yoga.




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