About Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT

 My Journey


I was 35 years old when I first learned about energetic boundaries from a psychic. This is what she said:
"You have a very large heart. . . A sense of open-heartedness, a great sense of compassionate wisdom. You're very psychic on an empathic level, meaning you pick up other people's energies and sometimes those energies make inroads into your auras. I know you know boundaries on a mental and physical level, but on an energetic level, my sense is that you need to make the boundaries stronger." 

I bet you can relate.


The psychic said what I'd known on an intuitive level but couldn't articulate. Lots of past struggles started to make sense that day:
  • being sent to the principal's office for crying at the drop of a hat
  • my mother threatening me with a reason to cry if I didn't give her one
  • in nature, feeling clear about my truth and wanting to write a book
My porous boundaries had caused confusion, conflict, shame, and self-blame in almost all my relationships. The only place where I felt safe and strong enough to resist was in nature.
These moments of refuge didn't last. I swung from being selectively mute in middle school after enduring years of military terror in Suriname to pushing myself to join the frontlines of my high school's popular drillteam, all the while lost, scared, and desperately trying to please and belong.

At the tender age of 17, I was like a leaf in the wind.

I was vulnerable, ungrounded, acting out, and almost killed in a car accident by a high-as-a-kite driver. Remorseful about getting in the car with him, I decided to change my ways and bury my nose in my studies, immune to senioritis and partying.
When I was interviewed for a prestigious award in college and was asked about past hardship, I BROKE DOWN IN TEARS AND COULDN'T STOP CRYING.
While it had appeared to others as if I was doing better, I’d become a better chameleon. I was doing well in college to please my parents and make up for the pain I'd caused them in high school. I'd fit in with the rebels in high school to make up for being called goody-two-shoes and a crybaby in middle and elementary school.
I’d pleased my parents while in college to make up for the heartache I'd caused them in high school.

 I didn't have a clue how to care without carrying everyone's

unresolved pain, including my own, wherever I went. 

How I found my center                     

I enrolled in a rigorous clinical psychology program, determined to get back on track. I ended up learning more how to pathologize  myself than how to heal from trauma.
Too afraid to reveal my fears, inner conflicts, and objections, I once again hid behind my mask. 
My anxiety peaked into a spontaneous shamanic initiation, brought on by repetitive drumming from my African ancestors that sounded like a song on replay in my head. 
I grokked that both the rainforest and my sacred feminine sensitivity were in danger. This was a key turning point along my labyrinth journey.

How I found my center


I enrolled in a rigorous clinical psychology program, hopeful that I'd get on the right track. I ended up learning more how to pathologize myself than how to heal from trauma. Too afraid to reveal my fears, inner conflicts, and objections, I once again hid behind a mask.
My anxiety eventually peaked into a spontaneous shamanic initiation. I heard repetitive drumming from my African ancestors, like a stuck song in your head. I grokked that both the rainforest and my soul were in danger. This was a key turning point along my labyrinth journey.


I finally realized that I was responsible for protecting myself
and my energy, and was not doing a good job.

Rekindling my connection to nature spirits and ancestral guides helped me to strengthen my energetic boundaries and build an inner sanctuary modeled after the protective safe haven that the beloved rainforest of Suriname provided me during my formative years.
It gave me the courage to trust myself and dare to get help from people like the psychic who truly got me.
I had energy to tend to my biggest soul mission: write a spiritual memoir and a how-to book that empower other unfulfilled empaths and underrepresented sensitive experts to become the SOUL AUTHORITY of their lives and professional fields.

If interested in learning to set energetic boundaries

and reclaim your life like I did, look no further.


You deserve a turn to pursue your passions and fullest potential – feeling confident, energized, and resourced.  

I've empowered hundreds of unfulfilled and underrepresented empaths and experts with intuitive tools that cater to their strengths.
I'd love to show you how to care more and carry less so you too can enjoy devoting more time and energy on what feeds your soul.
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