How to hone your psychic abilities and intuition with meditation techniques

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Even the most intuitive healers and gifted psychics can at times feel overwhelmed by problems and conflicting demands. Worry, negativity, and regret can take over and create an inner climate that is inconducive to the clarity required to access extrasensory insights and subtle nuances. For this reason, it's imperative to turn to meditation to  clear our intuitive mind, and reach the state of calm that is a prerequisite of clear spiritual connection and discernment.

Why is Meditation So Powerful?

The hard work of researchers across the globe has revealed many important reasons why mindfulness meditation enhances the concentration required by psychics and other professionals who work in mentally and/or spiritually demanding fields. They have found that mindfulness meditation curbs our ‘fight or flight’ response, lowers stress hormone levels, and allows us to enjoy tranquility of mind. In other studies, mindfulness meditation has been found to bring about improvements in pain, depression, and anxiety.

One study by Schure, Christopher et al (2008) found that mindfulness can help therapists become better listeners. Meditation builds specific skills that both psychotherapists and psychics rely on regularly, including attentiveness to their clients, greater comfort with silence, and an ability to be more in tune with themselves and those around them.

Mindfulness Increases Compassion and Empathy

Empathy and compassion are crucial in developing healthy and intimate relationships, and studies have shown that an excellent shortcut towards them, is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness emphasizes the importance of accepting ourselves and others, acknowledging that we all have positive and negative sides to our personality.

Mindfulness not only enhances compassion, but also self-compassion, which is vital for those whose job involves caring for and guiding others. Service providers, psychic and intuitive healers, and therapists can get so engrossed in their client’s problems and issues that they end up neglecting their own well-being. It is important for everyone, but especially those in care-giving vocational fields, to take time to stop and relax, take care of our needs, and pursue happiness in the same way we recommend that others do.

Mindfulness Heightens Our Responses to Stimuli

One interesting study carried out on Buddhist monks and nuns found that regular practice of meditation reduces the length of time we react to distracting stimuli. In essence, it enables us to focus and redirect our attention to deeper spiritual guidance available within our environment or within subtle realms of reality.

For us to be of service, mental and spiritual well-being are key. There are many ways we can pursue this: by spending time in nature, taking time to relax, and by engaging in the regular practice of mindful meditation. If we cannot connect with our inner world in a calm, uncluttered manner, it is almost impossible to connect with intuitive and supernatural forces that can guide all the beings who turn to us for help.

In sum, the benefits of mindfulness meditation are countless. They have been rigorously studied in the lab as well as by mystics and psychics around the world. May they provide you the mental discipline and clarity to sharpen your intuitive abilities as well as help you set energetic boundaries and take care of yourself.

By guest writer, Sally Keyes, a freelance writer who gave up a corporate job to focus on writing and well-being. She enjoys hiking and spending time with her family.


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