Heal Love Lead


Soul Authority 

A strength-based online course 

with Dr. Loraine Van Tuyl, integrative clinical psychologist,
 shamanic eco psychologist & Depth Hypnosis practitioner
I have three decades of professional expertise in helping
struggling and gifted empaths become super empaths
 by transforming these 3 challenges into key strengths:
HEAL: emotional overwhelm → psychological resilience 
LOVE: conflict avoidance → authentic relationships 
LEAD: risk aversion → lasting, positive impact 




















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Hi, I'm Dr. Loraine Van Tuyl, and I'm excited to tell you about my nature-centered transformational system. I teach it 2 x 3 times a year online through a 10-week, spiritual and experiential course, called Heal Love Lead with Soul Authority™. 
I intentionally designed this self-empowerment system to boost the resourcing abilities, strengths, and innate gifts of creative, twice exceptional, and highly sensitive people. I enjoy teaching them how to transform their life struggles and challenges into growth opportunities by tapping into their true nature and fullest potential.
My unique methods include learning to Re-TREE-T© in a soul sanctuary, setting energetic boundaries, and strengthening their emotional intelligence (EQ), spiritual intelligence (SQ), and intuitive resilience that have been tested and tried with empaths just like them and me (Yes, I'm a highly sensitive empath too! 🙋🏻‍♀️).
My BIG WHY: When super empaths become the soul authority of their emotions, minds, and lives, everyone around them benefits.
NOTE: A SOUL STRATEGY SESSION is required to enroll. 

Tell-tale signs that this course is right for you:

- You often ruminate for hours before, during, or after a stressful interaction, conversation, or event, going over everything you could have said better or should have picked up through body language.
- You sometimes completely avoid a confrontation, first date, or career opportunity that you know is important and secretly wish you could crush but don't because of debilitating anxiety.  
- You feel held back by  performance anxiety, creative blocks, ADHD, a learning disability, your neurodivergent processing,  anxiety, perfectionism, procrastination, or impostor syndrome  that keeps you from working or living up to your potential, feeling calm and confident, and speaking or writing clearly.
- You're bursting at the seams with untapped potential but dim your brilliance and sensitivity to avoid feeling overwhelmed or rejected by others who don't get you.
-  You dream of the day when you're no longer preoccupied by worries that you're crazy, broke, or broken because you're too busy thriving and trailblazing.
- You feel depressed, inadequate, or hard on yourself for not doing what you long to dolet alone materialize and live your biggest dreams, soul purpose potential, and best life.
 - You prefer to stay in your shell because it's too triggering, painful, and retraumatizing to keep putting yourself out there when you're not sure if there's a place where you truly belong.
- You enjoy finding solace and stillness in nature and the woods . . . away from people . . . and spend a lot of time on self-care, tending to (emotionally) blown fuses and overloaded and crossed wires.























My Journey . . .


About that long list above . . . 


I was so lost and disconnected from my authentic self, it felt like being trapped in a house of crazy mirrors . . . for years.
I longed for a glimpse of the REAL ME but after some time forgot what she looked like.
What helped me to navigate through the constant onslaught of feelings, moving parts, challenging situations, sinking news, school or work demands, and ongoing personal and relational growing pains and INTEGRATE THEM into a dynamic and exciting whole?
I re-TREE-ted© in my soul sanctuary, rediscovered my gifts and super powers with the help of my spirit guides, nature elements, and trusted teachersand stumbled into the biggest obstacle in my blindspot: my mistaken identity!
Who I’d thought was my usual selfthe struggling empathwas a familiar but FALSE self. Underneath my false self was another self, my TRUE selfpowerful and clearbut hardly ever reflected back to me because of my false self's confusion and internalized distortions.  
When I learned to SET and SUSTAIN fierce, energetic boundaries to protect her precious essence from external imbalances (and SUCCEEDED in doing so under the most stressful circumstances), she emerged and stuck around for increasingly longer periods of time.
That’s when I realized that my real self is the SUPER EMPATH and my false, but familiar, old self the STRUGGLING ONE. Talk about flipping reality on its head!
As soon as I figured out how to set limits with energies that weren’t mine and resolve conflict with greater ease, my soul mission took off and started to soar.
Since then, I’ve written two books, designed several online programs, appeared on many podcasts nation-wide, presented at top-notch training sites and conventions, and appeared at live video and in-person events to spread my medicine and legacy (It's now really hard for me to believe that I was selectively mute as a teen and had crippling public speaking anxiety until my mid-forties!).
I tested what had worked for me with my empath clients and the results were phenomenal! Their amazing responsiveness and transformations are what inspired me to design this highly effective, self-empowerment system, Heal Love Lead with Soul Authority™, and offer it to those who need and want it pronto!
It's tailor-made for SPIRITUAL, STRUGGLING, and STRESSED OUT SUPER EMPATHS, and a no-brainer for anyone ready to embark on the transformational adventure of their life!
If this is you 🤗 🙌 . . . over the course of 10 weeks, I'll teach you my signature Re-TREE-T© and ReNature© methods a seamless and one-of-a-kind integration of:
- my profound personal experiences
- my doctorate in modern-day psychological interventions
- my rigorous training in shamanic nature-centered guidance
- my certification in Depth Hypnosis
- my numerous meditative and ancient wisdom healing practices


You'll learn to partner with the four sacred directions and nature's elementsAIR, FIRE, EARTH & WATER— to unravel inner climate denial, honor personal warming signals, Re-TREE-T© in a protective soul sanctuary, connect with a dreamteam of spirit guides, and obtain big picture clarity and down-to-earth calm so that you can reset and restore trust in your heart's TRUE NORTH compass. 
Being able to rely on your True North compass, a dreamteam of nature and spirit guides, and a like-minded and big-hearted community when navigating your health, relationships, work, and your mission in the world is invaluable. These resources will provide you the know-how, skills, tools, guidance, and support you need to quantum leap your growth, psychological resilience, authentic relationships, and ability to have positive, exponential impact at home, at work, online, and wherever you show up.
Most empaths access this calm and empowered head and heart space only under fair weather conditions: when the wind is blowing in the right direction; when you are finally in a savasana pose after an hour of yoga; and when on a long stroll in nature away from people and modern day stress and demands.
The KEY is learning to use your SUPER POWERS and align with your SUPER EMPATH self, AT WILL, when the STAKES are HIGH, when it MATTERS MOST, and when you are typically TRIGGERED and FRAZZLED. 
HEAL LOVE LEAD with SOUL AUTHORITY™ promises to accomplish this.


Dana Stewart, MSW, Social Worker


"This is a totally unique set of practices, yet also universal. I really love the Soul Authority framework that Loraine has created. I’ve never seen anyone teach it in this way, but it’s drawing on things anyone can tap into: nature, the elements, trees, animals. And each person brings their own understanding and wisdom to the practice, which is all celebrated and incorporated. In fact, each student is their own foundation for the practice, so it’s a very creative process that comes from within, though guided by Loraine!" 

J.R. Schumaker, author of Diana's Dragons: The Awaited 


"Loraine has a glowing gift for guidance and has birthed a living body of wisdoman alchemy of her love for humanity, her spiritual and intellectual brilliance, her roots in the rainforest, and her ascent to the highest levels of traditional education. Her work is cutting edge. And comforting center. And inspiring, boundless horizon. I've never trusted a mentor more. After creating a grounded, elementally-balanced inner sanctuary, I was pretty much like, “How was I living without this?” I’m now able to invoke my muse - at will -, feed the flow of my fiction, and grasp the essence of my villain with much greater ease and clarity. I just passed the ultimate test when the most challenging person from my past tried to push all the old buttons. I was so in my authority. I had that strong tree behind me. I had my own mentor voice in my head. I had my elements at my disposal. It was amazing. Sometimes, I just stop and smile and marvel. I'm so grateful.



fear and risk
lasting impact



HEAL LOVE LEAD with SOUL AUTHORITY™ is a 10-week ONLINE COURSE (8 module lessons and 2 integration weeks) that empowers you to become the soul authority of your emotions, life, and spiritual mission.
The modules include:
Weekly videos, meditation instructions, shamanic journeying guidance, a sacred online community off of FB, a Soul Authority handbook, and a signed copy of my Soul Authority book. Weekly LIVE Zoom meetings (audio replays provided) will occur every week for 90 minutes (day and time chosen by incoming cohort).

A summary of the 8 modules



With the help of a personal TREE guide, you’ll connect to equanimity and the As Above – So Below idiom. This helps your disconnected ego-mind to transcend itself, adopt a spiritual orientation, and open up to cosmic guidance. This spiritual process and orientation sets you up to most effectively hack the linear, chronological, rational, and polarized worldviews that we operate from on a regular basis. 


The AIR - WISDOM guide breathes more spaciousness in any tense situation and dislodges your ego-mind from familiar, but false, stories, catch phrases, societal norms and core beliefs. It helps you to face the big picture, the long view, and your highest truth, and offers creative insight, fresh perspectives, and resolutions by using your imagination, intuitive ingenuity, and high sensitivity to problem solve.


The FIRE - PROTECTION guide is fueled by your life energy and passions, boosts immunity, and helps you to set healthy boundaries. Just like a fever, anger tells you where your energy field begins and ends, and when you’re under threat. Its ultimate goal is to re-establish peace and balance, not burn without limits to hurt and control others. Rekindling and reigniting your relationship with this steady source of heat and passion is essential in regulating your energy, outlook, and moods.


The EARTH - GROUNDING guide helps you to keep track of your organic growth in tangible ways. There are ways to measure your progress and mastery around all aspects your being, including your spirituality. Earth provides structure, has your back, and allows your mind to align itself to Mother Nature’s slow pace. It helps you to become more patient, stop comparing yourself to others, and ground and enjoy the blooming of your flowers and sun-ripening of your fruit in your own time.


This sensual CLEARING & SOOTHING WATER guide offers comfort and clarity by interpreting your needs and e-motion – your energy in motion. It cleanses, nourishes, detoxes, and integrates the needs of your heart, mind, body and soul by translating messages sent by your tears, sweat, blood, and spinal and sexual fluids into language and feelings. It invites you to engage in the wonder-filled flow of life by making oceanic space for your emotional depths and letting go of judgments and fear.


Your SACRED HEART COMPASS lies at the nexus of each of these elements and births new life and possibilities out of paradox within your chrysalis. It’s the place where luscious lava kisses air and water to form fertile, dark land. You are a similar, dynamic work of art, constantly dissolving and reorganizing creative energy that moves through you into more highly integrated expressions of consciousness in likeness of our Earth Mother.


We unlock SELF LOVE by exercising our natural genius and SOUL AUTHORITY. It involves practice in deeply accepting ourselves and no longer cutting off parts of ourselves to better fit into a social mold. We sit in the throne of our soul as we continue to HEAL LOVE LEAD into ever expanding circles all around us starting with ourselves then the nuclear family, community, city, nation, and rippling out into the world.


Like SELF LOVE, SPREADING THE LOVE is a layered affair. On the deepest soul dimension, it requires energizing our true nature and deep knowing that others are, at the core of their being, pure light and love. It requires making sure that we are amplifying and spreading love from a place of SOUL AUTHORITY, remaining as aligned as we can with our TRUTH-BODY (EGO-ECOsystem) and integrated WHOLE SOUL.


Sample of contents inside of each module:



(they're yours if you sign-up by Sunday July 24, 2022 midnight)

This inspiring interview with Mindset and Money coach, founder of Blissful Wealth, and thriving super empath, Kelsey Chia, reveals the tenacity and brilliance of spirit.  Find out how Kelsey – starting as a little girl raised in poverty in Singapore – passes test after test as the Universe takes her on a rags to riches journey that includes a stint in Wall Street, only to strip her of everything she owned to learn key lessons about material and spiritual wealth.


This interview with amazing super empath, founder of the Light Experience, and yoga, meditation, and mindfulness guide, Ana Godina, is a testament of how incredibly powerful and sensitive our mind-body-heart connection is. Ana did the impossible: heal 12 years of painful and consecutive urinary tract infections (UTI's) that doctors and healers from Australia, China, Mexico, and the United States had given up on.


Your Investment

(ask me about my special discounts if a SA alum or 1-1 client, 

or about personal payment plansmust be need-based)



Save $153 for paying upfront in full

  • Independent, self-paced study with
    new teachings dripped each week
  • 20-minute video instructions
  • Guided meditation practice
  • Shamanic journeying guidance
  • SIGNED COPY of my Soul Authority book 
  • SOUL AUTHORITY course guide
  • BEST PART: Joining a sacred community of
    like-minded souls off of Facebook
  • 90-MIN WEEKLY LIVE GROUP MEETINGS (TBD): High-touch guidance, meditations, breakout rooms, Q & A, and love-seat opportunities (audio replays provided)
  • TOP-NOTCH SUPPORT - Email me at [email protected] with any and all questions and concerns



4 monthly installments totaling $1,300

  • Independent, self-paced study with
    new teachings dripped each week
  • 20-minute video instructions
  • Guided meditation practice
  • Shamanic journeying guidance
  • SIGNED COPY of my Soul Authority book
  • SOUL AUTHORITY course guide
  • BEST PART: Joining a sacred community of
    like-minded souls off of Facebook
  • 90-MIN WEEKLY LIVE GROUP MEETINGS (TBD): High-touch guidance, meditations, break-out rooms, Q & A, and love-seat opportunities (audio replays provided)
  • TOP-NOTCH SUPPORT - Email me at [email protected] with any and all questions and concerns



Save $73

  • Independent, self-paced study with 
    new teachings dripped each week
  • Video instructions
  • Guided meditations
  • Shamanic journeying guidance
  • Soul authority meditation journal
  • 2 BONUS mini-trainings
  • BEST PART: Access to a sacred community of
    like-minded and like-hearted souls off of Facebook



4x payments

  • Independent, self-paced study with
    new teachings dripped each week
  • Video instructions
  • Guided meditations
  • Shamanic journeying guidance
  • Soul authority meditation journal
  • 2 BONUS mini-trainings
  • BEST PART: Access to a sacred community of
    like-minded and like-hearted souls off of Facebook
"The course was mind-blowing and paradigm-blowing and wonderful. It felt like putting my feet into a vast ocean. The learning and connecting with the elements helped me to move from what seemed in my head like a conflict of options into a more expansive and calm inner landscape that allowed wisdom, guidance, and clarity to emerge."
Lynn Hutchison, MS, CPSS, Momentum Coach



3 Easy Steps to Get Started


Register to receive your log-in information to the course material, access to the sacred community, and links to ALL the LIVE sessions with me. Receive a signed copy of my Soul Authority book to get a headstart.


Check your welcome email for an invitation to connect with other big ♥️ed students in a private and protected online community off of FB. Introduce yourself and make yourself at home in this sacred circle.


You have a say when we'll meet again. Dates and times of weekly LIVE meetings are determined by the incoming cohort's preference. Sign up as soon as possible to have a say. Replays will be available. Magic happens however we gather.


It’s for struggling and spiritual empaths of all genders and ages (18 and over) who’re bored with conventional therapy, ready to try a powerful integrative method, and curious about learning shamanic journeying and intuitive skills to enhance their emotional and spiritual intelligence and well-being in all areas of their lives. It’s for serious and sensitive students on a mission who yearn to be in like-hearted community and quantum leap their healing and growth. CAL undergrad and grad students are welcome and covered by SHIP.


It’s not for empaths and non-empaths who are ambivalent or not ready to prioritize their wise insights and deepest soul healing over daily, work, and other relational contracts. They must be willing to embrace triggers as prime information to lean into, and examine if their logical ego-mind is a trickster that has misguided them at pivotal times. 



True leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I'm devoted to empowering spiritual empaths and sensitive experts in EVERY area of life to guide us toward a clearer and more balanced way of livingin harmony with ourselves, each other, and the Earth.

This collective calling asks that we honor the whispers and exasperated voices buried within our hearts that:

- Don't want us to settle. The status quo is NOT as good as it gets.

- Want us to speak up and fight to live in greater alignment with our deepest values, inner wisdom, and growing courage.

- Embrace our missions as light leaders, change catalysts, and transformation trailblazers, devoted and committed to our own well-being, the greater good, and future generations.


What Soul Authority Students Say:

"Validated my truth"       "Unique methods"      "Profound healing of scary issues"  
"Magical synchronicities"      "Empowering tools for life"      "Major life-changing impact"
"Best health investment"      "Mindblowing shifts in myself" 
"Deep transformation of old patterns"    "Comprehensive skillset"  



"Loraine is the real deal, a one-of-a-kind, true healer. She is immensely gifted and overall just radiates with caring energy. To say that she has saved my life in many ways is an understatement. As she would say, she helped me tap into my own abilities to not only save myself but move in energetic upward shifts toward positivity, power, peace and happiness, fulfillment in life, work and all relationships in ways that I could never have imagined."


Jamie S.

Xiao Lin, MS, Writer, Editor, Publicist

"I was able to connect with each of the elements, and it was amazing how cleansing, transformative, and powerful each meditation was to break up past densities, thick thought patterns, and to allow fresh, new, expansive, and fun energy back into my life."


Teresa Shen

Teresa Shen, LAC, Master of Chinese Medicine, CEO/Lead Physician, Eastern Medical Center

"As I reflected on the jobs I've had, I realized that I have gotten every job I wanted since completing my social work degree; and these have been very competitive jobs. Loraine has been the thread across time, helping me weave my dreams into reality. Words feel inadequate in moments like this, where my gratitude is deep, abundant and transcendent. Because that is a reflection of how she works: her gift is to connect so deeply with the soul that language waits in reverence as the spirit mends and unfolds to create new stories filled with possibility."

Anne Lowe
Veronica Garcia, LCSW, Social Worker

Whitney Roeder, BA, Ethnic Studies


"Soul authority tools helped me to prepare for job interviews that I was really anxious about. During my last few interviews, even the most tight-lipped, judgy interviewers hardly threw me off while in the past people like that would completely fluster me in such a stressful situation. I could retreat and ground, remain in my power, be authentic, and remember that being my true self is what will be the most valuable for my success in the long run and will bring to me opportunities where I am valued and seen for me. As a result, I was on the short list for three of my top choices and just accepted an offer that I'm happy with." 

 "It's not easy saying NO when you're a people pleaser – I almost caved in this particular moment like I historically have done, but instead of giving in directly (because of my usual spiral of guilt, shame, and fear I feel when I say NO), I stopped first to ask my guides for support. Of course, they had my back. They were all shaking their heads shouting at me: "No! Don't give in here, we got you!" And although I did spiral into those feelings of guilt and fear afterwards, I gave myself some space in my home office and watched the sun go down while doing a tapping exercise until the worst of the churn in my stomach had subsided. My partner tested me a few more times, but I held fast. And I didn't go to bed feeling guilty or ashamed. That is freaking unbelievable – a far cry from my usual response." 


Emily E.

Sarah Ginnan, Marketing and Copywriter 

"I feel stronger, more grounded, more compassionate, more in touch with my passion, and more gentle with myself as a result of working with Loraine. She has been a very powerful mentor and has really guided me in a way that has kept me true to myself and my higher self as well as my place in the spirit of the world. I feel as though I have struggled so much with emotion, spirituality, and my path for so long, but after starting to meet with her, the struggle turned into amazing movement and growth. I love that her work is about strengthening me so that I can continue to strengthen, develop, integrate, fall gracefully, and be compassionate to myself on my own. That is the most POWERFUL gift."

Anne Lowe


Anne Lowe, MSW, Social Work Instructor, Psychotherapist 

LaViza Fuentes, Master's Student in Counseling Psychology


"I felt very supported by all the wonderful women in this group. This was the first time I opened up so much to a group of people I initially did not know, so at first it was challenging but their compassion allowed me to embrace the experience and grow enormously through the experience. I've always wanted to connect more with others but it wasn't until I experienced this type of vulnerability that I realized how important connection is to my growth. This course also gave me great insights into what I would like to work on in my future relationships."

"As a Program Manager of our Tribal Home Visiting Program at the Native American Health Center, I searched hard to find different trainings and workshops to help my staff sustain themselves in the very complex and difficult work that supported some of our most vulnerable community members. Loraine facilitated a way for participants to connect to the deeper reason and purpose for their work. The kind of insight she helped participants engage in went far beyond ‘washing off’ after a tough day at work—participants began to fill their inner well of resources and maintain its on-going use in their work and lives."


Anne Lowe


Anne Lowe, MSW, Social Work Instructor, Psychotherapist 

"Loraine is an absolutely amazing individual and healer. I have been taking workshops and classes with her for the last few years, and from the moment I met her have been deeply impressed by her wisdom and brilliance. She is plugged into the world of spirit and energy in a way that very few people are, and has a deep understanding of the nature of reality and how to utilize that understanding and knowledge in her work with others. She is a true wise woman and anyone working with her will certainly be transformed by her presence alone. She brings to the table a deep knowledge of what is called for in the moment and will be indispensable help to anyone working with her."

Kara Earls
Karallyn Earls Streit, Shamanic Energy Medicine Woman, Spiritual Catalyst, Shadow Worker

Sasha Blum, PhD, Psychologist, UC Berkeley Counseling and Psychological Services


"Every week, a psychotherapist who works with our students in the community visits with our postdoctoral training group and shares their techniques and trade secrets. The postdocs were blown away by Loraine Van Tuyl’s presentation because she offered them such a new and refreshing perspective. They were particularly impressed by her integration of spiritual practices and wisdom into her therapeutic work with clients, and it has vastly expanded their perspective on the potential of their future work as clinicians." 

Mia de Luca, PhD, Professor of Anthropology 


"Connecting to my tree guide in my sanctuary has now become a daily practice. Not only does it help ground me, but it reminds me of who I am and what my purpose is here on Earth. I use it in moments of uncertainty, to tackle anxiety, and even to drift into sleep. Even in the depths of a panic attack, finding myself in this sanctuary—with my tree and my guides—allows for a reset. Going into this sanctuary always helps me plug my energy back into a universal source."


Margaret Delph, Warehouse General Manager


“Each topic builds as the program progressed. I didn't feel like this was a classroom, but more of a journey. I couldn't wait until the next meeting or meditation to learn more. I felt like I belonged and no question was off limits. Seeing and hearing other people's journey helped me in mine. I appreciated learning how the elements help you to ground in a way that organizes your energy, as well as being able to disperse whatever is not mine. I was open to learning from spirit guides and allowed nature and my spirit guides do the work of clearing space for more love and healing. It doesn't always have to be a fight or struggle. These lessons and tools help us evolve, shift, transform, and heal as we live our life. We can use these skills to get more insight about ourselves in ANY situation that comes up. This class doesn't have an ending."

Margaret Delph, Warehouse General Manager


"I have never felt as settled or at peace as I have since I have experienced this course. Right after it ended, guilt and fury related to an abusive marriage that ended 17 years ago were for the first time not there and I could support my adult son who’s still struggling with what happened. Now four months later, I still enter my sanctuary and learn from my guides each time I meditate and the old story of abuse is no longer my story. I’m completely free of it (never meditated or worked with guides before taking this 10-week Soul Authority course). Update: This is still true 4 years later. I'll be forever grateful." 

Jessica Vechakul, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, LMFT, Psychotherapist and Spiritual Counselor 


"My sanctuary allows me to connect to my inner wisdom and trust my intuition. My sacred tree helps me to stay grounded and rooted while also connected to the ethereal and cosmos. This has helped me to take in lessons from nature about cycles, resilience, and equanimity. Most importantly, it has given me the courage and conviction to change career paths and follow my calling. As a social justice advocate and mental health counselor, fighting against social inequities and supporting people in healing is incredibly meaningful, but it can be challenging at times. Loraine’s Soul Authority model helps me stay grounded and centered with strong boundaries so I can be more effective and also take care of myself." 

Alyssa Newman, Responsible Minerals and Community Program manager, Film Producer and Director, and Board Member of Renewable Energy and Social Justice Nonprofits 


"Cultivating a vibrant tree sanctuary with spirit guides and ancestors has helped me to navigate some significant life changes with clarity, grace, and peace, including a very tumultuous romantic relationship and difficult patterns with family members. I also got clearer on my soul authority, purpose, and understanding of power, thanks to my tree and animal guides. I feel even more in my integrity and in greater service to myself and the global community." 

Julie Suzanne Brokken, Artist, Poeta, Photographer


"Loraine brings an extraordinary intelligence and spirit with a mastery informed by her personal and professional experience, her vision, and her intuitive knowing. I felt the deep love, understanding, and generosity of spirit that motivates everything she brings. One of the most profound learnings I received was that spirit guides are aspects of myself. I am learning to embrace them as such in increasingly concrete and visceral ways. Having a teaching background myself, I can say that the course was designed and structured masterfully. A good balance of live, solo, and group."

Trisha Barua, PhD, Cultural Studies, Intersectional Reiki 


"Loraine Van Tuyl is a gifted healer whose teachings are vital for moving from chaos to clarity on both personal and systemic levels. Despite being capable and confident, I had reached emotional dead ends while striving for success and wasn’t personally or professionally fulfilled. Loraine has guided me through a healing journey in which I’ve learned to trust and follow my intuition over my ego, uncover my soul’s purpose, and move through the world with more bravery to take risks." 

Kate Vogt, Yogic philosophy Teacher and Author of Mala of the Heart -108 Sacred Poems


"Loraine Van Tuyl is a drummer on a dense trail clearing the way for others to safely follow with courage and relief. What she shared in the live sessions - whether to the group or individually - was beautifully insightful, gentle, and helpful. I appreciated the multidimensional learning support and ways to digest and integrate the teachings." 

- Audrey Cohen, LSW, Social Worker


"When I came to see Loraine, I was often really exhausted all the time. I had headaches, sometimes migraines, dizziness, stomach and digestive pain and food sensitivities (irritable bowel syndrome), chronic bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections, and chronic pelvic pain. I kept having medical tests done, and nothing physical was showing up that Western doctors could figure out how to treat. It was really painful to be in my body. I couldn’t do breathing meditations because even my breath felt painful, but no medical cause or relationship. Now I would say almost all of those things are gone. Occasional dizziness or headaches when I overdo it, but now I know it’s my body telling me a baby that wakes me up at night. I would say symptoms sometimes emerge more as red flags or indicators that something is imbalanced, but also my feeling about them is so different. I now am like, oops, I’m off balance—body, thank you for the reminder to ground, rest, relax, and reconnect with myself." 

- Adrienne Robinson, Nutrition Coach


"Loraine is so skilled at actively listening, synthesizing, and providing deep wisdom to her clients. She is highly intuitive and is always so on point with her guidance. Her teaching style is truly her own, guided by her spirits and her intuitive wisdom. I loved the way this series was organized, especially the fact that we have access to the materials, discussions, and participants beyond the program's end date.The visioning and meditation exercises are unique, powerful, and memorable. I find it helpful to refer back to them from time to time to see how my experience differs as my life's path shifts. I loved having a group of women to hold space with and to get real with. The sharing of individual experiences was healing for all. I loved all of it. As previously mentioned, the online group was so well organized. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be in the hot seat - I took a huge leap in my personal life and felt buoyed by this circle of sistars. Everyone was so present and supportive. Because I was able to be so vulnerable 1 on 1 and within the group, I worked through a long-standing communication issue with my partner and it has had a lasting, positive impact."

- Sarah Ginnan, Marketing and Copywriter 

"With the help of the elements, and in particular water, I can cry again without getting splitting headaches. Before, I was so emotionally backed up that every time I emoted with tears, I got a migraine. Now, I can cry freely! And this month, the hormonal wave broke so gently upon me, it was like a quiet song being hummed to me from far away and getting closer and closer with each day. No flu-like symptoms, no crashing depression. I am in total awe that such powerful body changes can occur alongside such deep internal healing work!" 


- Denise Colby, PhD, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Yoga instructor, Founder - Integrated Wellness

"Loraine has given me the tools and vision that I need to make my life happy and balanced – which is the greatest gift one could ask for."



Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT, is a licensed integrative clinical psychologist, a shamanic eco psychologist, and a certified Depth Hypnosis practitioner. She has distilled thirty years of diverse and well-rounded professional experiences into an elegant and seamless integration of modern psychological expertise, ancient healing practices, and nature wisdom that has empowered hundreds of super empaths and transformational trailblazers. She has written extensively about her unconventional ideas in Thrive Global, MindBodyGreen, Rebelle Society, Elephant Journal, and Medium, and is the author of Amazon Wisdom Keeper: a Psychologist’s Memoir of Spiritual Awakening (2017) and Soul Authority: Liberatory Tools to Heal from Oppressive Patterns and Restore Trust in Your Heart Compass (2022).

In addition to being an expert guest on numerous podcasts and radio shows nationwide, Loraine has been invited to participate in intimate 20-person think tanks on topics such as mindfulness, racial healing, community building, and bridging science and wisdom alongside leading consciousness pioneers and master teachers, such as Ruth King, Jack Kornfield, Thupten Jinpa (the primary interpreter of His Holiness the Dalai Lama), and Sharon SalzbergA few other professional settings and conventions where her presentations about her innovative methods were enthusiastically received by master- and doctoral-level colleagues include the UC Berkeley Counseling Center, the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences, the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, the Native American Health Center, and the Mind & Life Institute.

HEAL LOVE LEAD with SOUL AUTHORITY™ is my all-in-one, compact, comprehensive offer for serious students who're:


  • Tired of the spiritual dappling, the fruitless soul-searching, the testing and getting tested
  • Crystal clear what their issues and patterns are, but confused and unclear what to do next to CATALYZE CHANGE
  • Done with trying new FREE things that cost them what matters most: TIME & ENERGY
  • Not interested in another patch to sew on a haphazard, piece-meal spiritual practice.
  • Aware that it's heat, not light, that transforms, yet still struggle with alchemizing their inner wisdom into aligned, instead of blind, action
  • Ready to exchange money for momentum, expert guidance, real results, and tools to quantum leap their growth.