Set up your own inner soul sanctuary with the help of a diagram and guided orientation. Master emotional overwhelm by reconnecting to a central grounding tree and by balancing your mind, body, heart, and soul with nature guides and the elements.



"Loraine is plugged into the world of spirit
and energy in a way that very few
people are. She is a true wise woman
and anyone working with her will certainly
be transformed by her presence alone. "

Karallyn Streit
Shamanic Hypnotherapist
Energy Healer and Teacher

"I was able to connect with each of the
elements, and it was amazing
how cleansing, transformative, and
powerful each meditation was
to break up past densities,
thick thought patterns, and to
allow fresh, new, expansive, and fun
energy back into my life."

Teresa Shen Lac
Master of Chinese Medicine
CEO/Lead Physician, Eastern Medical Center

"As a Program Manager of our Tribal
Home Visiting Program at the Native
American Health Center, I searched hard
to find different trainings and
workshops to help my staff sustain
themselves in the very complex and
difficult work that sustains some of our
most vulnerable community members.
Loraine facilitated a way for
participants to connect to the deeper
reason and purpose for their work.
The kind of insight she helped
participants engage in went far
beyond 'washing off' after a tough day
at work—participants began to fill
their inner well of resources and maintain
its on-going use in their work and lives."

Anne Lowe, MSW
Social Work Instructor
Salish Kootenai College

"Loraine Van Tuyl’s work is cutting edge.
And comforting center. And inspiring,
boundless horizon. After creating a
grounded, elementally-balanced inner
sanctuary, I was pretty much like, ‘How
was I living without this?’ I’m now able
to invoke my muse—at will—,
feed the flow of my fiction, and
grasp the essence of my villain with
much greater ease and clarity.
Since working with Loraine, I live so
much more from my center than I
ever thought possible. Sometimes, I
just stop and smile and marvel. "

J.R. Schumaker
Author of Diana's Dragons: The Awaited

"Loraine Van Tuyl is a drummer on a
dense trail clearing the way
for others to safely follow
with courage and relief."

Kate Vogt
Yogic philosophy teacher
author of Mala of the Heart -
108 Sacred Poems

"Loraine Van Tuyl is a gifted healer whose
teachings are vital for moving from
chaos to clarity on both personal
and systemic levels. Despite being
capable and confident, I had
reached emotional dead ends while
striving for success and wasn’t
personally or professionally fulfilled.
Loraine has guided me through a healing
journey in which I’ve learned to trust and
follow my intuition over my ego,
uncover my soul’s purpose, and
move through the world with
more bravery to take risks."

Trisha Barua, PhD
Cultural Studies, Intersectional Reiki

"Every week, a psychotherapist who works
with our students in the community
visits with our postdoctoral training
group and shares their techniques and
trade secrets. The postdoc were blown
away by Loraine Van Tuyl’s presentation
because she offered them such a new and
refreshing perspective. They were
particularly impressed by her integration
of spiritual practices and wisdom into her
therapeutic work with clients, and it has
vastly expanded their perspective
on the potential of their future work as clinicians. "

Sasha Blum, PhD
Psychologist, UC Berkeley Counseling
and Psychological Services